Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucky shot

Sometimes I luck out and get an adorable picture of Lily. As her grandparents can attest - she moves quickly! I made some home made banana bread this morning. Then Thai chicken curry from scratch. I am DONE with cooking for today. Plus there isn't much banana bread left. achem. Hey it's my grandma's recipe and it rocks. Lily ate a good portion of her dinner, it was a new dish for her but she ate some tomato, green beans, chicken and rice so I let her have some more banana bread. As you can see, she hates it. :P

Let's see, we went for a nice walk on Friday. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to the local playground. Then Lily was yelling at me to go faster once she saw the swings. :) She's not so big on the slide. Maybe she's still too young for it. Anyhoo, I know we did more stuff but I can't think of it now. I have to take my car in tomorrow to get the front fender fixed. Boo. I guess that's better than having a cracked fender thing forever. Sigh.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Heidi Velvetkiss

Too fun. As I have never been, and will likely never be, a stripper, I find that trying to work out what my stage name would be is a lot of fun. See here. I have to admit that I find my working name to be pretty boring. I've been plugging in other people's names and some of them are ROFL. :) I guess some people have to work this afternoon but I seem to have some free time. :)


I'm not totally sorry they shot him before they arrested him.

And props to the local police agencies. I told my auntie y'all would find the shooters. :)

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

That was a pretty good movie, even if it seemed that the production value sucked. Anyway, there are some sucky-faced shooters on the loose. I think 6 cars in total were hit. Most of them while being driven. Two people have been taken to the hospital. It's not just that I live in a mostly rural area and this kind of thing is unthinkable, but whoever it is, is still around AND armed. It's unsettling. I think most of the shootings in town have to do with arguments. Now there is/are one or two people who don't care who they hit. See what I mean?

I'm a little groggy this morning as Pedro couldn't handle Lily and dragged me out of my peaceful slumber to take care of her. HMPF! Lily has been so funny lately. She wouldn't eat her sausage last night until I got her a fork with which to eat them. She knows I don't like it when she tries to undo her diaper so she pulls at the tabs and then laughs hysterically at me when I tell her to stop. She's learning more about her actions and our reactions. Which can be as frustrating as heck for me. I do like that she understands more. I tell her we need to change her diaper so she heads off to the bedroom and tries to open the door. I really wish she'd learn to say poo poo and potty. Diapers are frackin' expensive!

Okay, this picture is kind of fuzzy, but the waffle stealing Riley is clear as a bell. :) Actually, he didn't get it, BG did. Sigh. I don't really have big plans for the day. Try to keep out of sniper fire and maybe go for a walk. A few days ago, M'lou and I were talking. I had all the storm doors open to get some fresh air in the house as it was in the 70s (20s C) and she had to head out in the snow! Okay, maybe we didn't talk and I just read that on her blog. Whatever. It's supposed to be even warmer today. I guess it would be nice to get out for a walk. As much as Lily likes going places on her own two feet she sure doesn't mind when she gets to relax in the stroller.

I just know I am going to freeze when I go to Vancouver. At least I'll finally be able to wear some of my winter sweaters! (and eat dried ginger beef - ha! Pedro)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This post is only #332, so the last one... Oh well, I'm cute, I don't have to read properly. :) We have a hater in the family. I love deer. I love watching them slowly graze their way through my yard. Or I love watching the fawns frolic about. I just love the whole thing. Well, except watching one rebound off of my fender when doing 55 mph. But you get the idea.

I saw some deer yesterday evening in the front yard. I signaled to Pedro to bring Lily to the front door. She saw them and went off like cheap fireworks the night before Halloween. She yelled so loudly for so long that her face went bright red! Plus, she gave them the "talk to the hand" movement at the same time. The herd? (there was 5 of them) took off. Thanks Lily, hater of nature. Apparently, that's HER lawn.

Oh yeah, and we're about to get the first signal lights in the county! woohoo! Seriously. A "big" shopping center is going up across the street from the fire station and it's not hard to see why this might be a problem. You know what else we're getting? Papa John's pizza!!!!! ha! achem. uh Not that I eat a lot of pizza.... Hey, don't pick on me or I'll sick No-No Lily on you!


