Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm a little late with that but oh well.  I couldn't believe I last posted in September.

I only have a few moments.  My biscuits are almost done and I need to hit a presentation at the library about writing.

It feels nigh impossible to get a job that won't be interrupted by taking care of the girls.  My temp assignment ended so I'm looking for work.  I'd like a part-time job, full-time is.. well, I only worked two, forty hour weeks last fall.  I'd get to work and get a call from the nurse.  I know the kids can't help getting sick or getting lice (grrr) but it wreaked havoc with working.  Anyhoo, the other obvious solution is to work for myself.

Without getting into too much detail (I am cramming biscuits down my gullet) I've always been very critical of myself and battled low self esteem so I shoot myself down before I do ANYTHING.  This year I feel a lot more open to possibilities.  I've been bending over backwards trying to live my life a certain way, a way that I was raised was the "right" way and it's been making me miserable.  So I'm just trying shit out.

My point being that I've always wanted to write but I thought I wasn't going to be "good enough".  Enter Amazon.  There are some god awful books that people have self-published.  I understand that writing is a creative process and will take some talent and practice.  But great day, some people suck hard and they sell books.  So I'm starting my endeavor by braving the freezing temps (really freezing, not just "freezing" by Southern standards) to listen to a local, published author give out advice.  For FREE!

Oh and Madi's been using the potty more, yay us, go team.  Mazel tov.