Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This day.... This #*$@* day.

Let me preface this by saying that Madi did not sleep well last night.  I rescued Pedro around 2 or so by going in and sleeping with her.  She hasn't been sleeping well at all.  We've taken her to the doctor and she checks out fine.  In my experience, she has these episodes when she's processing and learning.  She'll wake up and yell things.  "Butterfly!"  Snore.  Who knows what goes on in that little head.

So Madi and I stayed home today (and Lily) because she didn't sleep well the night before and I thought, jeez, this chick needs SOME rest.  (side note, I have no idea what day it is)  Long story sort of short, she pooped in the living room while I was on the computer.  I swear it was less than 5 minutes.  I guess it was lucky that Lily was home because she watched her sister in the shower while I cleaned up the mess. 

So that disaster was managed.  But then the little hootenanny takes off her diaper and pees on the sofa, five minutes after her shower.  Don't kids pee in the bath anymore????

I clean that up and Pedro comes home.  I'm trying to cook dinner and Pedro catches her peeing in the bedroom.  Seriously????  So we get that taken care of.  Then Lily calls me, I'm STILL cooking (I wasn't taking long, Madi was just on fire) and Madi is peeing in the living room.  Who has that much pee????  Which reminds me, I have a lot of laundry to do. 

We eat dinner and I enjoy some Ben & Jerry's.  While I'm sitting there I get a text from Madi's bus driver and two more stops have been added to the route and Madi will now need to be picked up at 6:30. 

That means she'll spend 90 minutes on the bus.  She's four.  And she's special needs.  Really?  So I will now be driving her to school.  The bus ride home isn't as long.  Two and a half weeks of school left.  My mind is a little bit boggled. 

Also, is the universe trying to kill me?  I don't think I can take much more. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Got Your Goat


I haven't been on my computer in a while.  Someone either hogs it or makes it impossible to get to.  Well, I summoned my internal claymore tosser and cleared shit up fast.  Oh yes I did!

Anyway, then I struggled with my phone so I only have a minute before I need to run to work.

Catching tadpoles!

My boyfriend.  No seriously, he hid from everyone else. 

Sweet thing had a bad back.  But I managed to sweet talk to come over and say hi.

Making a nest.

And probably their favorite part of the day...
So the fieldtrip was fun.  Madi hasn't been sleeping well so I driving over 3 hours round trip was a bit of a nightmare.  Onto my favorite story:

I brought some cash with me because those places operate on revenue and I figured there would be feed or something to buy.  And I was right.  Because I'm awesome.  Shit and I need to leave in 5 minutes.

Okay, so me and my peeps (Lily and Taylor) were going to get goat food because I scrounged up some quarters.  Well, poop as soon as we got to the goat pen, ten other kids showed up.  Does that always happen?  So I get Lily and Taylor sorted but there's this sort of pesky kid.  Can't I give her a quarter, she wants some food.  So I turn and gesture grandly at the hundreds of people still eating lunch behind us and I say "Do you see all those people?  Go hit them up".  OH YES I DID.  There was a dad there and I thought he was going to hurt himself laughing at me.  Anyway, so I still wanted to feed the goats and if there weren't five of those little ankle biters trying to jones in on my goat food.  I think I said something like "hey, hold up! that's my food!  Mamma wants to feed a goat."  Said dad was dying of laughter. 

I drove 150 miles yesterday?  Something like that.  I wanted to feed a damn goat.  The small ones have the tickliest mouths.  :)  Totally worth taking on a gang of first graders.  :)  There's probably a reason I don't get invited on many field trips.