I think it said this is post #333. Wow. That's a lot of Lily pictures. But not right now. I'm too full of mac & cheese to go and get my camera. :) On the good side of things, I'm losing weight a lot more quickly, which is confusing considering how many treats I've had since Easter. On the boo side of things, my old tooth hurts. I guess all my teeth are the same age, but I'm referring to old blood and guts, the one that caused me to hemorrhage during my root canal and take beaucoup meds. Lorcets are pretty fun.

Anyhoo, I took Lily to the gym this morning, hoping that after a few rounds with playgroups, she wouldn't cry. Sigh. She didn't cry as much. I did get to work out for close to 40 minutes. I'm planning on going back tonight (mostly to burn off the mac and cheese!) Actually, my mac & cheese is mac & cheese & cheese. I always throw in extra cheese. Doesn't everyone? Today it was low fat mozzarella. yummmmm

I think I leave for Vancouver in 2 weeks. It's got me a little wound up. I'm also worried about having an infected tooth and how that will feel on the plane. I've been there before with old B&G. Not fun. I do have a dentist appointment tomorrow and a list of questions/comments on how things feel. Honestly, this tooth has caused me so much anguish. I wish I had gotten really drunk one night and just ripped it out with pliers. THAT would have been an interesting trip to the ER. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Poop

Lily had a rough night last night. I think she had gas pains. Anyway, she felt much better after a poop. She was crying and writhing around. Poor wee thing. It may have been all the rich food from yesterday. We did have a good time! G-ma drove up and surprised us all with Easter treats. Lily went on her own little Easter Egg hunt in the front yard. G-ma has pictures of that. So you'll have to wait!

Lily had a flower sword fight with her daddy. I think she won! She so loved the flowers at the restaurant (the Shebeen!) that I promised I would get her some. I think if you promise your kid something, you'd better follow through! I bought a yummy fruit tart from Whole Foods for dessert since Lily was getting a little tired of sitting still for lunch. Dessert and flowers was over $40! I love Whole Foods. :P

Anyway, we had a great day. Lily did so well sitting for so long and was a lot of fun. Ooh Lily's got a hold of her daddy's Easter Egg. She doesn't know he ate all the jelly beans already. Poor Lily. Oh, in other news Lily has started to say "uh oh". She has also started taking off her diaper when she's got a poop in it. THAT'S fun. I take it as a sign that she's getting closer to being potty trained. Please.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. And thanks g-ma for all the treats! I'll be hitting the gym today... :) Yes, my pretty flowers. I included a wall sconce to try and look fancy. Hey, I usually get the laundry pile in the background so I'm doing pretty well!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

One of those days...

where it feels like there's nothing on the internet. Am I the only one that feels that way sometimes?? Oh and old people are getting their second and last warning. Just because you are old you do not get to come onto my side of the road to pass someone, making me slam on my breaks to not hit you, because you don't feel like waiting for them to move, or waiting until it's clear to go around them. Okay??? Just because you're old, you are not entitled to put other people, ie. ME, in danger. Denny's won't run out of the items on its Senior Menu anytime soon.

Sigh. Onto my Friday Facts list, ummm, a few weeks late.

1. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about my dad's death. I'm trying to just think about the good stuff but, there was SO much bad stuff. Maybe instead of good and bad, I'll think of things that I'm grateful for.

2. My dad taught me how to drive and how to parallel park. I was 13 when I learned to drive because my parents wanted to drink beer in the back of the motor home whilst I kept the wheels on the road (most of the time). I remember when I was 14 and we were driving up the Alaska highway. A trooper passed me and looked in the window and I waved at him while I was driving. I was a cheeky under aged driver. :)

2. My dad taught me how to use power tools and do work on the house. This means I can do my own plumbing and actually fix things. This doesn't mean I always will fix stuff, cuz I have a husband, but knowing how is awesome. :)

3. My dad taught me how to cook. He also taught me how to clean up as I cook so there's not a huge mess at the end. My mom hated housework, which included cooking, so it's a good thing my dad stepped up. Or my husband would be one hungry man or Domino's would have a lot more money.

4. My dad taught me how to ride a bike, swim, etc.

5. Well, my dad was fiercely anti-religion and wouldn't let me be baptized. He wanted me to make up my mind for myself. I am grateful for that because it has allowed me to evaluate how I feel about the world, and not be told how to feel about it. (Although, seriously, he hated religions so much you couldn't even talk to him about it - it was kind of a rabid topic)

6. I can't think of anything else to be grateful about so I guess this is it! I can't even think of any other facts to share. I hate mushrooms - I think I've covered that.

