Monday, December 31, 2007

Who's that girl...

I always preferred the Eurythmics version to Madonna's song, but whatev. :) I talked Pedro into going to the park today. We spent about 30 minutes goofing around with Lily. It was a lot of fun. She was mostly interested in the other kids there but they were too big for her to play with. That didn't mean her eyes weren't glued to them the whole time. If they yelled, she yelled. :)

Anyway, she's definitely not my little baby anymore. I know, they grow up. boo! I didn't really expand on her recent developments (I was too worried about writing about my own!!). hmmm Where to begin. Lily is a lot more cuddly. At the same time, she won't be forced into doing something she doesn't want to do. :) She climbs on EVERYTHING. And she's so fast. She can't run yet but she's got a fast walk now. She loves to be chased. Especially by daddy. She loves to be surprised, especially by me. :) At g-ma's house, Lily stole the remote control for the tv. Daddy jumped up to get it back and g-ma and I encouraged Lily to hide behind one chair then come back to us as daddy was going around it. We had daddy on the run for a minute! Lily loved that. :) I guess she's more aware of her surroundings. We have so much fun. Oh and she loves to laugh. Anything will make her laugh now. And she does it long and hearty. Like her mommy. :)

So here's to wonderful 2008 for all. It should be a pretty interesting year. For some, it's about the upcoming election. For me, it's about potty training. Boo-ya!


I'm not trying to pass judgment on Pedro, but he sure sleeps a lot. Lately, I mean. I guess he needs it what with sitting in front of his computer all day. ha! Anyway, marital issues aside, I do have some pictures of Lily to share. Have I mentioned that Lily loves bananas? I always cut up most of it, but keep a chunk intact in case she wants some more. She, of course, always goes for the big piece first. This is either toddler mentality or she really is a chip off of her overeating daddy's block. Gosh, the mean things I say about him when he's asleep. Of course, I have so much time in which to do it....

I suppose I should come clean about my KFC indulgence yesterday. I always feel sick after eating there but it was really bad yesterday. I had to eat baby carrots the rest of the day to try and feel better. :( I also got sick after eating some Hebrew National hot dogs. I mention the name because I thought they were a good brand. I'm surprised at how fast my body has adapted to not eating meat. Now, I make a very clear distinction between meat and poultry and fish. Pedro considers meat to be anything with a heartbeat (y'all have been warned).

Here's Lily with her new Hello Kitty hair band thingie. It's really hard putting it on someone else. She pulled it out but I thought it looked cute. :) When does a toddler need their first haircut? Her hair is still pretty short but it's looking straggly. I was thinking of trimming it. But then I thought about my poor Barbies.... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I guess Santa was pretty good to us this year. :) You can see Lily standing in front of my new office chair. Hopefully, I can keep it juice and banana free for a while. :) I have a lot of things I want to get done in the next week. Hopefully, I'll set a tone for the year. :) Especially once I wake Pedro up with the power screwdriver.... (I mean putting up a shelves, not putting holes in his head. Although..... )

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Well, I had a bit of a break from Lily's blog. We spent a few days at grandma and grandpa's house. :) No, I didn't take any pictures. Who wants to look at a cute kid anyway???

Tomorrow, I go to see Enchanted so I'll see if I can squeeze in some new pictures of Lilypants. Updates include: Lily drinking out of a straw (properly) and bouncing on the bed (stand and DROP!). It's been a fun week. :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The After Christmas Glow...

We celebrated Christmas yesterday (the 22nd). It was kind of hectic getting everything together but it was great that everyone could get the day off to spend it together. That was a little vague but with 2 nurses and a firefighter in the family, it's hard to coordinate holidays. Lily only had a small meltdown (just kidding it was huge!) when g-ma, g-pa, auntie Nicole and Uncle Todd arrived. It took a couple of Christmas cookies to get her to calm down. Really, what's so bad that it can't be cured by cookies??? (Well, a lot of things really, but she's a baby and doesn't know that - in her book, cookies = good)

Once she calmed down we all had a good time. Grandpa wasted no time in sucking up to Lily with a piece of chocolate. You can see her looking up at him thinking, hmmm you're not so bad after all. :) Oh yeah, I didn't get to tell everyone that Lily had woken me up at 1:20 in the morning that day and kept me awake until 4. So I did my best to participate, I know I was scatterbrained. A big shout out to g-ma and Nicole for helping with dinner. And washing up. :)

