Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy (again)

I'm not sure how people did it in the "olden" days. Granted they didn't have the internet, tv, or Farmtown. I spent two hours today cleaning my desk and I only got half of it done. I put things away and recycled what I didn't need, etc. Went through some books. It's amazing how much stuff we can acquire. I'm SO glad that Lily loves her sister. Can you imagine how much more hectic life would be for me if she didn't???

Since M isn't showing much interest in her bottle these days, I gave her some pear sauce for lunch. She did pretty well - she ate half the jar. Granted the jar is pretty teeny. :)

Here's Madilyn singing herself to sleep. I know, she's cuter than the freckles on a ladybug's nose.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry, again

Well, I spent most of last week in a tizzy about work. So my house fell by the wayside. Now I'm trying to conquer mountains of laundry! I've also been trying to reorganize my house. Pedro and I are so tired of all the clutter. It's hard for me because I'm the custodian of my parents "stuff". Their photos and the things that they collected over the years. It's not a lot but combined with everything else.... There's nothing of theirs that I would get rid of.

Let's see, where to start? Lily and Madilyn both had appointments at the doctor's office today. Lily got her flu shot. I was wondering how she'd react to getting a shot now that she's more cognizant of things. She did okay. She cried a bit but I had a chocolate ready for her. :) I wanted her to go before the baby because I figured that watching M cry would stress Lily out more. M did great. And yes, that is how Lily hangs out.

Lily's height and weight are both in the 97th percentile: 39lbs, 11oz and 3ft 4 inches. phew Lily was drawing on my notepad with a pen and the doctor was amazed at her dexterity. I didn't tell her how M had stolen the same pen earlier. I didn't want to freak her out. :)

Madilyn is 12lbs 15oz, so just shy of 13 pounds. She's 2 feet! She's in the 25 percentile. It's so weird having one child who's so much larger than average, and the other one is so petite. Oh well. Anyway, they both look really good. The doctor got a treat. I always tickle Madilyn when I change her so I tickled for the dr. She thought it was hilarious. :) Hey, we're always a good time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I always thought that I was the weird one

At least Madilyn is keeping it real. *

* Lily is keeping it real too - real weird.


I am totally getting a miniature donkey. I love how his name is Apache Brave, when he looks like it should be Fluffy Cottonball.


I've been a busy bee lately. I start work this Saturday. I'm only going to work 1 day a week but there's an awful lot of preparation going into this one day. :) I went to school last night to practice on someone and that really helped. I found myself remembering the flow of things. So that was awesome. :) Poor Pedro has had to put up with me running around all over the place this week. I told him that it won't always be like this. The spa's grand opening is next week so we're all figuring things out this week.

I guess that's it in the news department. Madilyn is growing like a weed. I can start her on cereals now. I just keep on forgetting. :) Like I said, it's been a hectic week. It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we went to the park. I fed Madilyn at a picnic table while Lily ran around for an hour. It was nice. And then, of course, she crashed. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Girl

Lily had a good time today. I still feel bad that we couldn't make it down to Newport News. Lily was asking for "cole" or Aunt Nicole, who gave Lily some awesome presents. Once Lily opened up the playdough ice cream maker, she really didn't want to open anything else. :) I gave her mostly a lot of silly things - ballet costume, fairy wings, etc.

Stacy was nice enough to join us for the celebrations. Oh, and I have no cake left. Lily found the last piece and scarfed it. I can't say anything since it was her cake. :) I wish I could've taken a picture of her when we sang her Happy Birthday and I put the cake in front of her. She looked SO delighted. But I was holding the cake and I only have two hands. Sorry.

Lily wasn't too sure about her birthday card from g-ma and g-pa.

But she loves being a fairy princess. :)

And the cake was awesome. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


We have some great pics of Lily at 5 months of age trying to - alright, successfully - stealing my Mother's Day ribs. M is still 3 months old and she tried to snatch my granola bar.