So have a Happy Easter/Ostara!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I LOVE Lily's laugh. She tries to copy my laugh, which is evil and well, evil. But she has her own awesome belly laugh. I know other parents know what I mean when I say that it lifts us up. I can have a crappy day, but as soon as I hear her laugh and squeal, it just all goes away. What's in front of me is more important than the jerkwad that cut me off in traffic or the humongo cable bill. You know? I can tell it affects Pedro too. Mostly because he throws her up in the air to get her to laugh as soon as he gets home. I don't know if it's the kind of thing that keeps us going or if it just makes life a little more bearable.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red red wine...

I had wine tonight! I almost never drink alcohol anymore. I hate my ability to care for Lily to be comprised in any way. So that means flu shots and healthy foods. :) But not tonight! ha! It felt decadent to have some wine and fatty cheese and just chill out. Lily, of course, has been asleep for a few hours. I guess I was also celebrating the first day of spring. :) How did I do that? I met my friend for lunch and then brought Pedro a burger. And no, I don't know why Lily likes to do headstands.

I love the shoes that grandma bought her. They're little crocs, sort of. And what goes better with a pink shoe than a green sock??? I was actually trying to get out of the house and that's all that I could find. :) Lily didn't mind. Fashion smashion. Isn't it having fun that counts? Okay, that might be the wine talking. heee! Anyway, remind me that I have an adorable video of Lily laughing while we play "sock it to you". We play it with socks, but what does it actually mean?

Happy Spring!

PS I have grey socks that have the words "Twinkle" and "Sparkle" in ummm, sparkly letters. We're kind of a weird sock family. :) Okay, I'M just a weird sock person. Sigh. This isn't resolving itself very well.....

Too-busy Thursday

Lily and I have a ton of errands to run today. Gas is so expensive now that I like to combine as much as I can in one trip to town. We're going to meet a friend for lunch first so we'll be fueled up for the day. :) I actually slept through the night last night (mostly) so I'm ready to get on with the day. Poor Pedro was kept up for a few hours. He was a little cranky this morning, which was completely understandable but he needs to remember that Lily only wakes up and cries when something is wrong. Check out the pic below...

Look at the lower right side (our right) of her mouth. She has her biggest tooth yet coming in. It probably hurts a lot. It has all that gum to get through. Oh and lately, every time I pull out the camera to take a picture, she makes her war face. I also hear her pulling out every single book I put in a bag to take and sell today. Sigh. Oh well. Anyway, I can't think of anything witty or exciting to write about (as if I ever do) so everyone try to enjoy the first day of Spring (for this year) and keep out of trouble.

Oh yeah, and a shout out to M'Lou, who hopefully made it home safely and will add some comments... :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hunting Easter Wabbits...

Lily attended her first ever Easter Egg Hunt! I'm exhausted so please excuse any typose oops or grammatical erros. oops Chasing a 17 month old around a huge field was good exercise. Lily has already crashed in her crib. I was impressed that Lily knew exactly what to do. Really. She had her basket, saw the eggs and knew to pick them up and put them in her basket. Is it some kind of evolutionary genetic programming? It's weird. Anyway, I made sure that she got different eggs than the ones that we brought. I have a lot of Hershey's kisses left over.

Lily is relying on me less and less the more we go to these things. She came by and gave me a hug or two over the course of two hours but she never clung to me, and didn't hesitate to run around without me. *sniffle* I'm kidding. This means that I can go to the gym again in the morning. It's hard to get my carcass in gear to work out at 8pm. Plus it's a different crowd. I like the laid back morning peeps better.

Anyway, I think I'll just post the rest of the pictures. The play group will meet again in April. Hopefully, I'll get rested up by then!

Friday, March 14, 2008

You're welcome

Here's the last post of the day. Lily sometimes hugs the frog hanging in her bath. I don't know who gave it to me, but she sure likes it. :) So thanks, person! I like this picture cuz it's all attitude. She even has her hand up on her hip! We really did have a fun action packed day. I'm just trying to get her to go to sleep now so mommy can go to the gym and have a little personal time - sweating in front of strangers. Okay, that sounded weird. Is it me or does Lily have big eyes? Maybe it's just the picture. Anyway, we're going to see grandma and grandpa this weekend and then hitting the taxes big time, so the posting will be sparse to non-existent. :) Have a great weekend and enjoy your St. Patrick's Day (all you fakers who aren't Irish!)