I'm sorry, I didn't get any pictures of Lily opening presents. I was too busy opening my own! Okay, I wrapped Thriller and Harry Potter V for myself but I wanted to take the pressure off of Santa. Does anyone else do this?? Actually, I was so tired yesterday I forgot which cd and dvd I had bought myself. Surprise!!!! Now, this is what daddy and Lily got up to when I went to the grocery store today. Guess who loves chocolate??? Okay, that might not really narrow it down in my house.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good time yesterday. I know I did, at least during my lucid times. :) Merry Christmas to all of you who still have to celebrate it! I actually feel like the pressure is off and I feel like I can really enjoy Christmas as a quiet reflective day. Of course, the sales start on Wednesday so I'll need to sharpen my credit cards for that.... :) What? Nobody else has a Christmas cat? Ha, suckas!

PS (I really hope Jennifer gets that puppy!)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sari you, sari me...

I'm sure I didn't spell sari right. I'm sorry. I finally tried on the outfits that cousin Esther brought back from her trip to India this summer. Thanks cousin Esther! I think the colours are gorgeous on Miss Lily although, I had a little trouble getting them on. Most of Miss Lily's clothes are stretchy so me and the structured stuff had a bit of a tussle. I think it won.

I have some errands to run and thankfully, my toe bandage fell off this morning. I was going to leave it on until this evening which means I'd be going out in 30 degree weather in flip flops. (Do you remember when they were called thongs? and the underwear used to be called g-strings? Why did that change??) I could only get the sari to stay on Lily when she took a tumble. We didn't know what we were doing, but we had fun. :)

Hmmm I can't think of anything else to write about. G-ma and G-pa and auntie Nicole and I think Todd are coming up tomorrow, so we're celebrating Christmas early. Oh and please note that Pedro starts his 11 days off tomorrow. It's the most time he's had off in years. So let's all hope he enjoys it. :) No, I'm not even being sarcastic. Okay, a little bit. :)

So I'll put up the rest of the pictures of Miss Lily and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Don't worry, I'll post pictures of Miss Lily opening her presents. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This little piggy went to the podiatrist...

I had this feeling in my gut that things were going to be awful yesterday... and they were. But long and grumpy story short, my toe was fixed and it doesn't hurt much today. yay. And with respect to the picture - my feet were/are cold and there's no way all that wrapping is fitting in a slipper. Sigh. Yes, I know that I need a pedicure. Giftcards are welcome.

Let's see, I was bad and put some of Lily's Christmas presents on her. I love Hello Kitty so I don't doubt that I'll be wearing those at some point. Whether I leave the house in them, is another matter. Does Tylenol 3 make you not want to eat? I've been up for hours and although I feel hungry, I'm not in the mood to actually eat. Very weird.

hmmmm I think Lily and I are going to Pedro's Christmas party this afternoon. I'm a lot of fun on painkillers so it should be a good time! Actually, my toe doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did the last time so I'm able to take it easy on the drugs. Which is awesome for me and for Lily. :) Now onto the truly interesting part of the day....

Lily came over to me a little while ago and I hugged her and did that little automatic pinch in her butt region to check the status of the diaper. There was no diaper. I was a little bit in shock. I finally found it down her right leg. As you can see in the picture, her right ankle is pretty fat. I don't know how it happened. Thankfully, she didn't unload while diaperless. I'm not sure if this was a fluke or if it's the start of her not wanting to wear diapers????

Oh and with respect to the story in my Friday Facts (Monday version) where I say you have to be 18, it's a posting about a vasectomy and I didn't want anyone to get offended over the slightly off color language. One of the two words was boobie. So it's not that bad. The story itself is freaking hilarious. I know there were tears in my eyes from all the laughing I was doing. So if you need a laugh.... (I don't, I have tylenol 3s! ha!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Kitty!

Yes, I must get off of my duff and take some more pictures of Lily. She's been throwing up again when she coughs so I've been a little busy. I'm also a little nervous about getting my toe done so I'm not good company today. But then I saw this....

How awesome is Millie Sue? My tree skirt is in a bundle on the floor. I couldn't figure out how the cats were doing it until I caught Riley going commando under it. Sigh. So the presents are all on the dining room table until Christmas! Cheeky cats.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday Facts (Monday version)

Okay, things have been a little hectic what with a sick family and Christmas so my Friday facts are a little delayed. I'm sure some people were hoping it had gone away but ha! Here it is:

1. I wish I was like Jennifer and had kept track of my facts. This could be #42. I have NO idea.

2. There are 3 Christmas stockings. One for each of us. What Pedro doesn't know, is that I'm going to nail them to the mantle when he goes to work tomorrow.

