Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Pedro misses because he's not on Facebook

Camera Fight

My girls

We had a good weekend at g-ma and g-pa's house. Madi had her first birthday party. I feel like I'm writing a "Run Spot Run" book but I'm exhausted. I know. You'd think I'd be used to it already. Madi loved the pool. Took to it right away. Lily's played in a few pools already so she doesn't count. :)

I'm trying to think of what else we did. Yes, I'm that tired. Oh yeah, opened presents, ate some cake, had a yummy dinner. Wow, I'm halfway to zombification. We're filling out passport applications and we had to measure the girls. Lily is about 44 inches and Madi is 29"!! She is a tall baby. And she's trying to walk, but bouncing and goose stepping at the same time, doesn't seem to be the way to do it.

Our mermaid:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rough Day

Madi's been trying to kill me with sleep deprivation again. Either that or her two top teeth REALLY hurt as they grow in. I give her medicine but... Anyhoo, after a very long rough day I'm finally relaxing to some chicken and pasta with a glass of Niagara wine.

Just heard a loud clunk against the wall. Let me go and check on Lily and I'll post pics later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay, I meant Daddy-pants

What can I say? I'm tired most of the time. The dark pictures are from Luray Caverns. I definitely need a new camera this year. Mine's afraid of the dark. :P

Monday, June 14, 2010

For Daddy-pats


I'm trying to get organized. The fridge is not working right, the defrost heater is a solid block of frost/ice. Bad. Most of the dairy products have already gone off so I'll need to get rid of everything.

Easy, right?

Well, the repair guy can't get here until tomorrow SO I can't buy anything new until the fridge is working. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon it will be working. I'm trying to picture the worst case scenario and go with that. So far, that sucks.

I'm trying to eat as much refridgerated stuff as I can but some of it has already gone bad. All that lunch meat *sob*

That's life, right?

Life stinks sometimes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


am I supposed to know that "topato" means tomato and not potato?

Oh yeah

Reason #412 that Lily is awesome:

I made chocolate chip pancakes this morning for the first time. Lily "helped". She took her breakfast to her desk in the study, where Pedro was and asked him:

"Are you jealous?"


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My girls

Happy Days

No, no Fonz here. Okay, I'm weird. Anyway, we had a pretty good time for Memorial Day. Pedro finished putting in the study ceiling fan with considerably less swearing than the night before. Then we were off to the Luray Zoo and Luray Caverns. The zoo is almost all rescue animals. They had a hawk who'd been hit by a car and had a wing amputated, etc.

They also had one of the east coast's biggest collections of venomous snakes. Seriously. These were mostly pets that people couldn't take care of anymore. I started to get nervous. Even though there's the plexiglass window.... It's not a big lush exhibit like some zoos where you can't even see the snakes. These guys are inches away from you and will get pissed off. Lily ran into one room and startled the rattler. I could hear his tail. He didn't like Pedro either. :)

I really liked the zoo because the staff seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic about being there. It was small, and the people were "local" so everyone was polite and having fun. There were maybe two dozen of us there. :) Anyhoo, I recommend it. Not every day you get to see alligators fed and pet a yak. They have a tiger too but I didn't feel like watching it be fed. I'll save that for another trip. :)

Oh, and most of us had hats on because I found a tick on Lily Friday night. *faint* We don't go out that much but she does run around when I zip outside to do some gardening while Madi naps. Do they sell Deet showers?

And Lily wanted me to take this picture for Dada.