Thursday, July 31, 2008


on WW. I'm eating Smartfood white cheddar popcorn and it tastes sooooooo good! I think I wanted to post a few times but something else always pops up. I've been distracted by some personal things. I didn't really have time to deal with my dad's death when it happened. I remember that I was busy with taxes for two countries and trying to fill out forms for student loans. But now there's some quiet in my life (only a little!) and the thoughts that he's really gone are coming up. The people who raised me are gone. It makes me really really sad.

In Lily news... I was singing a nursery rhyme today and she was repeating what I sang. I know she didn't know what it meant but good for her. :) She had a doctor's appointment yesterday and although she's gained weight she is a skinny minny. She's in the 25th percentile for her height. Pedro reminded me that he was thin growing up and I really was. She's happy and healthy and that's what counts. :)

I do feel like I'm having some discipline issues with her. I put her butt in timeout four times yesterday. I don't get mad but I try to be consistent. I'm also trying to get Pedro to be consistent. Lily's been sleeping more and more in "her" bedroom. We sleep together at night. "our" bed is atrocious. There's such a pit in it now. Anyway, I'd like to get furniture for Lily and get us a new bed. Soonish. Lily actually (wait for it) put herself to bed tonight. Crazy, I know. I don't think she's getting enough sleep because she waits for me to get home, but she's been doing it for a while. Maybe she's okay with it???

Anyway, Lily would like y'all to know the proper way to sleep on a bed. Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My surgery went okay yesterday. But thank heaven for percocets. My toe isn't too bad, it certainly isn't throbbing the way it does after an ingrown toenail removal. But it itches a little where the stitches are and so I flex the toe and the stitches are over the knuckle so... OW Check out Lily's hair. I've trimmed it a little myself but I wonder when I'll have to take her to get a real haircut?

I feel badly for Lily as she's been stuck with me for almost 3 weeks now. At least Pedro took her around to different places and played with her. He said that at the mall, she would make people move out of her way. He tried to get her to move and she'd say "no!". Thankfully, people were laughing but that's only going to be funny for so long. Especially since she is tall for her age, people are going to think she's a pretty bratty 4 year old when she's not even 2. You know?

Right now I am trying to get her to sleep. I can only have baths for 10 days (as if) and I know I'm not going to be able to get out of the bath quickly if something happens to Lily so... and I smell, so... Having the surgery was slightly inconvenient but the growth was starting to itch and cause discomfort at the joint. It was time for that sucker to go. I did get really nervous in the operating room. And those dern machines told on me. Sigh.

I love these shoes but I didn't pay attention to them when I bought them. One is a size 6 and the other a size 8. They were attached with the plastic thingie. Caveat emptor, people. They were $2.97 so I don't feel TOO cheated. Anyway, I can't take it anymore so I think I'm going to lock Lily in the bathroom with me. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've had a lot going on lately and haven't had time to update. I had some healthy issues this week and I'm having toe surgery next week so I don't think I'll be doing too much blogging on Lily's behalf. :)

Not too much is going on, anyway. Lily knows how to count to two. I think. Class is going well. WW is going well. And now I must make myself go to the gym as I won't be going for at least a couple of weeks. Toodles!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sugar Coma

That cake is the schizzle! I didn't think Pedro's friends were coming out today so I had a slice of the raspberry drip cake (I paid!). My word. It's like, raspberry mousse on the outside, covered by a thick layer of chocolate. There are 3 layers, the top two are regular but the bottom one is chocolate. In between the layers are thick gobs of raspberry jelly. Seriously, this cake kicks butt.

I'm going to have to make Pedro take the rest of the cake with him to work tomorrow cuz I could totally kill my diet with this thing. I was really proud of Lily - I gave her two bites and then she didn't want anymore. She turned her attention back to her yogurt. I think that's what I'm really proud of - she likes sweets but knows when to stop. :) I could use some of her restraint.

So here's what I've been working on for forever (or so it feels like). You can see the old color (salmon? pink?) on the left wall. The new color is dead ahead. Nice? It does look nice with all the trim (almost) up to snuff. I just have to paint the long hallway, the diningroom, the bathroom... Sigh. I think I should junk that cheap old mirror that I've had since I was 13. But then I think, I've had it since I was 13! Anyway, all you creative people out there, any ideas on wall decorations???

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sleep in!

Lily and I slept in until 9am this morning (Saturday). And in case I don't catch them, please excuse any typos. I'm on glass of wine #3. Why? Cuz I spend a whole lot of my time working on the house, which gives me extra WW points, which means I can spend them. :) It's also just nice to kick back and relax once in a while. :)

Anyway, Miss Lily has been a trip lately. Besides being in imminent danger of being renamed "No-no pants", Lily has decided that she is part mountain goat and must climb up everything. I can tell when she's pleased that she has both of our attentions. So I'm making a concerted effort to come to her with attention (boo!) so she doesn't feel the need to seek it by doing bad stuff. Did that make sense? Anyway, it does help. We communicate more. I get nods now, as well as shakes of the head. Lily calls anything remotely cat shaped "Riley". She doesn't call me mommy but she calls the brass rubbing of a griffyn "Riley". Thanks, kid.