3. I'm getting my toe cut up again tomorrow. Hopefully, this will be for the last time. I swear, those needles with the anesthetic are the worst part of the whole thing. Those big needles in between one's toes... OUCH!

4. If you're older than 18, you must read this. I laughed so hard. Hockeyboobies!

5. Alright, I'll come clean. It took me a long time to figure out how to spell anesthetic. I pronounced it carefully in my head. It turns out that I've been saying it wrong all this time. I pronounce it "antisthetic". The first t is very subtle but was definitely messing up my spelling. Sigh.

6. I have a few more cards to mail out. We've received some from people that we didn't originally have on our list so it's mad dash time sending them out. But it's okay. I LOVE showing off pictures of Lily. :)

7. Lily's appetite is back. She seems to be doing much better. It would be awesome if she could cough without vomiting though. Two hour old milk puke is extremely pungent.

8. I've been going to Target a lot lately. It has nothing to do with the amazing Indian restaurant near it. Also, I haven't been going to Walmart as much (yay me!). Target has good deals as well and I don't have to feel guilty. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On Target!

It's late and I'm tired and I went to Target today. First, I met Stacy for lunch and we had a good ole time chatting away over our veggie pakoras. :) Have I mentioned how much I love Indian food??? Anyhoo, this picture is of Lily a couple of days ago when somehow I woke up with the energy to make pancakes! I mixed in some blackberries. They're supposed to be good for me but I've discovered that I really, REALLY, don't like them. It's a funny world, huh? (as a side note, she threw up on her pancakes, so maybe she doesn't like them either?)

Let's see, I picked up some Christmas presents today. As per usual, whenever I get presents for people I have to get something for myself as well. :) I saw a lady with some really cute Sesame Street bath toys. My gut instinct was to ask her where she got them, but I was too shy so I wasted 20 minutes looking for them. Sigh. Come on, a cookie monster squirt toy would be AWESOME! Oh and what is Lily eating??? A slice of Terry's Chocolate Orange, thanks to her daddy, the pusher.

I've tried so hard to keep Lily's life free of sweets. I know, I KNOW, it's almost Christmas and treats are part of the game, but I think that the forging of a relationship between a child and chocolate is not easy, perhaps impossible, to break. Sigh. Of course, this means we can use chocolate as an incentive. I have this bad feeling that my cookie addiction may have started like this.... On the plus side, guess who likes vanilla soy milk??? (aside from me)

I did kind of take umbrage with the fact that the Very Vanilla soymilk says "fortified for kids". I'm not a kid. It made me feel like a bit of a cheat. It's not my fault it tastes like soft serve ice cream. In fact, I've been drinking it for weeks but today was the first time I paid attention to the all the jibber jabber on the carton. It also means, I can share it with Lily without worrying that it might not be getting all the nutrients she needs. I worry like that cuz I'm a good mom. :) Oh yeah! Lily has stopped taking her before bed bottle. I was wondering when I'd have to start to wean her off of it and then 2 or 3 nights ago she refused it. Awesome. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Never can say goodnight...

I love Sesame Street. Sure it's educational for kids but sometimes they throw in stuff for adults and I love them for that. :) Today it was a duet between Elmo and Andrea Bottecleigihnd... However, you spell it. Awesome, it's on Youtube! Now, the reason I bring this all up is to showcase how spastic I can be sometimes. Only sometimes! I saw Mr. Bocelli performing on a talk show recently and I thought, wow this guy can sing really well, but his stage presence sucks, his eyes are always closed! Yes, that's what I thought.

So imagine my surprise when I wikipedia'd him, he's been blind since age 12 or something. Whoops! Oh well, I think it's a really sweet little duet. But Mr. Bocelli might want to get a shirt that says "I'm blind" or something. Yes, and I'll get one that says "I'm spastic. Sometimes!" :P

I wonder if I can find the clip of James Blunt singing "My triangle. I lost my triangle" To the tune of You're Beautiful. I walk around singing that all the time. Sigh. I need to get a job.