I'm not super sick but I've been coughing almost non-stop since Monday. I'm going to try to see my doctor today. There have been a lot of flu cases around here so I'm sure she's busy. Yesterday, Lily and I went shopping for her birthday. She didn't see everything that went in cart. But she did find the stash this morning. How do they DO that?

Anyway, I've been feeling overwhelmed. But I'm going to start work next Saturday, Lily's birthday is THIS Sunday and I've been sick. There's been a lot going on. I'm happy just to keep up with the laundry and dishes and make a few meals. Last night I made chicken noodle soup and this morning it was sausage gravy and biscuits. I'm not even sure how I did all that....

Anyway, Lily is growing up far too fast now. Really. Yesterday, as I put on my new coat she said "Nice jacket, mama". She doesn't have to say those things, I think it's just in her nature to be sweet and sensitive. I told her we were going into town to buy her toys and she said "I'm too tired to buy toys". But then at a red light she said "Move it car! I want my toys!". She kills me.

It was raining yesterday so I got her an umbrella. She adores it. I don't think you can see it in the picture but the bottom of the handle is a full-sized Tinkerbell. How ever big Tinkerbell is... Yesterday, I also bought an xbox 360. I wanted to get one and Pedro was talking about getting one and I guess I wanted to surprise him. And pardon my french, but I suck hard *$$ at Halo OTSD. I had the camera view inverted, which messed me up. So I switched it back to default but by then I was sort of used to the inverted controls, so I was more confused. At least I'm blood thirsty so I'm still alive. I keep on stealing the aliens' weapons after I've killed them. Pedro keeps warning me "you only have so much ammo". And I say, as I step over another carcass "that's not a problem". ha! Lily was watching and as I was trying to find the aliens, she was saying, in a sing song voice "Bad guys... where are you bad guys...?" It was pretty cute. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Please Stop

I asked Lily this morning if she could stop growing up so fast. She did use the potty this morning, all by herself so I guess that's the good part. But watching her run around in her jeans yesterday... she's growing up so quickly!!! I'm enjoying her almost 3 year old self. She likes to play games and is making great abstract understandings. Was that English? But I miss the chunky little baby who never wanted to let go of me. I'll have to enjoy M as much as I can. Of course, M doesn't care who holds her - as long as they have warm arms and a smile. :)

Lily wasn't all that impressed with her pony tail.

And whenever g-pa is around, flan will be had. Yes, it was October 10th yesterday and Lily was running around outside in shorts and a strappy shirt. Good grief. Pedro is sick today. We think he was coming down with something yesterday. Today, he's in bed. :( I have a cough too but after 6 hours of sleep I've been running around the house and singing. It must have been a good 6 hours. :) Well, I'm off to the paint store and then to the grocery store for some Thanksgiving trimmings. I'm not going all out but it's been a while since I've celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. Mostly because, after two thanksgivings I'm a little sick of turkey by the time that Christmas rolls around. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


There are a few sites that I go to every day for a much needed laugh. This one almost killed me last night:

We had quite a busy day yesterday. I tried to get Lily some birthday presents but Toys R Us was crazy. I did manage to get M some diapers there and score a free $15 gift card. wooot!

Lately, I've been feeling like there just isn't time to get everything done. I run around the house like an over caffeinated rat through a maze trying to put things away and keep the boat afloat.

That's why I need my laughs. :)

Oh and Lily's new catchphrase: "No, it's not fair!". Already?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little Pumpkin

Lily seems much better today. She was madly chasing Riley around the house. He was so scared he took shelter with Pedro. You KNOW he was desperate. I found him later on, hiding behind the kitchen garbage can. I was serenaded again last night. Madilyn seems to be singing to the wall. I wonder if I'm ever going to get sleep again. Maybe, since we have a fair bit of unused land, we can build the girls their own house when they're a little older.... Sound good?

