Sunday, May 29, 2016

[Insert self indulgent title here]

I put my sweet, old cat Riley down yesterday. There are a bunch of reasons but I still feel like a dick. I kept thinking that I needed to feed the cat before I went to bed. But no cat.  I heard a sneeze last night and thought it was him.  Turns out that all this time it was Lily.  Almost turned down the cat food aisle at the grocery store. Keep looking for him (so I don't trip over him) when I walk through the house at night. 

I thought about it and I've had cats continuously for at least 20 years.  (I lived in Australia for a year and my cats stayed in Vancouver - if we count that then I've had them since 1989) More than half of my life.

And I swear that the dog knows. He keeps giving me these looks.  It took me a while before I could even think of emptying out Riley's bowls.  I'm going to give his stuff away. The spot where his food used to sit on the counter is giving me little heart aches every time that I look at it.  Sigh.

I held him as he passed and wished him a speedy trip to a better place.


- Crazy Catless Lady