The house? We, well, I have been trying to finish things. Holy carp (oops) does it take a long time. I think I've got all the holes filled in and sanded and boo-ya, I find a strip that needs the nails banged in more. GAH! I just cannot believe how long it's taking. Granted, I didn't do this with a 20 month old running around before. I can't paint some of the house when she's awake so I get a small margin of time when I can do it. blah Yes, she got a cupcake today. I wanted one SO badly. The bakery had a $30 minimum (really???) so in addition to my 3 cupcakes (one for each) I had, HAD, to buy a raspberry drip cake. It has melted chocolate melted over the top. It's a black bottomed cake (southerners will know that one) with raspberry cream top and filling. I'm guessing it's about 1000 WW points. :) If any of y'all are in the hood, come on over for a slice and admire my amazing paint job!

Wait. That didn't sound right....

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just realized how amazing my life is right now. Oh, I'm tired and frazzled but things are still good. I'm not working but I still have savings that will allow me to get cupcakes to celebrate someone's birthday at class. I can pay for gas to get to school and I can buy shoes if I want them. :) That's not a bad life. Not bad at all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

one week

I can't believe it's almost been a week since I wrote about Lily!!! We worked on the house during the holiday weekend, and we had some wonderful company yesterday, so I've been busy. Today Lily and I had a wonderful 3 hour nap. Well, I didn't actually sleep as long as she did. I'm sure she didn't have someone kicking her in the back.... I caught Lily and BG snoozing away together. :)

Let's see. I've lost 9 pounds on WW so far. (bows to applause). It hasn't been easy and I'm getting used to operating with low blood sugar. I'm surprised I painted straight over the weekend I was so dern dizzy. I think it will be an interesting challenge once I get below a certain weight and use fewer points for the day... I can't remember, did I mention that Lily is used to the gym again? So I can go during the week?

You know what makes me sad? Knowing that I've lost weight but I'm still fat. Like, I want to strut a bit, "look at me, I'm in my tight shorts and they aren't tight!", kind of thing but then I look in the mirror and I'm all, oh. I'll get there, if I stick to WW. It's amazing how well it works. For me. I'm sure some people have tried it and hated it. Actually, I do sort of hate it. It's the hate that keeps me going. :)

Well, I have a scary exam this week so I'm going to go and study. I'll try to update, but I make NO promises. I have to go learn the difference between sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Why did I think beauty school would be easy???

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PIzza Princess

We had pizza for our anniversary dinner last night. Hey, did I want to slave away in the kitchen, or just shovel food in my face??? Obviously, the latter. Lily ate almost a whole piece of pizza. Most of which she consumed under the crib. She spends a lot of time under there lately. No, I have no idea why.

Today we met up with the playgroup at the park. I spent most of an hour and a half chasing after her. She did go down the curvy slide - backwards. I should have had my camera. Sigh. She also went down the big tube slide face first. Anyway, she had a great time and wore herself out. Unfortunately, I got worn out too... That's okay, more WW points earned. :) Tonight, we ate pork roast, roast potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce. yummm Who says you can't enjoy yourself on Weight Watchers??? :)

I hope all of my Canadian homies had a good Canada Day. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I need to buy a lottery ticket. Miss Lily's diaper was dry when I woke her up from her nap. She even smiled at me when I work her up. How sweet! Anyhoo, I set a land speed record getting her onto her potty. It took a few minutes but score! I got her to pee in her potty. Then I gave her a big pile of goobers. Can you potty train with sweets?

Anniversary Edition

Who's my favorite kid??? Lily put herself down for a nap today. I walked in to see why she was so quiet and she was curled up in her blankies. She gave me a look though. :P She also did really well at the gym. She was anxious when we got there but I told her I'd just be a little while. She actually fussed when we left. So I'll count on working out longer on Thursday. :) Maybe I can finally work out during the week and have my weekends free!!!!! I know, I shouldn't dream quite so big, right?

I was planning on making dinner tonight but now I'm all... it's my anniversary! On the other hand, I want to control my points, but on the other other hand I've been to physio today and to the gym so I actually have a whole day of points still. Was that English? Yes, just awful grammar. :P Here's a pic of Lily, a year ago today. It's just amazing how fast time flies and how quickly they change. Time for another one, right?? :)

** Oh yeah, and Pedro and I have been married 9 years. oo rah **