Monday, October 18, 2010

Today is October 18th, 2010 and Lily is 4 years old

How did that happen??? I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she told me that she liked cake, while tapping her fingers together like Mr Burns from the Simpsons.

Yesterday, in the grocery store she tripped and fell and landed on her face. She's okay. But when we got to the car she told Pedro that I beat her on purpose.


Then she laughed maniacally. Hands up, how many people think I'm in for a wild ride when she's a teenager???

And why does this picture seem so appropriate??

Canada Trip: Part 1

So I need to start writing this down or it will all disappear from my brain like so many dandelion seeds from a dandelion. Hush up, I've only had one cup of coffee. Well, two but the first one was decaf by mistake. :P And this is Madi blocking out the view of the ski lift from our balcony.

My worst fears, before leaving for vacation, had to do with the girls crying or being disruptive on the plane or in the car, etc. In actuality, our biggest troubles had to do with renting a car. You have to have a credit card to rent a car and you have to have room on it for the total cost of the rental, even if you have cash or a debit card to pay for it. So I'd rent a car for a couple of days here and there, leapfrogging our way across Alberta and BC.

Stressful? Oh, yes. I was actually losing a lot of weight the first few days we were there. Not eating and getting little sleep and running around took their tolls. Okay, I'm fat but my jeans were sliding off of my butt and to the smartypants who whistled at me in Okatok while I was trying to load the groceries and Lily in the car while my pants were falling down - :P

Anyway, we did make it to Fernie after a stressful morning of trying to arrange a car to rent. We had to cancel breakfast with my cousin and her husband and our friends Shaughn and Leslie. Booo.

The lodge in Fernie was gorgeous. Really. There were a lot of natural elements in the room: river rocks in the fireplace, real wood doors. It helped me feel more centered after all the chaos. And there were 3 tvs so you know that Pedro was in his element. I'm glad that it didn't snow, although I know that Lily was looking forward to it. We rented a Dodge Charger for Fernie and though it was fun to drive, it would've been awful in the snow. But we looked good. LOL

So let's see... the wedding was beautiful. Karie looked gorgeous. It was wonderful to see some of my old friends. :) I can't actually recall all that much because I wasn't getting a lot of sleep at night point. *Good grief.

Anyway, Karie's husband, friends and new family all seem like wonderful people and I'm so very happy for her. *sniffle* And I'm glad that we were all able to make it up there.

Congrats, Karie and Corey! :)

So then we had to find another car......

* whoops, I'm sure I meant THAT point.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


That's what I just told Madi. Not that she's special. I said that I was special. lol Because I'm her mommy and she shouldn't grunt at me. :) I'm kind of crazy today. I had trouble sleeping last night because I'm still coughing. Actually, I had trouble falling asleep. I didn't want to take more cough syrup so I willed myself not to cough. It did work. Around 1am. And then Madi woke me up a few times and then I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready for my 9am appointment. whew But my hair is cut and my feet are soft so it was worth the early rising. :)

It was an absolutely perfect day yesterday and though we did a lot of running around I just did not feel like going home after picking up our veggie share. So Lily and I went to the Rivanna River and checked out the trails. We probably hiked around about 30 minutes. The sun was going down and the temp dropped pretty quickly so we didn't spend as long as we might have liked to. It was really nice there. Not too busy, nice trails, etc. :) And no, Lily would not let go of the map.

Also, Madi had her well-baby visit yesterday. She only gained an ounce. Firstly, I never trust their scale because the baby has to be all the way to the right to get an accurate weight. Second, Madi did have some almost diarrhea for a week which may have made her drop some weight. She feels heavier to me! Our game plan is for her to double her full fat milk intake and see if that helps. Third, I did stop giving her juice (so fewer calories) because of her loose stools so that might have contributed too. The doc isn't too concerned yet because Madi looks good but we have to go back in 6 weeks for a weight check. :P

And in that vein, I shared my fattening potato soup with Madi today. :) She inhaled it.

Also, both girls got their flu shots (Lily got the nasal spray) and I feel like we're one step closer to being prepared for the trip. :)