Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've had a busy little time the past week or so. I went to a fabulous wedding on Saturday. Yay, Jamie and Drew! I think Pedro even had a good time! I've also been hitting the gym as hard as possible, for some reason that I can't remember. hmpf Today Lily and I went back to the Tuesday playgroup, the one that takes place in a big gym and the kids run around like gremlins for two hours. Except that Lily ran outside and I ran after her. She grabbed my hand and led me to the car, then hopped in. I was like, okay, someone's ready to go home! I think it's cute. She can't tell me in words that she wants to leave so.... And you can't tell me that Miss Lily didn't look cute this morning. :) Although, okay, I may have forgotten to brush her hair again. Whatever.

I know there's some new stuff, but I can't think of it right now. G-ma watched Lily so Pedro and I could go to the wedding. I can tell when Lily's been around her g-ma cuz she picks up new phrases. Saturday morning she woke me up by saying "hi mama, how you doin?" :) Anyway, let me go and wake up my pudding pop. We've been trying to get her up earlier in the morning so she's not awake until 11 at night. argh

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cold and rainy

Wow, it's like someone switched off the heat as soon as summer was over. I don't have the heat pump on and the temp in the house has actually dropped a degree over the day! It's a cool 71F. I know, that used to be the weather I'd go suntanning in and now I'm wearing a sweatshirt. Sigh. Anyway, Lily put on her own hat to eat yogurt. She used to hate wearing hats. I'm glad that she figured out she likes to wear her sunhat just as summer ended. :)

I can't really think of what else to write about. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I'm not sure who will watch Lily or who might go with me. I really don't feel like troubling the bride the day before her wedding so.... Wait a second. I hope she doesn't read Lily's blog. I decided to make a little video of Lily saying "hi m'lou". She's getting better at it and I'm not jealous because she calls me mama almost every day now. :) She especially likes to do it, right in my ear, for about 2 minutes nonstop.


Wow, I'm not sure if I'm having problems with youtube this morning, or if Comcast is being the pain in the butt they promised to be and slowing down my connection. HMPF!

Suck it Comcast, we're switching to Embarq. And we hate Embarq. So, burn.....

Anyway, just in case the post doesn't work or it looks weird or something, you'll know.

Yesterday I talked to M'Lou on the phone and to get Lily to talk I asked her to say "bye Mary Lou". She said "bye M'bou". It was TOO cute for words. :)

Lily keeps on taking her diapers off. I really have to keep up with her or there are "accidents". Yet she refuses to sit on the potty. She shrieks and points to her diaper. So potty training is going very slowly. :P

In the bad news department, Lily's great-grandma died. We tried for the last two months to get up and see her but it just didn't happen. So Lily and I never got to meet her! I heard she was a pretty great lady so I hope she rests in peace. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a pretty good weekend so now I'm exhausted. Actually, events started Thursday. Thursday night was potluck and Rock Band. Friday night I visited with some friends and had some great Chinese food (whilst Lily wrecked the place and Pedro got some time to himself). Saturday night was Stacy's birthday and yesterday we went into the mountains and went horseback riding! I'm not too bad. We saw three bears. They were just little black ones. I'm glad that the horses didn't spook. :)

We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day yesterday. It's really started cooling down here. It was a brisk 72F in the house this morning! 74F is usually cool enough for me, thank you. I think I've FINALLY acclimated. I always want to say acclimatized but that just doesn't seem right. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention that my horses name was Lily! How funny was that? That's why she didn't get away with anything. ha! They warned me she'd try to eat grass, and she'd turn her head back to see if I was paying attention and then she'd try to sneak a bite. I wonder if all Lily's are alike???

I've had a good last few days but I'm ready to be a homebody for a while now. There's a wedding that Pedro and I are going to this weekend and then that's it. Pedro and I need to get the other bathroom fixed. There is this apple festival on the 18th of October which is Lily's birthday so..... Maybe we'll be ready for that. :) What about Lily? Well, what about her. ha! She's doing alright. No major developments. She does say please on occasion. And she called me mama this morning. I don't hear anything from the livingroom so I'd better go and check on her......

Friday, September 19, 2008

File Under: About D*mn Time

Me: Night night, Lily.

Lily: Night, mon.


(I know she's not Jamaican but it's as close to "mom" as I've gotten in a long time)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Crash

I walked in the living room while cooking dinner and look what I found??? Sunday, Miss Lily didn't take a nap. Yesterday, she did. So today, I thought I'd wait and see. I tried to put her down for a nap a couple of times and Lily wasn't interested. You can see the results - she fell asleep while coloring the Time magazine. I did want to mention that she says sorry now. Or well, "shorwy". She hit me in the leg on Monday and I told her it was time out time, so she said "shorwy". Who can stay mad at that????

I'm only going to let Lily have a little catnap. It's so hard to organize her naps and days lately. I think she was up with me until midnight over the weekend. It's very tiring for all of us. She's also been throwing fits when I try to put her to bed. I mean, back arching, leg flailing, screaming fits. I stay with her until she falls asleep but she had been falling asleep on her own so I'm not sure where things went wrong. Sigh. Oh and Lily was so cute at the ultrasound appointment. The tech would tell her "I'm sorry sweetheart". So Lily would say "shorwy" back. She can be cute when she wants to be..... Yes, she fell asleep holding the pen.

