Thursday, July 29, 2010

What we did today

Holy smokes it is hot out there. But I was jonesing for some pizza and the lemon curd cupcake sounded too good to pass up so out we went. Pedro ate Lily's piece of pizza. Who does that??? I only had one slice of chicken parm - which was good because I've already had 2 cupcakes. :) We went to the place that you like to go to g-pa.

Note to Lily: you don't have to grow up THAT fast. She's rocking some red velvet cupcake around her mouth. She was shocked when I told her and ran to a mirror to fix herself AND her lipgloss. Sigh.

Madi is still keeping me awake at night. Not for as long but she has trouble falling asleep on her own. I usually have to grab her and snuggle her so that she can fall asleep. She seems to sleep best between 6 and 9:30 and so I'm very glad that Pedro lets us sleep in now. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I was trying to think of a cool title and you can see that I failed. I try to post but it's been really hard here lately. I don't get a lot of sleep (still) and now that Madi is crawling, I have to keep after her. Boy, she is a pistol. I can't put her in her crib anymore because she cries (thinking of just taking it apart) and so we put her on the floor while we go about our business. She doesn't like being left behind so she yells and stomps down the hall after us. She's followed Pedro right into the shower. :)

Madi still wakes me up at night. She's used to falling asleep in her high chair or on me, so it's hard for her to fall asleep anywhere else. But I try very hard to keep up a bedtime routine so at least she knows what's coming once she's had a bath and a story. It took me two hours to get her to sleep the other night. Only one hour last night. It's hard, y'all. I don't have a lot of time for me and it's making me grouchy!

I know this time will pass but I'm quite sure that I won't be missing this in 20 years time. I feel lucky in that way. :) Oh and it was funny this week when I went to the gym. Madilyn had chased her daddy into the shower again and was crying away. I thought, I'm not going to make it 5 minutes at the gym. But she took a look at the toys and the kids and I was chopped liver. Which was in direct contrast to Lily who cried the first half dozen times that we went there. Sigh.

Anyhoo, it's already quite late on a Saturday morning and I need to get some things done. This is a pic that I took a few minutes ago of Madi. The mess around her mouth? Peanut butter. :) Her hair? A mess from butting me in the back all night. She is getting better about getting back to sleep on her own so small steps.... or head butts.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Holy Crap

Am I tired. Madi kept me up from 3:45 til 5 something. GAH I didn't give her any medicine before going to bed so I think that's why she was harder to get back to sleep. Ever since she started crawling she doesn't flop around on the bed so much, so THAT's good. Oh and the little poop woke up at 8, all bright eyed. So I got up to feed her and, of course, 30 minutes later she was falling asleep. Well, I've poked and prodded her to keep her awake. I have this family rule: if I'm awake You're awake. Since the opposite of that goes on so much.

I don't really know why Madi decided to crawl yesterday. She was sitting on the floor "playing" with another baby. (They were both chewing on the same thing). Then she saw a little activity area and I guess it looked interesting because she just crawled on over. I put her down to sleep on it. Last night, she kept up the crawling. We were watching 2012, kind of cheesy but entertaining, so I had to remind myself to go and check on her. Oh, she stayed in the study, but disappeared under the high chair to pull out books, or went under Lily's desk to chew on wires. Good times.

At least it feels like we're getting somewhere.

Speaking of which, I need to drink two more coffees before going to the gym. Oh yeah, I'm healthy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, last night was better than the night before. Madi woke me up at 3 (as per usual) then woke me up about every hour after that. Granted she only woke me up for a short period so that was way better than Tuesday night. I'm still tired, of course. Waiting for the day that she'll sleep through the night....

I've started letting Madi take baths by herself. I'm sitting right beside the tub, however. And she reminded me why we bought a shower caddy when she went straight for the shampoos. She's still not walking or crawling but if I hold her up she moves her legs like she's ready to take off across the floor. So that's good, right?

And on top of all this merriment, I feel like I'm rocking another sinus infection. Sometimes I sleep with a blanket on my head since we're low on pillows. Sigh. Lily has been a pretty good girl these days. Yesterday I broke down crying (I was REALLY tired) and told her that I wanted to be a good mom. She said "You are a good mom. You brought me cherries and played pony". *sniff*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


As you can probably tell by my previous post, I'm grouchy. Madi didn't wake me up as much but she was flopping all over the place and crying. You try to sleep while being body slammed by a 1 year old. It took an hour, at least, to get her to nap. I mean, she was asleep and even after I told Lily to be quiet, she yelled for me and woke up Madi.

I'm so tired and frustrated. I think it's one thing to have the baby waking me up at night and another to have her inconsolable during the day. I just get nothing done. Like right now: I'd like to clean up but I daren't go into the bedroom where she's sleeping. You know? Another front tooth is coming in and the upper sure seem more painful than the bottom. Sigh. I think I'm just going to be grumpy for a while more. It's so weird that it seems like two weeks ago, she just changed. She cries more, has trouble falling asleep, etc. Is it something I did? Is it something she's going through? etc. galg

Man am I going through chocolate today. If someone would drop off a chocolate cheesecake I'd be much obliged. :P It's definitely gym day. I think the biggest frustration is that I don't know what to do to help Madi. And then there's a big pile of cat barf on the floor. BG peed somewhere in the study, Lily massacred my soap and made a mess in the shower. I'm kind of a one crisis at a time kind of person so this all just has me on edge today. Add to the fact that it's going to be close to 100 F all week and my eye drop prescription is $60. :P GAH

I still believe that with time, Madi will learn to soothe herself and communicate what she needs. She also looks like she's going through a growth spurt. Oh and in the good news department, she's started drinking from a sippy cup again.

Seriously people, it's been rough.

For cranky-pants

Pedro is always complaining about how I don't update the blog. Well, as I"m sitting here with Madi's nose an inch from the keyboard, maybe he'd understnad thar i'5'w no qall that easy

Okay, Madi's on the floor; banished after pulling a pile of bills over. I swear. Today is a day where I'm really battling the urge to move to Timbuktu. By myself.

I was going to put cute captions by the pictures but I'm too cranky now. And no, I did not get a lot of sleep last night. Tooth #4 is making it's move and Madi is extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I give her painkillers, etc. I think she also just needs to learn how to crawl or walk because her flopping around the bed all night is making me worry about her giving herself shaken baby syndrome.


I need a drink.

And you want to know why it's annoying, PEdro? Besides Madi's nose, I have to wait 30 secons or more wevedry time I want tup load a pic. On facebokk OI fchoosdes all my pics at one time. So :P