Friday, December 21, 2012

Holy crapmas

Oh crap.  I just sneezed some more.  Okay, so Lily has been sick the last couple of weeks.  I spoke to her teacher on Tuesday and she said that 1/3 of her class was out last Friday.  Great day.  So I know she's not the only one who's sick.  And the antibiotics she's on for her ear infection give her diarrhea and make her barf.  She told me she barfed last night while we were all asleep.  Poor baby.

Madilyn had a 101.8 fever last night.  I don't know what it was this morning when she kept me up but she was HOT.  So I have two sick kids, and now I'm coming down with something.  Can we postpone Christmas for a while?

In the good news department, I did give out the teachers' Christmas presents.  Pedro watched the girls so that I could drive over.  Cameo's Word Up was on in the car and I happened to park perpendicular to a sheriff's car.  I looked and didn't see anyone in there so I busted some moves.  When I got out of the car I heard the engine running.


OMG I am having such a hard time posting my pic.  I don't know if it's blogger or Facebook but I'm getting mad.....  So click the link

Oh yeah, and Brewster.   A few days ago, he could not stop biting my hands or being a bad dog.  Running around in circles, jumping on the bed, snapping at my face.  I was seriously considering getting rid of him.  He doesn't hurt the girls but I'm like, hells bells, when is he going to stop being such a jerk?

Last night I was baking cookies (AGAIN) and he came in the kitchen, flopped down in front of the oven and fell asleep.  I thought, FINALLY! I hope it's a sign of things to come.  He didn't steal stuff off of the table, or chase the cats.  I know he likes being around us but he gets into everything.

Oh and I KNOW that he knows how to open the baby gates.  If they aren't locked, he knows how to push up the latch to open the gate.  Stinker.  I've tried working with him more too.  Partially for training, partially so I spend some time with him.

I just feel like life has taken a very sour turn.  My cookies aren't baking right, the kids are sick. OH and Madi has lice now.  I pulled one adult off of her so I'm hoping that if I keep pulling the nits off as I find them, then we'll be good to go.  *eyeroll*  There's a little boy in her class who the teacher says doesn't have a great home situation.  They are buying him clothes.  I mean, the teachers.  Obviously, families don't have to be rich to be good but it sounds like he's not getting the care he needs.  And that sucks.

Anyway, I think that all this crud that has peppered my holiday season has taught me to let go of expectations.  I wanted to create a fun Christmas for the girls.  Well, that blew up in my face.  I'm doing the best I can and that's just gonna have to do.

You know?


Oh and who doesn't want to get up and dance to this?

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Day...

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Vampires can't swim!... Ah. shit!"

We're going to see Santa tonight so I'm resting up in bed playing Skyrim.  This game is taking forever.  I finish one quest and have 3 others to do.  I'm not sure how it's happening.  Having a long quest list is like having a full inbox.  It drives me batty.

Anyhoo, I've just had a hotdog and my daily pills with coconut milk nog.  The anti-inflammatory diet I want to start on New Year's is no animal products of any kind, so I'm slowly switching over.  There will be enough to contend with that it will be nice to have dairy off of my list.  I also see my doc on Thursday and see what she has to say. 

And I did some online shopping.  wheee!  I was going to shop at the mall and thought, am I freaking crazy?  So I used my Sephora gift card online.  My plan was to get Christmas shopping done this week.  We'll see what happens to muck that up... *eyes*

Pedro is doing really well.  He's kind of a whore for mushrooms and hummus now.  I think he had a blood sugar of 90 the other day.  It's not just that he's following the diet but he's learning to make choices for himself.  That's the part that I was dreading.  I'm not an encyclopedia of diabetes.  Or diabebees.  As it's known in my house.

Anyhoo, time to shower and get ready to get the girls so we can get ready to go in town. 

Why do I hear the Darth Vader theme?

Friday, December 7, 2012

I think I've expired

Honey Badger
It seems like everything is breaking down in me these days.  Okay, everything might be a stretch.  I tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis a few months ago and a few joints were sore.  For whatever reason, the last few days things have really ratcheted up.  I'm not all boohooey about it (okay I was a little this morning) because a) my mom had horrible arthritis and I knew it was coming b) the medications are better now.

My doc did put me on a good one a few months ago.  Cheap and effective.  But no drinking.  Longest 10 days of my life!  I like having a glass of wine with dinner, especially if I've put some effort into it and I want to enjoy it.  Sometimes the girls are horrible and I like a glass of wine to mellow me out.  It's for the children, really.

And I have other issues.  Brewster yanked my left shoulder so that's been hurting for almost 2 weeks.  Time to see the doc.  Sigh.  The right one has been messed up for years.  It was nice having ONE usable arm.  *eyes*  I just feel like, damn.

And I think what makes me feel it more is Pedro is feeling better.  I'm not blaming him, at all.  But it's such a stark contrast.  I used to be the one jetting around here and there.  Now he's going to the range or out hunting.  He's got more energy and feels better.  Whereas I feel like I've tripped into quicksand and I'm slowly going down...  and I like to be active.  I can't do pushups or anything really involving shoulders so that pisses me off.  I don't know if it's the RA for sure, but even running hurts now.  And having two injured shoulders makes them ripe for joint degeneration too.

So basically I feel like I'm headed up shit creek with no paddle and two effed up arms.  Yes, it's a pity party over here today.

Pedro has really been doing well.  He's been getting blood sugar scores in the 90s.  Of course, I remind him that that's with insulin and pills but better than 500, right?  I made stuffed peppers last night.  Lily and I only ate the inside of them.  Snort.  Pedro took one to work for lunch.  His whole world has changed.  I'm really proud of him for stepping up and making the changes.  I know it's not easy.

Sleepin' sisters.
 I was thinking of sweet things today.  Madi and her kisses.  Lily and her boyfriends. Brewster tickling my my ears with his nose.  I honestly had a real list before I started.  Snort. 

Well, I'm just gonna keep on keeping on.  Cuz there's not much else you can do.  :)