Okay, I'm sorry I saw this clip too and it's awesome. That Denyce Graves can sing, no??!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Does anyone remember that British dog training lady? I think she was the first Dog Whisperer. Oh yeah, I said it. Or typed it. People thought they had to talk to their animals in this tough gruff voice. She'd come in and be all, "Walkies!" in this British falsetto. And the animal would SNAP to attention. It was awesome. In answer to your question, no, my parents did not let me watch any cool tv.

I call the above picture, my Christmas picture.

- Christmas tree - Check
- Ornaments on tree - Check
- Nutcrackers on mantelpiece - Check
- Cat snoozing peacefully under tree - Check
- Small child going postal with wrapping paper - Double Check

Schwing! (I really couldn't help myself)

Well, Lily pants and I hit the post office again today. And followed that up with a trip to the park. I swear I had no idea this place was near me. It's one mile away (easy walk) and it has a walking path around a soccer field and a playground. AWESOME! So Mary Lou's and Esther's presents are in transit. phew Pedro's grandma in NY (Lily's great-grandma!) has some blown up pictures of Lily on the way. I feel so accomplished! :)

In less accomplished news, I have an appointment tomorrow with the podiatrist. He cut out some ingrown toenails in like March 2005 and I have some regrowth on one toe. He warned me that could happen. You'd think the incompetent could learn! Just kidding!!! It was actually a pretty easy operation. The needles with the freezing stuff were by far the worst. I actually sat up and talked to him the whole time. :) I had a People magazine in front of my face, though, so I wouldn't see the removal.

Didn't I tell you Lily had lost weight?? Check out those skinny legs. That shirt used to be a little snug on her. It made her look a little bosomy. Not anymore! Which is cool cuz now she can wear it longer. :) Well, unless she drinks a lot of eggnog between now and Christmas....

There's one more video I want to upload but it takes so long - I"ll put it in another post. And who wrote that Lily's toenails need to be trimmed!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I see a Monster!

That's not just the title of Lily's favorite book anymore. We bought Miss Lily some monster slippers at Whole Foods. She likes them and doesn't attempt to rip them off of her feet as soon as they're put on. :) She is feeling better, finally. I can't help but feel somewhat guilty over g-ma Sarah's and Nicole's colds. I was visiting with them at the beginning of my own cold. I did cough over my shoulder and stuff but I'm sure I still spread some germs. *sorry*

I finally got my Christmas card done. I'm mailing almost all of my international ones today. Yes, I'm SO popular. :P I also wanted to mention that the weather can pick a fricking season already. It was in the 70s yesterday. It's going to be in the 70s again tomorrow. Last Wednesday it snowed. Maybe I'm actually the weather god, because it seems to be as inconsistent as I am.... Shut it, Pedro. hmmmm In other news, my diet thingie is going okay. I don't think I've lost any weight because of my cookie addiction. I think I'm going to have to address that. Sigh. But at least I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies and I feel good. That's important, right??

I took a picture of Miss Lily snoozing away this morning. It was so hard for her to sleep with that awful cough. It seems like now she's getting the real restorative sleep that she needs to get better. I read somewhere that kids can have up to 10 colds a year. I think Miss Lily has had 2. PHEW They say colds take 7 to 10 days to get over so that's 70 to 100 days that your child could be sick? That's like a quarter of the year!!! More importantly, that's a lot of missed sleep.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

On and on

Nothing too new to report. Lily is still sick. Her cough has worsened but I think her ability to not barf is getting better. Oh, she still barfs but not as often. Poor little thing. A little while ago she was banging away on her keyboard. Pedro asked me how I could stand the noise. I explained that she was occupied and therefore I didn't have to watch her for 2 minutes. Noise is, usually, safe. I didn't hear her this morning and walked out to find her eating cat food. You know?

Since she stopped banging on her keyboard, she's been getting into EVERYTHING. Noisy play, in my opinion, is the least worrying part of parenting. We usually say, "beware the calm...". Oh, we did finally get lights on the tree. No, I put the lights on the tree. I'm about to go and dig out the Christmas decorations too. :) I know, we've had a tree for weeks. Last night I was like, what is the point of a tree without decorations??? I'm almost to the point where I'm about to throw out all of our VHS tapes. I have enough things that I use gathering dust, I don't need those old dinosaurs. hmpf!

