Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sorry, I haven't put up any new pics of Lily. Allergies are kicking my butt. I took some Claritin today but then some mean person told me that it takes a couple of days to work. Is that true?

I also have this zit or boil or something on the end of my nose. It hurt on Sunday and I didn't think about it much. Then yesterday it really hurt but the flesh under my skin looked inflamed, it wasn't one pore that was clogged and zitty. So then I noticed that a little piece of skin looked loose so I pulled it off and saw a white head. I squeezed and something exploded on my bathroom mirror. *shudder*. I've used some products (including H2O2) and my nose is flatter, but still red and angry. I'm convinced it's flesh eating bacteria. Sigh.

So all in all this hasn't been a great week for me. Lily's doing better. She's coughing a lot but it's all the yuckies in her lungs trying to get out. Yeah, we're all feeling pretty this week.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Things

As a budding esthetician (can they bud?) I wanted to share some of my favorite products of the moment. Ready? (I know, I'm a dork)

- Korres 3 in 1 Cream Emulsion - I got it to remove makeup but it makes my skin so soft I use it almost every day. It's definitely for normal to dry, or dry skin.

- Chanel Vitalumiere - I think I got that right. I'm trying to get used to wearing face makeup and I need the practice to do it quickly (and well). Anyway, I love this stuff. I can sort of feel it on my skin but it feels like it's doing something good. :)

- Philosophy Dark Shadows - I have serious dark circles under my eyes, or rather I did. I love this stuff too. Benefit's EyeCon can take a few weeks to work. I noticed results with this within days. Note: not good for wrinkles, just dark circles.

I think that's all I'm in love with at the moment. I'm trying not to spend too much money on products because I'm looking forward to getting things at cost when I get my license. WOOT!

Ta da! I'm also looking forward to not being pregnant so I can bring out the Retin A guns and get to work. :) Remember, anyone who's pregnant: no Retin A, no vitamin A wrinkle stuff, no glycolic, no alphahydroxy acids, and no treatments with electricity. The baby's in water which is a good conductor. Remember how Jaws died in Jaws 2? Exactly. My book said no salicylic acid too, but my teacher said it's a bigger molecule and less likely to penetrate as deeply. Always check with your doctor!


We've all had kind of a rough day today. I think Lily picked up some sort of illness from playgroup on Friday because she hasn't been sleeping well and she wakes up to vomit. Sigh. Other than that she's doing okay. No fever, etc. Daddy and I are a little sleepy though.

It's a little warm in our neck of the woods today so I put on Lily's summer dress, from last year. :) It fits her well and she ran and got her pink sandals. :) Then I found her pink sunhat and we were good to go. I didn't really want to take her out with me. I'm not sure if she's puked in my new car or not but I'd like to minimize the damage. We went out grocery shopping and horror of horrors, Whole Foods was closed. I had to shop with the peasants at Food Lion. KIDDING! I also left my grocery list in the car so I did my best.

Grocery shopping was fun because I kept on having contractions. Not the real ones, but these Braxton Hicks take the wind out of my sails. :P

Well, Lily is crying for me so I'd better go. Poor thing.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I rented a Winnie the Pooh dvd from Netflix and Lily just adores it. Did I mention this already? Maybe to Stacy. Anyway, it's the old one. I don't hold with the new series. At all. Anyway, yesterday I made some strawberry pie. I am extraordinarily proud of myself. I made the crust from scratch and even whipped up the whipped cream. It's quite yummy but I had so much of it yesterday that I'm not sure I'm going to have any today. It was a fresh fruit pie so I'm going to have to chuck it today anyway. They don't last long.

Let's see, I always think of interesting things to write as I'm falling asleep and then forget about them when I'm in front of the computer. I did have a strange dream last night. I was playing old records and getting down with some old R&B classics. Then I grabbed this one record and thought, I used to have this. I flipped it over and it said "Buccaneer Songs". Then I woke up. I would've liked to have heard a record of old pirate songs. :)

Today we're going to try to make it to play group. So far, we're looking good. Oh what isn't looking good is the carpet. I told Lily to go pee pee in the potty but she decided to go in front of the dresser again. I made her stomp on the towel to get the liquid up. But when I told her (nicely) that she was supposed to go in the potty she started talking to me like no one had ever told her that before, and how was she supposed to know? *eye roll* She is talking a lot more, with a lot more comprehension. She'll call for her daddy and I'll say he's gone to work so she says "daddy gone".

