Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another first!

Lily FINALLY lost her first tooth.  I say finally because it's been loose for months.  Dang.  Pedro tied string around it and gave it a good yank.  He thought the string came off because there wasn't any tooth with it but I watched Lily cough it out.  :) 

She looks so cute.  It's another piece of childhood bites the dust.

hahahahah No pun intended.

Lily is getting better at horseback riding too.  I make her do squats to help strengthen her legs.  I have taken English riding lessons.  ONCE.  Since taking them again as an adult I have total admiration for how people ride English style and compete.  I was aching after 20 minutes!  So I forgot what my point was, but I think it was that riding is hard and I'm proud of Lily.  The trainer had the horse walking a little faster today.  It kind of freaked Lily out.  :)

Madi is still Madi.  Making more babbling sounds and being a honey badger.

So goes my life.  Oh yeah, Brewster got neutered on Friday.  I've already had to duct tape his cone.  Damn Labs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I know this is weird, but fireflies make me nervous. 

A long time ago, there was a show on tv.  Amazing Stories?  There were two similar shows so I don't remember exactly which one it was.  Anyway, it was about a vampire.  A very old man moved into a young boy's neighborhood.  The boy found the old man suspicious and started snooping.  He found a fridge full of blood.  ooooooh!  He was caught, of course, by the old man but the two of them became friends.  One night, the old man took the boy to a cemetery and showed him some lightning bugs, and told him to remember.  It was sweet but kind of so what.

In the meantime.... the other people in the neighborhood were complaining of aches and pains and some kind of flu.  One night, they all morphed into monsters and went into the old vampire's house and killed him.  The old man had explained to the boy that it was human's natural protection against vampires.  And he was waiting in his arm chair with a glass of blood.  eeeeek! 

So the next morning, everyone is horrified at the murder in their community but they all feel surprisingly better. 

The boy remembers what the old man says and goes back to the cemetery to see the fireflies.  And what happens the next day?  Everyone starts sneezing at him.  Run kid, run!

So there weren't fireflies where I grew up.  I'm not sure how old I was when I finally saw one.  But there are a lot where I live now and I get nervous whenever someone sneezes around me.  Not that I've ever met a vampire, mind you. 

It's silly the stuff that stays with you, huh?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh my

I guess it has been a while.  It's kind of hard for me to get to the computer and also hard to blog from my phone.  Haven't tried it from the Kindle yet...

So life is plodding along.  Lily had a great time at her grandparent's house.  She also had a great time with the babysitter today.  Yes, a baby sitter!  Madi and Lily seemed to like the girls that watched them in March and one of them is her teacher's daughter so...  Malaina really likes Madi and Madi seems to like her so... I feel like I'm guilty of ellipsis abuse.  So I finally got to go to the range.  I love that 22!  It's so easy to shoot.  Then I shot my 9mm and I swear that thing is trying to kill me.  I wore a baseball cap today to protect me from the hot spent casings (did that sound dirty?) and sure enough, they started flying at me out of the FN.  *eyes*  I did pretty well with the shotgun too.  It was pretty busy, I thought.  We were at the plinking range and a little after we showed up, someone else showed up.  But we all worked pretty well together.  I think the guy in charge took himself a little too seriously as he'd ask us if we were ready to put up more targets and when we said yes, he'd yell "CEASE FIRE!" 


I get it.  He was trying to be safe but it seemed like overkill to me.  Also, usually Pedro went alone downrange.  *cough*

So what else?  I know there's a lot and I have pictures but it's a matter of getting them from my phone to the computer.  Oh yeah, I think I can copy off of Facebook... Alright, not the best pic of me. 

Everywhere we went today we were rushing, so I had to take a fast pic or Pedro threatened to throw my cell phone down range.  *eyes*  Do you really want to threaten a woman with guns?  Jeez.

So Lily starts Nature Camp tomorrow.  No idea what to expect and I should probably be packing up a bag for her.  Right.  Now.

I'm excited for her because she's excited.  :)  We have to figure out what to do with Pedro's transmission.  I think the plan is to take his car over to the local place and get them to flush it.  If they get a close look at it and agree that it's toast, then we have to figure out how to get a rebuilt one.  A new one is just too much.  I'm hoping that flushing the transmission fluid (that the dealership admitted is filthy) will help. 


Madi is still being Madi.  Brewster is getting to be a better behaved puppy.  He was alone for 4 and a half hours today (not the norm) and no accidents nor did he destroy anything out of boredom/frustration.  Yay, Brewwie!

Okay, one more for the peanut gallery....