Oh and in case anyone is waiting with baited breath the Christmas cards are going to take a while. First, I was sick. Now Lily is sick. Pedro can take care of himself. Ha! Hopefully, I can work on them tonight. Hopefully. I'm not sure what Lily's plans are.... Yes, this is how Miss Lily gets off of the bed. She dangles for a couple of minutes, waiting for her friend gravity to help out. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Friday Facts (Cr*p Version)

I forgot about Friday Facts. I can't imagine how! Me sick, baby sick, daddy almost sick (we're working on it). Oh well, here's a quick and dirty, possibly snot covered, version.

1. I bought some waterless mini vapor things for Lily. I initially thought they were stupid. Now I love them. (she's sleeping SO soundly!)

2. Sick kids make you so grateful for good health.

3. The ability to blow one's nose is highly underrated.

4. My husband, Pedro, actually likes and eats vegetarian black bean patties. I think a part of hell just froze.

5. I forgot that I bought 3 pounds of ready to eat broccoli crowns. They're only good until tomorrow. Guess what we're eating tonight!

6. I got the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas from Netflix and the Jim Carrey version is on tv tonight. Go Christmas! Or Grinch!

7. Pedro just put Lily's special green Whoville (thanks Jennifer!) hat on her and she's taken off down the hall. Where I need to go to start a little girl some chicken soup. :)


Thanks to the few of you who wrote some comments. I appreciate it. :) We've had an interesting morning. Lily no longer cries when she coughs (awesome) but will throw up with the least bit of throatal aggravation. hmmm Wow, I know throatal isn't a word but I was suggested "throatily" as a replacement. Seriously? Lily's playing with the train set grandpa got her. She'll spot it in the closet, point and say "See!". Smart cookie. :) She threw those up too. Cookies, not trains.

So, I finally figured out that dry hard cereal pieces are more likely to get stuck in throat mucus than nice soft yogurt. I have to go out today and get more yogurt and ice cream. Her shoulder blades could poke someone's eye out. (maybe if it was a big eye?) So it's time to call in the big guns - Ben & Jerry. I can't remember if I wrote about this or not but her cold is coinciding with an attempt at independence. I try to give her some juice and she'll grab the cup and throw it across the room. SHE has to pick it up. SHE has to put it in her mouth. I thought that was terrible two stuff, no?

I'm not sure how I'm going to break it to Lily. If she's like the rest of us, she'll probably end up working on a keyboard for most of her life. She might want to give it a rest for right now. I know, they like to copy what their parents do. She wraps the cord around herself (you can see what she did in the picture) and pulls that dang keyboard all over the house. Maybe she'll invent some new amazing software and buy me mansion with lots of pool boys! I meant, pool buoys. I'm not that great of a swimmer. Achem.

Friday, December 7, 2007

On Strike

I'm on strike until I get some comments! (about Lily, please)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am blogging a lot even with Miss Lily sick. Probably because she needs so many naps. I need them too! She woke me up every hour until 4am last night. She didn't wake up, but she'd cough in her sleep and then cry a little. So I'd LEAP (!) from bed to tend to her. I finally took her to bed with me. It was a struggle keeping her propped up on the pillow. She seems to have figured out that she's getting more attention because she's sick. She's acting a little bit like a princess today...

She initially wasn't interested in me taking pictures of her with her hat on. She stomped on through the house. :) Probably because she knows she's not color coordinated. :) Oh well. It's okay on sick days. :) It's weird to watch her behavior. Last night she was so miserable and Pedro was kind enough to suction out her nose for me. We gave her tylenol, put on Vick's baby rub, etc. This morning she's been going like gang busters (with an exceptionally runny nose). She is sleeping right now and there's a huge mucus circle around her head. Yes, I'm going to wash her sheets. I mean, I have a big pile of vomity clothes to wash as well. :) See all my friends without kids, doesn't this sound GREAT?! :)

Anyway, I should take this time to take care of myself as well. My nose is so plugged that I can't smell when Lily has a poopie diaper, I have to visually check. The lack of the power to smell has been quite a gift this last couple of days. :) I know that means when I do get that sensory ability back that her poops are going to smell twice as bad. Sigh.

PS ( The spots on her shirt in the last picture aren't vomit - I had exceptionally bad aim with the oatmeal this morning)

From the Other Side of the Pool of Vomit...