And yes, the Hallowe'en outfit was one of the things I "found" yesterday. Lily hated it when we put it on her but Madi loves it. She loves trying to catch the pumpkins on her feet. :) Well, it seems like M heard me typing about her so I'd better get to feeding her. We all know what she's like when she's hungry.... does anyone know if they sell hulk baby costumes?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So Much for That

Lily got sick again after gymnastics class. I guess I can't say 100% that she gets sick there but it sure seems like it. She had an awful high fever last night and she was shaking. It was a little scary. She seems better today although she's thrown up everything she's eaten. But her fever is down and she's in better spirits.

Madilyn and I were goofing around and taking pictures last night. Pedro slept with Lily so that I could get some sleep but someone decided they were going to try out for the opera last night. I could not believe it. I mean, she wasn't good or anything. Just relentless. Maybe it was payback for the goofy pictures.

I've been painting Lily's room, every chance that I get. Yesterday, I was too busy tending to Lily. Actually, that's not true. She crashed about 2 pm for a nap and I wasn't about to paint in there with her sleeping. Which was okay. My so-called muscles needed the break. I think I've had this can of purple paint for years. I finally got around to doing something with it. I like it but Pedro hates it, which makes me like it more. :)

Today, I also managed to go through some of Lily's old baby clothes. I finally found the batch of 3 to 6 month sized winter stuff that I was looking for. phew Saved myself a bunch of money on the clothes I was about to order at Gymboree.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm having an okay day. We're just busy again. We finally made it to gymnastics class. I told them we were sick for 2 weeks. I could tell that not everyone was there today, either. Lily was better behaved this time. She immediately came back to me when I told her she was in a no go area. The only problem was Madilyn. She was too cute apparently. A couple of the moms said that she looked like a baby doll in her stroller which was maybe why some of the toddlers were fascinated with her. I wanted to scream "Keep your germ infested children away from my baby!" but I kept it together and said that she needed to get back to sleep. Which I guess is mom code for the statement I wanted to say because the little darlings were whisked back to the gymnastics floor. And M did fall back asleep. :)

I'm doing okay on the Daphne front. BG is not. He wanders around the house at night crying out for her. And he now drinks and eats out of the cat bowls with his back to the wall. I guess to avoid being snatched. It's kind of funny. :) Well, not the first part. Lily hasn't seem to notice all though she's playing with the cats more and being a little more territorial with them. "My Riley!" She also introduces herself. I mean, to other people, not the cats. Presumably, they already know her name. Of course, she says Lily like Yeh-yee but it's a start. :)

The top pic is of Lily at five weeks and the second is of Madi. I'm looking for similarities.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good Day

It was disturbing to come home today, after running errands, to discover that it was 76F in the house. I had to put the AC back on and it is October 3rd! At least our shopping trip was (almost) successful. We got Lily four new pairs of shoes. One of which is a pair of adorable brown moccasins with beaded flowers. Too cute! We also bought her a pretty party dress for her birthday. She's adamant about wearing it now, though. And all the way home, she made sure that I still had her old sandals. :)

Oh and daddy took Lily to Bath and Bodyworks and got her a bunch of shower gels. Madilyn and I were relegated to bench warming status while that was going on. We got Lily a new winter coat too. THAT was a production. But then at the end of the day I thought, crap, now we need to get her birthday presents. Maybe I can wrap up a couple of pairs of shoes.....


I forgot these two:


We have a busy day planned. Not only do we have to get our regular groceries but Lily really needs some new shoes and fall/winter clothes. GAH I'm sure we won't get everything done but hopefully we can get some of it done. :) Oh gosh, I cannot stop yawning. After the concert Thursday night, I was a zombie all day Friday. Then, Madi didn't fall asleep for the night until after midnight! So I'm feeling very weak - like a 3 day old kitten. :(

Great. I just had to remind Pedro that the baby's name is Madilyn. You'd think since HE picked the name that he'd be better at remembering. I think I need a personal shopper. That would make life way easier. Oh and Lily used the potty once last week and has refused to use it ever since. SIGH You know that old adage about how no one ever wears diapers to college? We may be the ones to prove that wrong.

Anyway, I need to help Pedro get ready to go out. Honestly. I feel like I have 3 kids.