Friday, January 30, 2009


When we were out grocery shopping today Lily saw a picture of a cup of coffee on some sweetener. She pointed to it and yelled, Tea! I thought, close enough. I didn't teach her that. Not on purpose. I'm amazed at the things she's picking up. She can say Sarah now so I have to be careful of the other s-words I say... :)

Busy Beez

We've had quite the week. I feel like I've been running errands every morning and then sleeping for a couple of hours before hastily whipping up a dinner and then running out the door. I am really worn out and I'll be glad when class is over. I feel like I have a good understanding of all the basics. Now I'm just refining those rough edges. I really just want class over with, though. Did I say that already???

I plugged up my camera with the intention of downloading the one or two pictures of Lily on it. Lo and behold there were almost 20. Apparently, Pedro got the camera bug last night and took a lot of pics of Lily eating peanut butter. Jif was spared from the salmonella outbreak - I checked! That's why choosy moms choose Jif. I really couldn't help myself. Sorry. Toast and PB is my favorite meal at the moment. Easy, fast and it doesn't upset my tummy.

Let's see, how to bring Lily's stories up to date. She's been talking with real words more often. I have this puzzle game that I play on the computer and I've started saying the words out loud. Lily copies me. :) She got to meet a horse yesterday. There was one in the Food Lion parking lot. It was great fun until we got close. Then she got scared. :) She was a sweet horse though. I guess that's the sneaky pleasure of being a mom. I got the pet the horse too. Her owner was giving her big chunks of mango so I know she was well taken care of. Do you know how much mangoes cost these days?????

In other news, I've been getting my goals met. My passport has been sent off, I have an accountant and I guess that's it really. Shoot. I felt so much more accomplished than that. There are more things coming down the pike. Not the least of which is baby #2. Pedro gets to pick the first name and I get to pick the middle. I think we'd better get cracking on it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And I present to you... Lucille!

Yes, I'm dorky. I name my cars. I'm sure that I do other dorky things as well. I'm just not so worried about them at the moment. Why, you may ask? Because it feels like a wrestling match is going on in my belly. Yes, I'm uncomfortable but all that activity is reassuring. I really think there's a future in uterus windows.

Anyway, here is my new fun car. I love it. I just changed the front porch lightbulb that was dead, so that I can look at it tonight without having to shine a flashlight through a window. Yes, that's how in love I am. It is so nice not being all squished in the car. There are lots of nice features. And I find it fun to drive. Again, I love it. I'm so glad that I found something that we can all enjoy. And by we, I mean, me. :)

I have a lot going on tomorrow. Doctor's visit for me. Then lunch with a friend. Then maybe a short nap, then meeting with an accountant. WHEW. Tomorrow is going to be rough. I know poor lunching stay at home mommy has to leave the house for more than a couple of hours. Well, :P

Note baby in glass door wondering what the heck mama is doing with that dern car AGAIN.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, today is Pedro's birthday but I got the present.

I wanted to go car shopping because we're squished in the Jetta now and I'm having a hard time getting Lily in the back seat what with her weighing 35 pounds and me being all pregnant and stuff.

I spent a long time researching vehicles online and Pedro and I narrowed our choice down to the CRV. There was one I really liked so..... I'll put some pictures up tomorrow. :) I amazed at how well it handles and seeing Pedro fit in a vehicle with Lily in the seat behind him with room to swing her feet well... it defies description. :) Unless, that part counted.

Anyway, I'm super exhausted. We were there for over 3 hours. And I have to go back because the salesperson has stuff to explain to me. I was Lily wrangling so I missed out on a lot. I figured out to how move the side mirrors all on my own though.... :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


I am tired today. Friday's are always bad. I manage to shuffle through the week and keep on going just to get to Friday. Then it all catches up to me. Today hasn't been a total bust, though. I'm almost done my passport application and I've been enjoying looking out the window. It's a little warmer today and there are more critters out and about. But I'd like to point out that Lily wants all toddlers to understand the importance of accessories. A roomy purse is perfect for stashing cookies and juice boxes. Especially if it's been stolen from mommy.

I really wanted to get a birdbath after I saw a bluejay trying to drink stale rain water from a loose plastic bag in my backyard. I'd like to point out that it was probably NOT my plastic bag as we recycle. Anyhoo, I felt really bad for it and decided to get something a little more hygienic. Or something. Anyway, I saw four little birds in there this morning. They had really blue backs. Bluebirds? I've never seen them before. Poor little things were doing their best to siphon off some of the water around the brick of ice. Maybe I should be nice and throw some bird seed out there too.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love is in the Air

Every time Lily and I lay down to sleep I say "Night, night Lily. I love you". And sometimes I'll hear a "night night ma" but that's it.

