Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This election can not come soon enough.  I am sick of all the survey phone calls.  JFC  I have a feeling that the predictions are used for something other than predictions.  Did that make sense?  Like it's a way of using "statistics" to influence voters.

Also, sometimes I lie like a dog when I do get cornered by a survey taker. Oh, yes I do.

So anyway.

Crap.  Where did I get to?  I see the dentist tomorrow to get measured for a crown.  That should be fun.  Insurance doesn't cover it.  *eyes*

I swear that the last time I had tooth problems the dentist had a nice VW Passat and by the time my problems were done, he had a Lexus. 


He's a nice guy and a competent dentist. 

Anyway, so yeah.  Lily is at home again.  She has strep.  Well, okay the fast culture was negative but everyone leaned WAY back after getting a glimpse of her throat.  The doc said she has 5 out of 5 classic signs for strep.  I asked to see too and ugh.  So she's on antibiotics.  She prob won't be trick or treating tonight.  How much does that suck?

Madi is Madi.  I hear her repeating more words but still no momma.  I have heard her say "deh deh" when Pedro was in the room. I think she knows more than she wants to say.  Yesterday, she was saying "juice".  I know she was.  She said it several times.  But she doesn't look at me and say it.  She just idly says it and then I have to pay attn and get it for her.  It's like, really? 

Oh and I was super sick over the weekend.  I had some kind of gastritis.  Today is the first day that I've felt almost normal.  The stomach cramping made my innards SO tender and sore.  I was about to go to the emergency room Saturday afternoon but the antacids helped tame my stomach.  Pedro and I both crashed. 

It's hard.  He watches Madi when I'm sick which means that he might not get enough sleep.  I can't take care of the girls as well so it's up to him.  I guess he gets to see what life is like for me.  O.o

Anyhoo, Lily is in her heaviest pajamas and snuggling on my bed.  I think that calls for a nap. 

And who's my handsome boy???!


Lily:  "Is God Santa?"

Me:  "....."

Lily:  "What?  They're both white!"


Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Gosh, where did we get to?  Let's see. Madi hasn't been sleeping all week which means that I have been sleeping in. So I took a pic of Lily at the bus stop this morning.  Yes, we made it!  lol  Ah life.  She has been looking so much older and I SWEAR she grew an inch in a month.  It's just what I've recorded on the study walls but according to my measurements it looks like she grew over an inch.  o.O

What else?  hmmm  Lily's still doing well in school.  No more crying.  :)  Oh and her hair?  She wants to grow it out so yes, she looks like an English sheepdog.

My brain is just not working.  Let's skip on to the good stuff.

 Shadow is the biggest horse that Mandy has and for some reason he LOVES Madi.  He follows her around.  She was playing by the fence and he was far away in his paddock.  So I called his name.  He looked at me and wasn't impressed so I told him "come and see your baby."  He came right over to wuffle on Madi's head.  I swear, it's so funny.  :)

I mean, irritating too because I've given that horse mint after mint and he still prefers her.  hmpf

Oh and running around after her for 90 minutes was fun too.  Mandy had to help Lily groom the pony.  And that's easier for her too.  She can reach more of the pony than she can a horse. 

So yes, the big news.  As if it's not obvious.  Lily got to handle the reins today.  Mandy made sure that Lily was comfortable riding before she did that.  Lily was doing a great job getting in to her positions.  I TOLD her P.E. would help her ride.  hmpf  So when it was obvious that Lily hadn't lost any skills (and in fact, seemed to be riding better), Mandy let her try riding off of the lunge line.  She did great.  She had to turn the pony, who was getting a little sleepy, which meant she had to give it a squeeze with her heels to get her going again.  It was a great lesson.  I was so proud of her and Mandy was proud of her too.

I did ask Lily if she wanted to go to a horse show and she said she didn't want to hurt people's feelings by winning. 

Well I'm glad she's not cocky about it.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have an appointment in town so I have to make this a quick one.  Lily's birthday party was a lot of fun.  I got sunburned.  That wasn't the fun part.  The kids had fun and ran around.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Serena the pony was more inclined to sleep if she stood still for too long.  lol

It was just a nice fun day.