Here's Miss Lily after our outing today. She completely crashed. Now as tired as I am, I still had stuff to do. :P What? I'm glad you asked. I had to scour some cat barf off of the floor, do the dishes, start a laundry and paint the front door. Oh and update Lily's blog. :P Anyway, I am tired and my thoughts are really not working but as we were leaving the library (which is a pretty nice place) the story teller was passing out small cups of sweets. She offered one to Lily, who promptly said "no". ha! I took it anyway, cuz mommy likes jelly beans.

But Lily doesn't. Well, that's not entirely accurate. She sucked on it for around 10 minutes and then left it on the carpet. And went back to eating her nanas. I'm so glad that I haven't given her a lot of sweet stuff. She knows her limits. :) She's the bomb. :) hmmm I had some other stories but my brain is shutting down. I'm going to have to restart with some Irish Breakfast tea. Oh yeah. I'm pulling out the big guns. Or teas. Whatev.

Cute Lily picture of the day.....

Thoughts in Chaos

Ten points if you know what the title is from. (not you Pedro) Holy crap. What a morning. We all slept in. Lily actually woke up at 6:30 (ma ma, da DA) but I stuck her behind me in bed and we snuggled and fell into a power nap. It was nice but I wanted to get her to the library for story hour. eep So mommy (me) rearranged a few things on the space time continuum and we got there just at 10 (slow dorks on 53, not withstanding). So, I got Lily to color, once she got comfortable but she really wasn't sure what to make of it all. Then story time started and Lily wanted me to hold her (all the other kids were arranged in a semi circle - too cute). She checked things out and I could tell she wanted down.

Now, I'm not a totally stupid person so I assumed Lily wanted down to get closer to the story circle. Her "looking around" was actually highly accurate readings of the size of the building and the speed with which she could navigate it. She took off like a bat from you-know-where. Seriously. She ran laps around the building, with me chasing after her. Oh, she would stop in little alcoves and attempt to drag books off of shelves and when that didn't work, zip, off again. I'm exhausted, and thankfully she's tired too. I didn't think she would EVER run out of energy. Later I'll have to play her some Lenny Kravitz. Always on the run!

So after story time, was arts and crafts time. Everything was arranged while the (other) kids were listening to the story. I told Lily "not yet" so she'd run around the tables saying "no no no no". Well, at least she got the idea, right? So, you know, the beginning of the universe, different elements trying to form together to make something*, all swirling and chaotic. Not so different from the arts and crafts time, except my chaos had glue sticks. We (I) did manage to make our "bell" but Lily was very helpful in stealing everyone else's bells and putting them in her cup. Which wasn't that bad because when someone was missing something, I just found it in Lily's stuff. :) It was overwhelming. The local school was closed today so there were a ton of kids there. Speedracer, I mean, Lily did pretty well.

Seriously. I am worn out. I do want to go to the Easter egg hunt next Tuesday but there are a lot of things to bring and I'm not sure I can manage it all. And, it's obvious that Lily might not be developed enough to participate. Nobody else's kid was taking off. So we'll have to have more book reading time at home.

Oh yeah, in other news, I've been working on our front door. It has looked crappy for a long time. So I was sitting on the sofa thinking, wait a second, I have the right color paint, I have a brush... It needs another coat or two and I was in a hurry so I didn't sand it or anything. I want to replace the door, but until I have the money to do that, I can spruce it up on the cheap. :) Yay, mommy! (me)

* me completely adlibbing the creation of the universe

Thursday, March 13, 2008


It was a gorgeous warmish day here today. I took Lily to Pleasant Grove. I'm not sure how to describe it. Was it pleasant? Sure. heee! It's kind of a community area with hiking trails, equestrian trails and, I don't know, the carnival sets up there. Get the idea? So I took Lily there so she could run amok amongst the fields and not have to worry about cars or whatever.

Well, the little poop kept on walking into this rundown barn that looked it had rats and plenty of spiders. I gave up after a while and just took her to the regular park. Some children! This is a picture of the house there. It's available for events and stuff. Beautiful blue sky, no??? When Pedro saw this pic, he asked me if I had been out house hunting and exactly how many kids I expected to have....

So I have a question? What is the proper web etiquette on putting up other blogs on your blogroll? I never ask because I assume the blogger is much too cool and busy to worry about my little link. Pedro says not to worry about it as long as it's not a private website because they're not paying for the bandwidth. But is it better to ask? I'm just curious.