Today I heard, "Wuv mama".


The other shoe drops

Since I've had a horrid week based on the amount of heartburn I've had vs. the lack of sleep, I feel like I'm ready to make my list of what I hate about being pregnant:

1. The sour taste in my mouth that doesn't stop regardless of what I eat or drink. I suck on Jolly Ranchers almost all day long because that helps. My teeth? Not so thrilled.

2. The heartburn.

3. The gas. (oh yeah, I said it)

4. The bones in my feet spreading apart. My feet have been hurting for no apparent reason lately. It's annoying since I lost my wings and can't fly everywhere anymore.

5. Diet restrictions. Self-imposed, to be sure. But I was staring at the package of dumplings in the freezer wondering if they'd set my stomach off. Anyway, I was looking forward to a Thai Chicken Pizza tomorrow (trust me it's awesome) but now I wonder if that would give me a "night to remember". Last night was bad enough. I broke out all the medical books I have to help me avoid another night like last night. It's sad when you take Tums and the Tums make you feel more nauseous. Sigh.

Oh, I know things could be worse. But I have school hanging over my head. I should've been done March 4th and now that's pushed back a week. I'm only going to get more pregnant so I want to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible. I also know that this is a temporary gig. Only 5 more months.... :P

I did have a cute video of Lily doing my hair but Pedro hasn't quite set up everything in the computer correctly yet so you all can't see it. Talk to the wookie.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What I love about being pregnant

I was just thinking about this post I read this morning from Betsey Booms. She had to deal with an obnoxious house guest. And I could not wrap my head around why people put up with that. I know that I have the Sparta pregnancy hormones from heck but I don't know if I suffer fools (aside from Pedro- ha!) when I'm not gestating someone. So here are the things I love about being pregnant:

1. Saying what you feel. Which changes every 2 seconds.

2. Being angry enough to take on Mongolian hordes. But then crying because even Mongolian hordes have mothers who love them.

3. Eating whatever baby wants. Then eating what you want. :)

4. Telling the schedulers at the doctor's office that you can come in before 12 or after 4 because you should be done your nap by then.

5. Blaming any and all bad behavior on the baby.

6. Blaming any and all bad behavior on the father (he got me pregnant, right??)

7. Taking pride in my growing belly.

I kind of stalled out. All I can think of is the other apple fritter....

Pedro was going to bail on me Friday night. I think our conversation went something like...

Pedro: I really don't feel like going out.

Me: WHAT?! You made me sit around here for three hours and wait for the fire to die out. If you think I'm going without you, you have another thing coming. YOU ARE GOING OUT.

P: umm, okay.

M: *grumble, grumble* Men *grumble* Waiting *grumble* Pizza *grumble*


I was sitting here trying to figure out how to get everything done today when it occurred to me that I do NOT have class tonight. Score! Somehow the gray day seems a little brighter. :) I didn't feel like driving into town twice. Now I don't need to worry. :) And maybe I'll order one of those yummy pizzas with the crunchy crusts... Yes, I'm pregnant and my whole existence revolves around food and getting up to pee in the middle of the night. :P

Lily has been cracking us up. She is ALL about the "no". It's just cool watching her find her way through things. Figuring out what she likes, ie chips, and what she doesn't, ie. sitting still for a diaper change. Also, she seems to eat whatever I give her. Awesome!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We had fun last night. I don't know if I dare call them family nights but lately we've been going more often to the downtown mall. It's the oldest part of Cville and is closed to traffic. All the cool stores are down there. :) I had a craving for both noodles and pizza. Fortunately the two are just a couple of doors apart. The noodle shop was packed and Pedro got us a table for two. Lily didn't even fuss. She sat on my lap and shoveled noodles in her face as fast as she could. She's so like her daddy. :) Then we went to get the slice of pizza. I don't know what it is about this crust. None of the chains can do it. I think the downtown place rolls the dough out in cornmeal? It's just extra crunchy and something. As soon as I took a bite I was like, ahhhhh. I ditched Pedro and Lily cuz they weren't walking back to the car fast enough and it was below freezing out. I wanted my pizza warm! I did share with pudding face. She ate a lot of it. I know, I know. We had noodles and pizza, hardly a healthy night out but you know what? We had fun. :P

Oh and it's funny that I mentioned the pizza place to the other mom in the playgroup who's pregnant. She can't get enough of Christian's either. :) Christian's pizza, that is. It seems funny to me that most times I won't make much of an effort to go out cuz I'll think about parking or the traffic. When I have a pregnancy craving I will move heaven and earth to get my dang pizza. And it was nice to walk around a bit. :) The best part is watching Lily. She loves going out and feels at home in a big crowd. Very unlike the rest of us.