Well, maties (ha!) I'd better get this old ship ready to sail (to playgroup). I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I LOVE Lily's pink sandals. If they had had them in my size, there'd be a pair on my feet right now too. She's enjoying trying on her new clothes and she loves her new toy storage. She gasps with delight every time she goes into her room. :)

Anyway, here are some pics of Lily and you can actually see her new haircut. :) Oh and she's carrying her shorts around. She refuses to actually put them on.

Ta da!

I put together that toy storage thingie. I took some before and after shots. I think it makes a big difference and looks cute. There's even some room left over. Of course, nothing matches but that's par for the course in our house. :P Does it really matter? Sigh.

I guess if we get her more furniture it can be white. :P But see? More floor space and now she can see all of her toys. Go me!


Gosh, we've had such a busy day, where to begin? Yesterday, Lily had her first official haircut. Cortney gave her a huge chunk of chocolate and then trimmed her bangs. Lily loves to be pampered so she lapped it all up. :) Also, yesterday, I asked Lily what we should name the baby and she said "me" and then "me". I kind of like the name Mimi. Comments, please. :)

Pedro and I have come to a sort of luke warm agreement on the name Heather. I don't have any issues with it and it is sort of plant-like to match Lily and sort of Scottish because it reminds me of the heather on the heath. So, not bad, all in all.

What else. Oh yeah. I had to take Lucille in because the back window washing fluid dispenser wasn't working. I was told that it would take 2 hours. I loaded up with lots of snacks (the dealership has a great playroom) and settled down to wait. I don't think we were even there 20 minutes. woot! When does that happen, right? I felt bad because there was a woman there with an infant who was decidedly cranky and she was there a lot longer than I. Anyway, then we went off to Target. They sold out of the toy storage online but said it was available in store. Not convinced, I still set out to see what I could find. I found it and it was $20 less than online. When does THAT happen?

Also, I found some great clothes and sandals for Lily. It was actually all about Lily today. She was quite cooperative. Unlike the other kids, whose shrieks I could hear from the other shoe aisles. :) They had a sale on so I got her a lot of cute spring clothes. It was almost fun. And I hate shopping.

Anyway, this mommy is in sore need of a nap. We got a lot done. :) Oh and one more thing, can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do for Easter? Am I supposed to hide treats around the house? Am I supposed to have an Easter party? There were all of these awesome decorations at Target, but I really have no idea what you're supposed to do with them. ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Ready, set, go!"

Yeah, Lily said that the other day. I looked at her, like, what h*ll? I don't think I've ever said that around her. Again, thanks PBS. If Lily learns anything from me, well, it won't be printable on here. :)

She's really good at putting on her socks and shoes now. She almost always gets them on the right feet. And last night, I held those same feet to the fire and got her to clean up her room before bed. I think that will be a nice night time ritual to start.

I also need to order her some new storage bins. There are better things than the big box that we have. I'm not really good with words this morning. Every morning between about 4 and 5:30, I'm awake. It's really, really irritating. I've thought about just getting up but. Well. No.

We went into a pet store over the weekend. Pedro went in there to grab a few things but Lily wanted to see her daddy. It's kind of a big store and I was worried about trying to find P before he got to the check out. I needn't have worried. As soon as Lily saw animals she was screaming with joy. Especially the fish. "FEEESH!" Pedro found us. :)

And every time I go in the bathroom, Lily ends up there to brush her teeth. I'm not knocking that habit. But I thought it was cute that I found a pic of a beak brushing cockatoo named Lily. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had the funniest thing happen to me today. I guess it wasn't all that funny but when I was putting Lily in the car in the Whole Foods parking lot, the cart got away from me when I wasn't looking and rolled down the hill into another car. It wasn't full, and my response was to laugh at the absurdity of it all. I noticed it was happening when I had Lily half in her car seat. There was another car stopped watching me. I wasn't about to leave Lily hanging halfway out just to go and get the cart. So I finished what I was doing and then went and retrieved it. It didn't bump hard into the other car's bumper, the cart had those protective plastic covers on the end corners, and the car was quite old. So I think it all worked out for the best. But I was laughing because of all those insurance commercials that show random carts speeding across parking lots. I thought it was all make believe. I guess I'll have to cart wrangle better in the future. :)

It still makes me laugh.