Lily scored some nice loot too.  :)  Now I have to go in town and pay bills.  Isn't that always fun? 

What else.  Brewster ate some more of another sofa.  Sigh.  I took him for a 3.5 mile walk yesterday and he was better behaved.  I'm sure it's hard as a nine month old puppy to stay inside.  I let him out on the back deck and he entertains himself but if he poops, then I can't let him out again until I get a chance to clean it up. 

Or he eats it.

And ew.  You know?

So, there are only so many places I can keep him.  He looks so cute right now, all curled up into a big ball.  :) 

Okay, time to go.  Sigh.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Happy 6th Birthday to Miss Lily.  :)

I'm sorry I haven't been posting.  It has been a humdinger of a month.  Sick kids and what not.  I'm not sure how Lily's birthday party is going to be.  Quite a few people haven't RSVP'd.  Could be 8 kids, could be 18.  wheeeee!

Anyway, I took Lily shopping and got her new clothes, which she is so psyched about.  It's kind of hard to buy her more grown up clothes!  I got her some sweater dresses.  They are short sleeved so she should be able to layer things to warm up or cool down as needed.  And new boots.  Good grief.  If I had a nickel for every time I've caught her on the back deck in underpants and boots.  O.o

 But daddy didn't just read that.

So aside from sick kids, things have been busy.  It's still kind of a mad rush every night to pack lunches, do homework, etc.  Get outfits ready.  But at the same time...  It's crazy seeing how fast time goes by.  In 10 years, Lily will be able to drive a car.  What the hell?

Madi had a field trip to a pumpkin patch.  She did relatively well.  She didn't break anything.  :)  That's the TA Miss Na.  She dotes on Madi a little bit.  Which is fine by me.  :)

I can't really think of anything else.  I need to wrap presents, have a shower, walk the dog, make macaroni and cheese (from scratch), and I guess that's it.  lol  Still seems like a lot to do in less than 90 minutes.  O.o

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Okay, so Madi has missed two days of school due to a high fever.  And you know how much I love having the kids at home. 


So, last night Madi took forever to fall asleep.  Really.  I turned all the lights out and she was sitting in the dark, flipping the pages of a book and talking to herself.  She did this from about 10 til 11pm.  She finally settles down to sleep and I'm all yippee and shit, then I hear WHOMP as Lily falls out of my bed. 

And starts crying.

Which I don't begrudge her, I'll bet it hurt.  But she wouldn't STOP crying or screaming or yelling.  For an H.O.U.R.  She kept everyone up.  I finally got her to eat some cereal and she fell asleep.


So I manage to get up this morning, almost on time, and get everyone ready for school but just as we're about to leave, Lily barfs.  Well, she has to come with me to drop off Madi at school.  Where she barfs again - in the bushes. 

We get to Madi's class and her teacher sends her home because the rule is you take your kid in 24 hours after the fever has broken.  Which I figured was open to interpretation. 


We make it home and discover that Brewster has eaten the baby gate to the living room.  It was a cheap wooden one from WalMart.  Wood pieces everywhere.  o.O 


I'm getting the wood up off of the floor and trying to figure out what to do (Lily barfs again) and while I'm doing that, Madi's getting a hold of a juice box in my room, which she proceeds to spray over herself, the wall, the table and my bed.

Do you see where my day's going?

Oh and you know, I have diarrhea now too.  I'm too afraid to eat or drink in case I start barfing.  And of course, Madi is feeling better and running around.

And don't be down on Brewster.  With Madi home all week, he hasn't had a good long walk or even a trip to the dog park so he's out of sorts too.  An 8 month old lab puppy stuck in the house?  Not good.

On the bright side, a stomach virus will help me lose some weight.  I also haven't been to the gym all week.  I really wanted to go this morning.  Sigh.  Okay, well I"m starting to get cold and clammy.  And I only have a sick 5 year old and full of energy 3 year old to care for.  I'm so glad we have Netflix.