Anyway, I need to get some breakfast and start cleaning the house. I'm hoping to keep this week lowkey but I still have a lot of things on my plate. Getting a CPA, mailing my passport application, talking to a real estate agent. None of it impossible but just hard to do on top of my other work load (Lily). I'm also looking forward to going out Tuesday night for an inauguration party. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm still waiting for Pedro to put in all the stuff I need for my computer. Oh it runs and stuff but I don't have any drivers for anything. Poor Lily and I can't watch dvds or cartoons on youtube. It's a barren existence. Well, y'all are lucky that my computer figured out my camera thingie. Yeah, I know. I'm harsh computer literate. I used to be, back when I had to do my own stunts. :P Yes, Lily likes chocolate pudding.

I found out today that one of my friend's husbands is a real estate agent in my area and has keys to all the foreclosed homes out here. I feel guilty when I think about purchasing one but I would be hard pressed to afford a bigger house, otherwise. Oh and in other news, I went to see the specialist again today. He was able to rule out there being any problems with the original issue but found another possible problem. The umbilical cord only has one artery, where it should have two arteries and one vein. He said that because she looks so healthy (yes, the twig and berries were noticeably absent again), the only problem would be intrauterine growth. Apparently, 10% of these babies stop growing in the womb and need to come out a few weeks early. I just need more monitoring. yay :P Were there worse things to be found? Yes, but it's still another wee cloud over my head. I'll just try to keep going and be as healthy as I can be. :) Watching her kicking and stretching today helped lessen any of my fears. I just feel like it's going to be a long 5 months....

Lily loves to cook with her daddy. I do NOT attempt this. One, I don't think that I have the patience and two, I like that they have something that only they do together, you know?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Barf in Sight

I guess my new cat food regime is working. Of course, I haven't been feeding them as much so maybe they're desperate to hang onto the contents of their stomachs. Pedro even noticed that they're looking thin so I've started feeding them a little bit more. I just can't tell you how exciting it is to get up in the morning and not step in a gooey puddle of cat yak. On that note, have a nice day. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I went to a few different places today to try and get Canadian passport photos done. One place refused, another's printer was in the shop and the third place was willing but didn't do them right. Sigh. I called the third place and they said they would redo them for free. GAH! But that's another 35 minute drive there and back. Sigh.

At least I got my other errands done for the day. I'm slowly knocking them down. I have to find an accountant this week. I need to get sort of a fancy one because my taxes will be international. ooooooh Anyway, I have no idea how to make a fancy CPA selection so I'm just going by last names I like. I love being me.

New Computer

Pedro built me a new computer and it's obviously up and running, but I don't have everything set up yet so I don't have a place to save my pictures or videos without them being erased when Pedro puts the old files back in. So you'll have to wait a bit for scintillating pictures of our lives.

In other news, I guess we're doing okay. I still have a lot of small things to take care of but everyday brings me closer to something. Sigh.

I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up. Have a good day, y'all.

Maybe, because she's "Passion" the cow???

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yes, I made it to yoga this morning. I think an hour and a half for a prenatal yoga class is too long. I was ready to eat my own feet by the end of it. But I was nice and relaxed too - for a little while. I was so hungry that I went and got Thai food to take home. Lily really surprised me by eating a very shrimpy tasting wonton. She then ransacked my pad thai when the massaman curry was too spicy for her. Sigh. I'm glad I have a kid that tries new things - sometimes.