In other news, I went to the doctor today and the baby seems fine. No ultrasound, just the heartbeat thingie. The doctor let Lily push the button to turn on machine. Oh yeah, also in the elevator people were letting her push their floor button for them. I guess Lily had a pretty good day. She was so so good. We went to a lot of places today and she was well behaved in all of them. I told her how proud I was of her. :)

Now I have to think about getting dinner together. I'm really glad that I'm not racing off to class anymore. But, I'm still super tired. I suspect now that it's probably the later stage of pregnancy. Peace out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Don't worry nothing bad has happened. I was just knuckle punching demons in my dreams so I'm a little tired this morning. I remember some of the crazy pregnancy dreams that I had with Lily. Aren't they to somehow prepare a mom for dealing with a new baby? Like, dealing with impossible situations makes difficult ones easier? I don't know. I just know that I have a righteous right hook. :)

I had fun hanging out at Stacy's yesterday although my forehead is a little pink from sitting out on the back deck. Remember chicklings that 85% of skin aging comes from sun damage! So slap on that sunscreen! I almost took some with me yesterday. Sigh. We watched Twilight and it's a pretty cute movie. It was better than I thought it would be. :)

Anyway, I have to get Lily up and get started on my day. I think it's supposed to be another sunny one. So I'll get the sunscreen out now. :P

Lily dancing to Wii Mario Kart.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Pedro was just being catty and told me I should write more about Lily and less about me. Well, I can't write the same thing every day. At least my life has some variety. And I need to complain about him. And I'm pregnant and carrying a baby (was that too redundant?) and therefore when I write about myself I am sort of writing about a baby. Right?

Anyway, Lily has been kind of amazing lately. She likes to yell out letters, which almost spell out a word, and then yell "Spell!". Thanks PBS. I know that I didn't teach her any of that. :)

She's also been a snert lately. She'll look at Pedro or myself and then turn her head away and "hmpf". Like we're not good enough to hang out with. She may be right about that. But still we're her parents and she's stuck with us. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Pedro just told me that she learned the hmpf thing from Kiki. As in Kiki's Delivery Service. She LOVES that movie. And since it's about a young witch who moves to a city for some reason (I don't love the movie) Lily is always trying to get a hold of brooms to ride. Maybe I should teach her that brooms come alive once you've swept the kitchen floor....

Well, I need to jet to make it to my massage on time. It's a little more challenging to work around a big baby belly but I felt so good last time. Then it's off to Stacy's house to hang out. We might be watching movies? And hanging out on the back deck enjoying nature. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Le Sigh

Well, I delivered my mom's meal today. I know she has a new baby but she never got back in touch with me, so I called the lady in charge and she said just leave the meal on the front porch. It's a good thing we have herds of deer and not packs of marauding wolves in our neighbourhood. Anyway, I had a good look at myself once I got home. I never really tidied myself up from my nap. It looks like a small mouse nest behind my left ear. I may not have answered the door for me either.

Anyway, it's done. Now it's on to cookie making! I have been so healthy today. Jelly beans, root beer. Sigh. I can't wait for the farmer's thingie to start. I may wonder what a vegetable looks like by then!

I have another pregnancy massage tomorrow. Then I'm going to get cupcakes. Then I'm going over to Stacy's and eating pizza. Do I need to mention that my glucose test for gestational diabetes is on Monday and if there's anything I'm good at, it's making hay while the sun shines or, in my case, eating really poorly until the lab tests are in. :)


Oh cool, I just saw three deer go through my front yard. I'm majorly impressed that they always pick a good time to cross. I'd be a great neighbourhood watch person as I'm always peeking out my window and tsktsking all the fast drivers or noisy kids. I'm not sure when I because a grumpy old person, but it's good practice. Anyhoo, some cars do whip up the road near me and I'm always a little fearful that I'll see a deer get hit. Apparently, my deer are road savvy. :)

Anyway, we have a ton of stuff to do today. I'm going to leave soon to pick up my cookies. Pedro likes to point out that I'm only picking up cookie dough, but I KNOW that it will only be a short amount of time between dough and cookie. I have to get a couple of things for making dinner tonight for the new mom person, who hasn't emailed me back yet. hmpf I was going to try to go to play group today but I feel like I have too many things going on. Indeed, my phone has been ringing off the hook this morning.

Also, Pedro is trying to horn in on my mini-vacay. I asked him if he wanted to go away with me to the beach for a few days and I was told in no uncertain terms, NO. So I called Sarah and she was very happy to go to the beach. So now who's back, from outerspace, thinking he's going to reinvite himself back on the beach trip. I don't think so.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another hurdle

I mean, a hurdle that I've dealt with. Hey, it's past nap time and I'm barely hanging on. I sent off my application for testing for my license.

