Sunday, May 13, 2012

Betty Bangs and a shotgun

Happy Mother's Day!  No, nothing fancy for today.  I spent over two hours at the salon yesterday.  I kind of commandeered some time for myself.  I got my haircut and my feet done.  woohooo!

This morning, dropped off Madi's prescription (she's still coughing), got a donut, got a paper, took Brewster to the dogpark, then picked up the prescription and went home.  It was kind of a nice morning.  I went to the gym, but I had to leave after my run cuz I was freaking starving.  No, really.  It was awful.  I'm ordering some Italian food for tonight.  Once I clear off enough room to eat on the dining room table.  *cough*

I feel kind of... content?  Relaxed?  I'm glad that school is over.  Just all the rushing around and driving I did each week.  400 miles?  500?  One tank was not enough.  So it will be nice staying close to home for a while.  AND holy crap the "art" work.  I just brought a stack of it into the study to process.  It's never ending when they're in school.  How many stick figures can you keep???

Well, I guess that's it since I have to finish up before I can get my dinner.  And I can't drink until I'm home for the day so I'd better get cracking.....

Oh yeah, and Pedro got his shotgun.  Mossberg something 90.  Pump action, 12ga.  Now I just need a babysitter.

And zombies to shoot.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well, I was rolling on in here expecting to write something sort of witty but the new blogger template has me all a twitter.  ha.  No, not the other twitter.  I cannot believe how small Brewster was when we got him.  Took him to the vet for a booster and he's 16 weeks and 32.5 pounds.  Sh*t fire.

Let's see, just getting over some stomach issues.  Holy crap it was bad.  I won't go into the gory details but I had to use some of Madi's diaper cream.  *eyes* 

Madi and Lily aren't well.  They aren't super sick either but it seems like Lily now has Madi's cough, Madi still has her cough and she's teething.  Add a puppy and a sick mom to the mix and you get....  I don't know but it involved me taking vicodin to sleep last night.  What?

Both girls are done with school this week.  That sounds simple, right?  Nope.  Two parties to bring food for.  Teachers to buy presents for.  And I still haven't mailed off my cousin's birthday and baby's presents.  Mercy.  Well, Madi was sick, then we were out of town, then I was sick...  I really can't wait for the girls to be done with school so that we can chill a bit.  I'm worn out, yo.  Yes, the handle on my door broke.  But also, Lily and Brewster play hours each day together.  :)


So it rained when we went to Busch Gardens on Saturday evening but I think we made the best of it. It wasn't as busy, of course, we were able to go on some rides again and again.  However, puppy was in g-pa's garage so we didn't want to let him feel totally abandoned.  What else?  ummmm  That's all I can think of.  I'm tired and under the gun.  Oh, Pedro's shotgun arrives tomorrow at the store in town.  It's a 590 pump action, 12ga.  They are hard to get a hold of, so he found one online and quickly had it transferred to our local place.  No, you cannot buy firearms off of the internet and have them sent to your house.  :)  At least, not in this country.

I guess that's it.  Just trying to claw my way through this week.  We have puppy class tonight.  yeehaw!

And this should be obvious as Lily in one of her riding sessions.  I love the trainer "There's no crying in horseback riding, and if you say you can't again, you're going to owe me a penny."