I am proud of myself for exploring my area more. I've also contacted two local playgroups and one of them is having an Easter egg hunt next Tuesday. Too fun! I'm trying to get Lily and I out there and having fun. She definitely needs the socialization. I'm happy with her doing her own thing when we go to the park, but she might learn to have more fun with other kids... Or not, that's her thing to figure out. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good thing

I just have that song in my head. Good thing, where have you gone! Doo do do do-do. Okay. I almost finished my CA taxes in an hour. It's been several hours now that I've been scrambling to try to figure out what to do for our US taxes. I think I'm in the home run-ish. I hate bureaucratic nonsense!

I did lose two pounds. Go me! I HATE, HATE, writing down every frackin' thing I put in my mouth, but it does let me see how many calories I've been eating and how to not eat so many. Was that English? Oh and related to my weight loss (I'm not sure I should write about this) my underwear was falling off of my butt today. Which, frankly, made for an uncomfortable shopping trip.

You know what else bugs me? Lately, old people. I don't usually rag on them because I hope to be old one day too. But what is up with old people being in such a hurry?? I realize they may have less time on the clock, but holy smokes, chill out! This one granny speedster was in such a hurry to get dried apricots, while I was getting them, that she held the lid open (bulk section) and watched over my every movement. I couldn't help myself - I asked her if she wanted in there next. I think that one went over her head. Old people are short too. And, it seems to me, that some of them are in a huge hurry and will hem and haw to get around you, but if they're in the way it takes 50 excuse mes and a tap on the arm to get them to move. So take that!

PS (The chair was confiscated)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I didn't see this one coming....

I thought I was going to get stuck with House. Who is this geek anyway???

First Day...

without margarine on my toast. Sigh. I've been working out for a month now and I still haven't lost an appreciable amount of weight. I know that I like lifting weights and so my muscles might be heavier, but looking at that unchanging number has got me down. So I'm implementing more draconian measures... I've started logging what I eat and I've been shocked to see it's the little things that add up. The coffee creamer, the margarine, etc. For me, toast without margarine is like... well, it's just unthinkable that the two don't go together.

In other food news, Pedro has eaten three bananas in the last week or so. I know, right? He hates fruit but he was hungry one night and he didn't feel like making anything so he ate a banana (ready to eat). I guess he liked it. In other other news, Pedro has lost more weight than I have. GRRRRR

In Lily news, I really need to watch what I do around her. I was trying to find a poopy diaper that rolled away after the change and BG came along and stuffed his butt in my face. There happened to be an empty knapsack beside me so I walloped him in the butt with it. Well, who was right beside me? Who picked up the knapsack and chased BG down the hall with it? Sigh. I don't think it works well to teach a child by saying "don't do what I do". Lead by example. Sigh

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spaghetti Oh's

Don't sue me Chef Boyardee. We had spaghetti with vodka sauce and pesto sausages for dinner. umm Dinner was ready at 4. I was so hungry! The scary thing is that it's daylight savings time now so two days ago it was 3pm. Oh well. I've adjusted quickly??? As you can see, Lily enjoyed her spaghetti. It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself to parcel out her portion before I add the sauce, I always forget. And she always makes a mess. Oh well, my fault. :)

Pedro says my computer is dying (dammit I tried to not let him hear the funny noises!) so he'll be building me another one soon, which means no blogging for a few days. I also have a ton of taxes to do (for 2 countries!) and I have to get them done before I leave the country so... There won't be updates and now you have plenty of good reasons why! I guess that's really encouraging people to keep reading my blog....

Pedro is really good at computers and I'm not that great at taxes but my middle name should've been Wing It. :) So, there will be lots and lots of constant updates. :) I can't remember if I wrote about Lily giving me real hugs now. She wraps her arms around my neck really tight and holds on for over a minute. Tonight I thought she was going to choke me out. She's sweet, in a life threatening sort of way...

She's been a lot more fun lately. She loves to laugh and likes to be helpful. Sort of. She hates it if I try to copy what she's doing. Oh yeah, she says the first 4 letters of the alphabet. She repeats them. Not too shabby for a 16 month old. :) I try to read to her a lot and I try to keep the tv off but I've had to come to the realization that I'm human. At least Lily gets PBS most of the day until Reba's on. Four o'clock is kind of a slow time. Anyway, it's time I grabbed a snuggle partner and headed to bed too. Wait til I tell Lily what BG was doing to her monkey....