I was just interrupted by Lily handing me a pencil with which to arm myself. We had a brief but vicious pencil sword fight. I love being a parent. Well, except for that poopy diaper I just changed. WHEW

Oh gosh, we just had another "sword" fight. Lily got so into it she hit herself with her own pencil, in the head. Good thing we don't keep swords in the house, right Pedro???

Anyway, onto the big news. I let Lily run around without a diaper last night. She disappeared into my room and I thought I was fast enough but I only got there in time for her to point me in the direction of her pee pee. Fortunately, I had a towel on the floor from her last mess (with water) and she was kind enough to pee on that. Four layers of thick towel were enough to save the carpet (and me). So I'll obviously need to try to follow faster but with my belly getting bigger, fast is kind of an abstract. I have two speeds: slow and slower. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Sweet Life

I accomplished some things today. Also, I had three donuts for lunch. Sometimes things just work out that way. Dunkin Donuts has a 24 hour drive through here. I'm doing pretty well just going there once or twice a month. :P

Anyhoo, after we visited with the accountant and got some things straightened out, we went to a consignment shop. Lily doesn't really need anything and #2 has clothes and shoes galore. I thought well, maybe if I can find a party dress or some flip flops. I found a cute eggplant (aubergine!) colored velour dress for Lily. It's so cute. The grand total was $5.51! I've looked for dresses in various stores and been turned off by the $50 or $60 price tags. I mean, they don't last long for kids her age anyway. And this one is machine washable. By Marks & Spencer. Go me!

She really didn't want to pose for me. Mostly because she wanted to get her sandals back on. She LOVES those sandals. You can also see my mom's turquoise necklace on her. She took that over too. :) I did eventually get a better picture of her but she was picking errrr, something at the back of her dress.

I can't remember if I wrote about how good she was yesterday. I guess I could check my own blog... She was awesome at the bank and at the school. I told her how proud I was of her. Some of the ladies there were amazed that she could sit so still and entertain herself. Pedro said she took after him that way and I wondered when she was going to start complaining about slow hard drives and video cards. Maybe that's a ways off.

Lily has this new thing where she laughs hysterically every time I start to get undressed. I don't think she knows that she has a crack in her butt either. Mine is very very amusing, apparently. Anyway, Pedro is playing some stupid video about Linux being mistaken for Windows and I can't concentrate. I'll just say that my poor self-esteem is taking a beating.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A lot of people I talk to seem to hate daylight savings time. I think I'm too sleep deprived normally to notice a change in my schedule. But as I was driving home tonight, at 7pm, I enjoyed the sunlight. Sue me!

I had my exit interview and got my diploma. I just have to finish my application to the state testing company and then I can get in to take my tests. whew It does feel good to be done. :)


I have a bone or two to pick with Whole Foods. For my canadian peeps, it's a mostly organic, expensive as hell, grocery store, with wood floors. I'm not sure why that last part is important. Anyhoo, I bought some spreadable cheese from them to use in my enchiladas. The expiration date was okay but when I opened it the cheese was moldy! MOLDY! So I had to bust open my special NY cheddar. Which is special because it's my 2am cheese and crackers thingie.

Anyway, the NY cheddar was the bomb and the enchiladas tasted great. So I'm all ready to make dinner for the new mom. whew I know, I have issues, right?

Also, did I mention that I found out about a farm in Fluvanna that's selling shares of its produce? It's a little cheaper than the one in town and I won't have to drive 30 minutes to get my groceries. I feel like I've mentioned this already. Oh well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Canned Ham and Boy am I Pathetic

I think I just took one of the funniest videos of Lily, EVER. I keep on telling people that she's a drama queen and I just don't think that they get it because in public she's usually pretty well behaved.

Anyway, as I was preparing to add a post I noticed that I have one follower! I don't know who it is but I was so excited! I know I go to blogs where they have 100s of followers but I'm happy that there's one shiny person out there who likes me. :) (or else they haven't found the delete button yet)

We're having chicken enchiladas OMG Lily just raced in here at warp factor 7 to tell me about the "stink" in the livingroom. She hauled me up out of the chair and pulled me down the hall. There was a strong smell in the livingroom but no discernible source. So then I considered what type of smell it was and checked the back of Lily's diapers. Wow. It could've knocked Caesar's ghost off of a horse. I'm not sure why, as the creator of the smell, she was so outraged by it. I am sure that I will never fully understand Lily, so I just try to enjoy her. :)

Anyway, I'm making chicken enchiladas again to iron out a few things. I didn't have enough sauce or enough chicken. I didn't think I had enough cheese either but I could be drowning in cheese and it wouldn't be enough. :) So that might be subjective.

