Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll take it

Last night, Madi refused to eat any strawberries so I told her:

"I'll get you some blueberries, Madi."

Madi looks at me and says: "Poo."*

I think she was going for "blue" so it's good enough for me.

Things are interesting as all of us are sick. I'm glad I took the girls to the doc on Wednesday - Lily had a puss filled ear infection and Madi had the beginnings of one. So they are on antiobiotics. wheeee! Lily never even told me that her ear hurt. I swear.

What else? I've got ants in my pants or something because I've been trying to organize stuff today. I think it was hearing a thing on the radio about hoarding. I'm not an extreme hoarder but I am guilty of not knowing what to do with things, or where to put them, and letting them pile up. So I've been going through things with extreme prejudice. Most of the time, this means I'm carrying hand loads of pens to the study, but still. :)

Best wishes for everyone for the New Year. Let's hope it doesn't suck!

* She loves blueberries and eats them by the handful - so it does give her interesting poop. I wasn't sure if that's what she was referring to.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy crap

So Madi has kept us up the last few nights. I hope it's a sign of changes to come - I mean, she tends to get restless at night right before she grows/learns a new skill. She was screaming for hours this morning and yes we gave her pain meds. She fell asleep 30 minutes before the alarm. *eyes* So all 3 of us are home today. We didn't get up til 10. Alright, they got up at 9:30 but I couldn't get my eyes open until 10. Satisfied??! :)

So I don't know what to do with Madi. I honestly feel like she's killing me. I know it sounds melodramatic but I swear I can see myself age every time I look in the mirror! What the frack.

And she's not that sweet anymore either. Pedro went into the bathroom last night and shut the door and she got mad and kicked one of my cowboy boots several times down the hall, stomped her feet and yelled. Until I told Pedro to hurry it up and get her in the bath! He gave her a shower and said she stomped in there like she was the boss. Geez.

What else? I guess I could go out today and get Madi a new school bag and some kitty litter. Unrelated. :) Hope everyone else is having a much better week!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, in the good news department, Madi has started spinning. I know that sounds weird but she's interested in doing new things. And I swear last night, she said as clear as a bell, "super duper duper." I don't think she knows what she says but at least she's trying things out and that's important.

Also, she's got a cough and was up all night... with Pedro. whew I got a little sleep.

Riley just threw up all over the kitchen floor. wheeee! I don't know what to do with him. I've spent so much money (literally thousands of dollars now) and we don't know what's wrong with him. I just give him pills. Sigh.

BG peed on Madi's school bag and I tried using the stuff I have from the vet's office but it still stank (stunk?) so I had to throw it out. Anybody want some cats???

I guess that's it. Yes, I have a lot of pictures that I need to put up but nothing ever seems to be where I need it, ie. phone, cable and me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We had a fun time in Yorktown. Well, most of us did. *eyes*

I was happily talking to Stacy after our successful trip to see Santa and not paying attention to Madilyn. Madi remedied this by throwing a noodle at me. I love that child but she is growing up to be a spitfire!

Let's see, Lily, Stacy and I went to Yorktown beach and then to the Victory Memorial (commemorating the US and French victory over the British) and listened to a choir and then the Fife and Drum people. Don't know what to call them. It was great. Then we were given "candles" and we followed the fifers and drummers through historical Yorktown down to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

It felt... Like participating in an age old tradition. The Christmas tree thing started in 1945? but the procession felt much older. I'll have to research it. Anyway, it was an amazing night, cold and clear. :)

Then Santa Claus came. Lily was so cute. She cupped her hand to her mouth so she could really whisper in Santa's ear. I have a pic that I'll put up. I know, I know. I haven't even put up her birthday pics. gah

We picked up some pasta from Joe and Mimma's. Good thing Sarah and Pete were already on a cruise. :) I don't know, our food has always been good from there! Everybody dug in. :)

Saturday, we went back to the beach so we could look around a little bit. Madi kept me up a lot so I wasn't into a lot of exertion. I finally found the historical trail that you drive on. That was fun. We didn't see everything but we did see the French mass grave. It felt the most "real". A lot of the signs say "in the field to your right.." Well, there's nothing there so it's hard to imagine but the graveyard felt still and sacred.

That just reminded me of the time that my mom took me to my grandfather's grave, when I was about 10. I read a lot and had come across the phrase, dancing on someone's grave. So I asked her if that was his grave and when she said yes, I started dancing like mad on it. *snort* My g-pa wouldn't have been mad. He and I were tight like that. :) (We shared milkbones but that's another story)

My mother, however, looked like her mouth was full of sour milk.