It's official - I'm off to Vancouver in April. I haven 't flown in YEARS. Not since 2002, actually. So I'm having a mild anxiety attack about all the things I'll need to do. So far it looks simple. But looks can be deceiving, right??? :) I can go online and check in? Avoid going to the counter? Wow. But then how do I check my baggage?? I need someone to hold my hand through all of this. At least I have a month to figure things out. The fun part about booking my trip online was trying to keep Lily from stealing things off of Pedro's desk while Riley was making himself at home in my lap. I'd better double check the ticket details....

Friday, March 7, 2008


Oh dear. Lily kept me awake this morning again. I mean like, 1am morning, not 10am post-coffee kind of thing. Lily and I had fun today. We met my friend Kathleen at the mall. It was a rainy day and the mall has a kid play area. Lily took it slow to begin with. She stayed close to me until she figured it all out. Unfortunately, she decided that the play area was cramping her style and kept on running out into the mall. After the third time, I called it quits and we went for lunch. :)

It was cute watching Lily interact with the other kids. She didn't play with anyone, exactly. If another kid had an area staked out, Lily was cool and went to find another place to play. She "ran" around making funny noises and sometimes other kids would follow her. It was really funny to watch. As you can see, she built up an appetite. :) I'm sorry folks, but after eating chicken for 8 or 9 days straight, momma had a hamburger. Actually, when I typed "momma" the first time, I typed "mooma". Ah, Freud.

And there's always the crash after the good times. Right folks?? :) I was bad and snapped that at a red light. I guess that's better than just driving down the road taking pictures.... I hope Lily and I (and Kathleen!) can do that again. It was a fun outing on a gray day. :) Oh yeah, and Bath & Body Works had a sale on hand soap. You have to understand, it's the little things that get me excited. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cute? Guilty as charged

I was at the VA School of Massage yesterday, finalizing things for classes. No, I'm not going to be a massage therapist. I don't like touching people all that much (hello hairy backs and backne (back acne)) They have esthetician classes. I'm excited but with all that's going on at the moment, it's been put on the enthusiasm back burner.

Now, at the school Lily was running amok in an office. She can't resist piles of paper. Then she stole the guy's calculator, ripped the front off of a shredder, started pulling out files. SIGH Anyway, I waited until I was done to clean up after her. I apologized and the nice man said it was okay because she was so adorable. I stopped for a second. Oh no. I don't really want her to get away with things because she's cute. It's not going to happen in my house but I'm sure she'll figure out that other people treat her differently.

Let's see... Lily loves to spin. I try to keep her away from hard surfaces when she does it. I love the shrieking that goes along with the twirling. Sigh. I swear, I always have lots of things to write about before I sit down.... Well, none of you will have any idea how hard it was to get the pictures of her with the doodad in her hair. It's the first time she's let me do it. Usually, a fight breaks out. And not a very long one, because it is her hair and who am I to enforce cuteness on an already adorable child??? The grinch, that's who. ha!

Let's see... Lily loves the table and chairs that grandpa got her. I'm very grateful for washable crayons and markers. Lily spends a lot of time coloring - sometimes on paper. :) I'm working really hard on trying to teach her the names of some of her body parts, ie nose, ear, eyes... She actually called me mommy this morning and I am so used to being called daddy that I told her "No, I'm daddy". Then I was all, wait a second. It was a Bugs Bunny episode come to life...

Oh yeah! Lily slept through the night last night. I actually went to bed at 8:30 to try and get some sleep and we didn't get up until 6:30. Okay, there may have been some noise around 4 when she lost her pacifier and made loud chewing noises on a blanket but I ignored her and fell back asleep. :) yay! Well, since I've been working on this Lily has pulled out the hair doodad. Sigh. Cute and stubborn. I'm in for years of fun. Sigh.

Monday, March 3, 2008

No, no, no

Lily's favorite phrase. :) Oh gosh, it's meltdown central here at the moment. Lily's super tired as she had a short nap this morning. You know what that means, right? CRASH! I'm just trying to keep her awake until 7. wooot! What? You've never seen upside down Lily before?? Oh man, I'm trying to be clever but Pedro woke us up at 6 and it has just been the LONGEST day. So maybe I'll just put up the pictures and be quiet. :)