And video wise, I love the cheerful "bye" at the end once she's done acting out her death rattle.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Internets let me down

I'm not sure how to begin this story of loss and betrayal. I guess the beginning....

A few years ago, a coworker of mine gave me this easy and terrific recipe for chicken enchiladas. It was gooey and saucy and cheesy and even a little crispy. It was, awesome.

So fast forward several years. I'm trying to decide what to make for a family with a newborn. (I'm trying to help out with the ladies having kids now cuz what goes around comes around). I have eclectic tastes when it comes to food so I think of something simple, yet delicious, that won't shock the taste buds of anyone. I remember this enchilada recipe. So I turn to my trusty internet connection to search out the recipe.

Nothing even comes close. Cream cheese in enchiladas???? Shoot me now.

So I'm going to try it from memory. (Cue insane laughter) I did find something promising on the can of enchilada sauce. So I think I can do this. I'm going to practice it a couple of times to get it right. I'm just like that. This poor lady has a husband, a child and a newborn. I don't want to give her indigestion to deal with as well. You know?

Loss and betrayal? Loss of the recipe and betrayal of the internet. What makes this recipe so unique? Spreadable cheese. You cook up the chicken then throw in the soft cheese and some salsa. It makes this delicious gooey mess. I couldn't find it in any recipe.

By the way, if anyone has a great chicken enchilada recipe that they swear by (and I will find you if it sucks) let me know.

Peace! (that's how Lily says recipes)

Whistle While You Work

#2 does not sleep. I was thinking about naming her after one of the seven dwarves but now I think I'll name her Vegas or Apple - as in the Big Apple. She is always moving and grooving. It does not make me think I'm going to get a full night of sleep anytime soon after she comes out.

Well, I just walked Pedro through the directions to get to the spa. I hope he enjoys his massage. He needs one. I need one. We all need one! Let me qualify that by saying we all could use a "good" massage. I've had bad ones and they don't do anything.... :P Pedro's seeing my teacher's roommate Sam. A girl. I hope he comes home in a better mood.

Also, Pedro pooh-poohed my idea for having a small vacation before #2 comes and so I went to Sarah. I need to have a little relaxation before I have to deal with you know what. I still have my first journal from taking care of Lily. I wrote down when she ate, how much, if she pooped and how much sleep I got. Some nights I didn't get any sleep, others I was happy to snatch 3 or 4 hours of sleep (not all at once). So I know what's coming down the pike and I want to feel the sand between my toes and drink a virgin pina colada before the brown stuff hits the swirly thing. You know?

I'm sure I had lots more to say about being done with school and stuff but I'm just not even in the mood to think about it. Mostly because, now that school is done, I have to deal with the hoop jumping that is licensing. It's not that bad, but it's that one last thing, you know?

Anyway, here's your cuteness for the day:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been feeling down in the dumps lately. I know school is almost finished, but that opens the floodgates to all the things I've put off to concentrate on school. Plus it's a big change. Then #2 is coming. Also, a big change. Even positive changes can be stressful. I really just want to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head, and pretend that the world doesn't exist. Except for cookies. And Lily. But if Lily keeps on acting up, then just cookies.


What is going on? Ten people dead in Alabama from a shooting rampage, and 16 or more people dead from another bloodbath in Germany. Gah! Also, Pedro, your "new" keyboard for the laptop sucks. I, however, do not feel like shooting anyone over that. Bad joke, sorry.

I did find this, though. I think it's pretty cute. Also, only two more days of class. I mean, I know it's a night class but if I make up two hours during the day tomorrow, I can finish tomorrow night, instead of Monday and that just sounds like too much awesome too ignore. Then, my cookie dough is coming in on the 19th. Still I'm stressed. Probably the thought of facing the licensing hurdles and then trying to get the house ready for #2. I do believe that we will be arguing about her name while she's in the hospital nursery.

Names I like:


Names Pedro likes (which I hate):


We're miles apart on this. If we let Lily name her she'll probably be Riley Moo. Which, I think I could handle. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

And husbands wonder....

see more pwn and owned pictures

why their laundry gets shrunk.


Well, I'm still alive. The house is still untorched. I guess it's not good to joke about that considering we're switching insurance companies... Lily is doing MUCH better. She's all feisty and food stealing again. And yes, I remembered to feed her this morning. Jeesh.