I'm glad I read that kids will throw up during colds because they swallow the gunk they cough up and it aggravates their tummies. She wasn't happy late last night, crying a little in her crib. So I picked her up, in the dark, to comfort her in bed. She let out this great burp. But it Sounded a little meaty. So I yelled for Pedro to come and turn the light on. She got herself, the comforter and the floor. But then she felt much better. :)

How does one keep fat on a kid who's sick and doesn't want to eat??? She ate some oatmeal but she's refusing her full fat milk. I do have one weapon. Eggnog. She loves it. I hate feeling her backbone. I know, I know. She'll be healthy in a few days and she'll eat like a horse. :) I hope. In the meantime, I have oatmeal barf to clean up. SIGH.

PS (I just gave her a handful of cheerios and she's eating them - yay!!!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

BG Power...

And ibuprofen. I gave some baby ibuprofen to Lily as she was really unhappy and sick. Boy, did it add some bounce to her step! Then BG stepped in as the nurse maid. I didn't take this picture fast enough. She did have her head on BG when I first walked in. :) I'm split between wanting to believe that BG knows she doesn't feel well, and knowing that BG will snuggle on anyone's lap, as long as it's warm.

Then Lily decided to share her apple juice with BG. She didn't quite get his mouth. Gosh, that little stinker. I know she didn't get much sleep last night and she's been yawning all morning, but I hear her kicking around in her crib. I think I'll just have to leave her there for a while. I think I remember having trouble falling asleep too when sick as a kid. It is uncomfortable. I was excited when I had an hour long nap the other day. I didn't wake up coughing!

I think the worst part of today for BG is that Lily finally figured out how to pick him up. The look on his face speaks volumes, no? He looked like he was about to snap so I made her put him down. I still think they're going to be good buddies as she gets older. Riley refuses to give her the time of day. Maybe Riley is the smart one???

*Plop* (the other shoe dropping)

Miss Lily has my cold now. I really feel for her. I was miserable with all the cough medicine I could (and did) take and she can't have any of it. Sigh. I took some pictures of her this morning on the couch. She stayed in one spot, which is MOST unusual. She's been coughing too, which makes her cry. Poor wee thing. I called the doctor's office to get some advice. Basically, I have to keep doing what I've been doing. The cold could last 7 to 10 days. boo!

Grandma and grandpa, feel free to come up this weekend with some chicken soup (if you're not working!). I do feel a little sorry for myself, because I'm still getting over the dern thing myself and taking care of Lily all night is kind of exacting a toll on my body as well. I don't want to be sick longer than I have to be. I'll take care of her again tonight and then I'm pressing daddy into sick baby service.

I've been using that bulb syringe to clean out her nose and she HATES it. I think I'm going to go Pavlov on her and give her a spoonful of frozen yogurt after each time I suck out her nose. Then maybe she won't dread it so much. She's so strong and she yanks the thing out of her nose, when I'm trying to be gentle. So it takes twice as long and I have to pin her down to do it. Sigh. Anyway, if I don't post much in the next few days, I think everyone will understand why... :) Think happy healthy thoughts for Lily!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am feeling sort of better. No, that's not true. I'm feeling more run down but I'm happy because I'm not coughing as much. I think I coughed about a half an hour straight (or so it felt) last night. After I had taken cough syrup, even. hmpf! Anyway, for your viewing pleaseure today (I know it's a typo but I like it - say it out loud ple-see-ur) a video of Lily and BG "boxing".

I know the pictures are screwed up (they ask you to open up a viewer instead of just opening) apparently Blogger is working on it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Down the road and through the woods and up the off ramp...

We had an impromptu visit to grandma and grandpa's house. I wanted to get Lily to visit Santa so I could get a photo to work with for Christmas cards. Sigh. I have a lot to do in a small amount of time. I hope Lily sleeps well tomorrow! (and I hope Pedro leaves me the card making software where I can find it!!!)

Sitting on Santa's lap went as well as could be expected. I was supposed to back her in and then take off before she knew where she was. But she's a bright kid and figured it out before we got to him. Oh well. No, you don't get to see those pictures - some of you are on my Christmas card list and I want you to be surprised! But the above pic is of a beautiful girl, no?? Let's see... we also did some shopping and Lily was pretty good. We got to meet Nicole's friend Beneline (I know I didn't spell that right) and her husband and their baby Evan. What a gorgeous baby. It was so funny to see such a quiet sleepy baby while Lily was trying to pull products off of the shelves. (and then punching her daddy in the head when he didn't let her do it)

Anyway, to give you a taste of Christmas Lily, here she is in her dress. We got a quick picture of her with grandpa before he left for work. In case you can't see the terror in her face, look below......