Busy bees

I've been trying to post more but I always seem to be too tired. :P Lily's ultrasound went well. She was really good during it and the results showed no swelling at least, to her kidneys. yay!!! I've been doing a lot more baking lately too. Guess who loves my banana bread? I'm going to make more carrot cake tomorrow for our school pot luck. It's just our class. I made two carrot cakes over the weekend. One for Pedro to take to work and one for me to inhale. I only got to eat half of it. Sigh.

Turn the light off!

I'm trying to think of what else that's going on. I can't go anywhere today because the carseat is in the house. Lily threw up on it yesterday. I don't know why. I was in class. So I can't go the gym and I can't take Lily to the park. So :P I am in a bad mood today. I get so tired of the house always being messy (thanks to the two cats that threw up all over the place today), and so full of junk. Sigh. I mean I'm still proud of myself for the work I've done. I just know that there's still a lot to go! I guess that's the positive side of not having grocery money - I'm watching the cupboards empty out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ide of September

Is there an Ide of September? There should be. It's still rough going at our house. Lily has another cold. Yes, she had one two weeks ago. And for some reason, Lily pitches a fit when she has to go to bed. We all had a good sleep in this morning (woo, 9:30!) and she didn't have a nap at all today. So she should have been good and tired, right? (like me right now) But no, she had a fit. My advantage is that I used to sing that Mockingbird song to her when she was a baby. So I sing it to her now and she calms down and falls asleep. But is that normal???

I mean the getting upset at bedtime thing. So I have been very tired and not at all inclined to blog. As you may have noticed. I've been so tired and stressed out lately. I'm not quite halfway through school but I am so pooped out. Wednesday night I stayed until 10:30 which meant I didn't get home until 11. You know? Sigh. And somehow Lily climbed into her highchair, pulled out my makeup book and started flipping the pages. Too funny, right?

Well, I can't keep my eyes open anymore so peace out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, without giving away too much, Miss Lily's been a little under the weather lately. You can see the red fever spots in her cheeks. Last Friday she had a fever, over 103F so we went to the doctor's. She's doing much better now, and thankfully, she's started eating again. She wasn't at death's door but she was uncomfortable. Unfortunately for Lily, we have to go for another test next week. But, fortunately, it won't be all that invasive. I know, could I be more mysterious?

In other news, Miss Lily has been talking more. Yesterday she took off one of her shoes and said "I got my shoe!". I was quite impressed. :) She also loves to say "nose" or "eye" whilst poking either one of mine. Oh yeah, the new pediatrician at the local doctor's office is the bomb. She's called me twice now, at home, to check on Lily. And she offered to come to our house to do some things, to make it less stressful on Lily. When does that happen anymore??? So she's my new favorite. :) Peace out!

PS (Lily is tickling me in the video)

PPS (Lily may be speaking in sentences but she still calls me "daddy")

PPPS (sigh)

Friday, September 5, 2008

We survived

Musikgarten went well today. Lily sat with me about 33% of the time. She participated in all of the walking songs. She held my hand and laughed as we'd go in towards the circle and then back out. But she's not so good at sitting still and pretending to hammer nails. (I can't say that I blame her!)

The best part though, was at the end of class when she went over and got my purse and dragged it all the way back to me. I was like, "do you want to go?" and I got an emphatic head nod. It's only a 35 minute class but it's seems MUCH longer. But now we have the materials to practice at home, so Lily will know what to expect in class. It did go a lot better today than I expected. :)

Oh, and in case it's not obvious, in the picture below, it's Pedro and Lily at the beach. I was able to snap that from the room balcony. :)


Well, I guess blogging is good for me. I got 100% on my test. woot! I want today to be a lazy day because it's been a busy week but I want to get out and get some groceries before all the other yahoos get off of work today. Hurricane Hanna (great name) might come through here tomorrow so I want to have some supplies. Pic: Lily watching marathon runners. It was a lot of fun to be woken up at 7:30 on Sunday by the hoots and hollers. I'm not being sarcastic. There was a really neat energy about the race. I don't think I've ever watched a marathon before.

Marathon, from restaurant. :) It was fun watching them whilst horking down eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes. Virginia Beach = lots of buffet breakfast. :) Which is why I'm back on WW with a vengeance. hmmm I guess I should talk about Lily a little bit. She loved the beach and the pool. I never went with her to the beach. It was kind of nice that there were so many of us that we could trade off to go and do different things. Pedro watched Lily at night so the rest of us could go out for dinner or to a concert. Don't think, aww poor Pedro. He watched about a bazillion movies on the cable tv. :P

We're slowly getting ready for Musikgarten this morning. I'm trying to keep my expectations low. Last time, she ran around by herself the whole time. But I've been working with her, when I can, to get her to hold my hand and do more things with me. Although, yesterday, I tried to get her involved in head and shoulders (knees and toes) and she leaned back against the sofa and looked at me like I was crazy. So I don't have high hopes for today. I figured we'll get out of it what we can. I'm trying to accept that she may not be the kind of kid who likes to do that kind of stuff. Now the other play group, where it's pandemonium for two hours, she LOVES. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beach bums

Hey all, we're back from our long weekend trip to the beach but I'm busy studying for a test that I have tonight. I found out last night that the test is on two chapters, not just the one that I had read. :P Hey, all of us thought it was just the one. Anyway, nice view from our room. It was lovely. A big thank you to g-ma for the vacation. :)

Oh, and today I got Miss Lily to sleep by herself, by explaining that I was going and that she was to stay in bed and sleep. I heard her got up and thought, oh well, but then I didn't hear anything. Apparently, I had left the door open so she got up to shut it. :) Now I hope you all appreciate this. If I get less than 100%, I'm blaming y'all. :P