We kind of had a fun day yesterday. I mean, Lily and I had fun. Pedro not so much. He had to wait patiently for his women at the kids shoe store and the maternity shop. Hey, I thought I'd be wearing my cold weather stuff another month. Anyhoo, Stride Rite was having a sale. It was still way more than I would pay for shoes for myself but Lily is worth it. Plus I don't want her to have screwed up feet. She loves her new sandals and sneakers. She almost never gets them on the right feet. And you know what's most awesome? #2 has a closet full of awesome shoes waiting for her. hahahahahah!

Okay, I have my final evaluation tonight for class (der) and I left my school bag in Pedro's car so I'm reviewing from memory. A 6 month pregnant, sleep-deprived mommy using her memory. Fail, anyone? :P Anyway, I'm going to go into town early to review. I did get a good night's sleep last night, the first in a very very long time. So I feel like I can do this. It just might not be pretty. Once this is done, then it's onto the next hurdle. Sigh. That's all I feel like my life is right now. Damage control. I haven't even started thinking about what's going to happen when the new baby comes....

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Lily's sore throat seems to be better but now her nose is all plugged up. She hates it when I try to suction her nose and refuses to blow her own nose so.... It was a long night. Anyway, I hate Pedro right now, so I'm going to post my picture of Lily and her video and then go and find some place to cry. The house is so messy and disgusting that I've started having nightmares about it. Some days I just want to torch this bitch to the ground.


Friday, March 6, 2009


I had a cool title all ready to go: Croup, there it is! Only it turned out not to be croup. How can you work in a snappy sore throat reference? A clue? You can't. So, Lily has this wicked tonsillitis thing going on right now. She's doing much better today. She wakes up crying and coughing, I guess at all the mucous on her throat. At least she hasn't barfed in a while. whew

The doctor prescribed her soft cool foods so we now have a freezer full of ice cream and sherbert. :) Unfortunately, Lily wants pizza. She pointed to her ear this morning and said "OW" so now we're worried that she's getting an ear infection. So we're off to the pharmacy YET again to get some ear drops. Any volunteers to help me with the hellcat? The doctor was trying to look at her throat yesterday. I had Lily's arms and head immobilized but she wasn't to be counted out yet - she was biting the heck out of the tongue depressor. :) I love her. But I don't like my chances on trying to administer the ear drops by myself.

I missed a night of class, big surprise. I was too sleep deprived and worried about Lily. And life happens, you know? So now my last day will be the 16th. :P This was what I was worried about. Trying to get the last few flipping classes finished up. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Night 7 at an end...

Only 6 more classes to go. I am getting through this! I do have to push myself, though. It would be so nice to stay at home and put my feet up. My non-swollen feet. I dodged that bullet this time around. Anyway, it's late and Lily is asleep so I'd best mosey on down to the land of Nod as well. I took these pictures today. She found my old pumpkin mask and was having some fun with it. If she happens to be a pumpkin this year for Hallowe'en, please act surprised. Thanks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Wheel Drive is a Buzz Kill

I decided to enjoy the snow and take Lucille up the driveway. I've never been able to get up the driveway in snow without a lot of drama. I was extremely excited at the prospect of sliding all over the place. No such luck. I didn't even slip once. Sigh. I don't even think the 4 wheel drive stuff even came on. Pedro told me that if I do have to go into class tonight I can take Lucille and go by myself. Sigh.

Also, Pedro burnt his slippers that he put in front of the fire to dry. The plastic melted. Why did he have to dry his slippers? Because I was too slow knocking the snow off of the trees with my broom (they were blocking the driveway) so he came out in his shorts and and slippers to shake the trees. He looked interesting as a snow covered garden gnome. His glasses even filled up. Being the supportive spouse that I am, laughed hysterically. :)

Snow Day

Well, the weather forecasters came through today. It looks like we got about 8 inches of snow.
And pardon any typos, I'm using a laptop as my computer is "acting funny" according to the great and powerful computer geek, Pedro. Lily woke me up a lot last night. She kept on whining and calling "mama". I'm not sure what was going on. So I'm extra happy and full of life today. :P I know some women who are going to be first time moms and I just want to tell them to enjoy all their alone time now, as much as possible. That includes sleep.

Lily loved playing in the snow. She was looking for her shoes when I told her that she had to get fully dressed to go out in the snow. When I came back with her clothes she was on her back on the bed with her feet in the air waiting for me to change her diaper and get her dressed. She's NEVER been that cooperative. It made me laugh. :) I'm just worried that I might have to go to class tonight. I'm not sure I'll make it out of my driveway. :P

Anyway, here's my arty picture.