I caught BG in a cute pose today. I'm sure the poor stuffed animal was an unwilling companion of some sort or another. Have I blogged about the new tv? It's nice. Lily asks for us to turn it on, since the switches are on the top and she can't reach them. :) She's been really sweet today. Lots of giggles and silliness. It's been a nice change from the grumpy moodiness. Anyway, I'm really tired and don't have a lot of to entertaining things to say. Except that Pedro isn't allowed to have anymore Thai food. P U

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh dear

Lily is going through some kind of inner turmoil these days. If I change her diaper and try to get her pants back on her, she says NO and looks very smug. So I say, okay and leave the room only to hear, MAMA! and crying as she chases me down the hall with her pants. It's like she thinks I'm trying to deprive her of her clothes. It's so weird. She did a similar thing today with napping. I found her crying gently while curled up on the floor. So I offered to pick her up and take her to bed. You would have thought that I'd offered to to stuff liver up her nose while taking her temperature down "there". So I told her that when she figured out what she wanted she could come and find me and I'd help her out. Oh my gosh. She acted like I was about to throw her out of the house. Sigh. She was really really tired but it seems like she's trying to act independent but it scares her. I'm glad it doesn't irritate me. I'm kind of a contrary creature myself so I kind of roll with it.

Brain Drain

I have three cats and two of them are active pukers. I've tried new food, giving them food at different times, giving them wet instead of dry, etc. I have CatLax (gee, I wonder what THAT does?) but none of them like it and as I've categorized how darn tired I am, I haven't felt like battling with them over it.

So a few nights ago as I'm preparing their night time feast I think, hey I could put that CatLax stuff in their wet food and I bet they'd never notice....

I guess you take your lightbulb moments when they come. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Two people have told me how their children count back to them when they do the 1, 2, 3 in time out thing. I was like, oh not Lily, she's SO good. hmpf

Guess who just counted back to me? Granted, three was pronounced "pee" but she got the right amount of fingers held up.


Here's a video of Lily brushing her hair last night. Please ignore the mess on the dresser. :P

I made it to class last night. I keep telling myself just to get it finished up but it's been so hard. I feel like an old woman (shut up Pedro) cuz my hip has started going out on me too. So I'm sleep deprived, hobbling around and just plain old cranky. I only have two months left. I'm trying really hard to suck it up. Sigh.

I also have a new addiction to hard candy. Especially Jolly Ranchers. They take away that sour taste in my mouth. I kind of forgot how hard pregnancy can be. Well, I'm almost halfway through that so whew. I just really have a lot of my plate this year. Fortunately a lot of things fo the new baby are ready to go or almost. The crib is still in my room and I kept all of Lily's bottles. I probably won't even think about other baby stuff until after class is finished. :P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T.V. Delivery...

Best Buy Delivery Guy: Are you having the Geek Squad come out and hook up the tv?

Me: No, I've got my own geek.

BBDG: Nice. *

I thought I was freaking hysterical. I don't often think that fast anymore.

* Dripping heavily with sarcasm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good news

Best Buy called and the tv is coming tomorrow. Of course, I will have to wait for Pedro to get home to set it up so really, I won't have tv until Thursday. A week since I last had tv and an hour of the day to myself! achem

In other news, I'm still suffering from insomnia. It's awful. I can't even sleep during my attempted naps during the day. I've been researching natural sleep aids since I'm sure I can't take Ambien while pregnant. I do remember one night, when I washed my hands just before going to bed (what can I say - I've got great hygiene), with Sleep handsoap. Lavender was featured heavily in it. I fell asleep right away whilst smelling one hand. (I know, I'm clean but weird). So I've picked a few things from L'Occitane that will hopefully help. It sucks because I know, in a few months, I'm going to be sleep deprived while caring for a new baby. I'd sort of like to be rested up for that. Sigh.

Maybe I should just have a big ole turkey sandwich every night before bed. Considering that I usually have to make myself something before I go to bed, it might work.

Monday, January 5, 2009


It's hard to get back into the old routine. I feel like I have so much coming up this year. Finishing school, getting licensed, having a kid, etc. Sigh. I also just don't sleep well so I don't have the reserves to deal with stuff. Oh well. You do what you have to, right? Anyway, I took a picture of Lily sleeping yesterday. I love watching her sleep. I didn't know I could love someone so much. :)

ummm I did buy that dragon from the toy store. I adore it. Lily is slightly afraid of it. :) Oh, in the good news department, I've been going to the gym again. I like how my body feels stronger. I really disliked how hard it was to move around when I was pregnant with Lily. I swore to myself I would do what I could this time to be in better shape. My gym membership runs out at the end of February and I've started looking for places close by with pools. I imagine that will feel great - to be somewhat weightless for a while. :)

I can't wait for the tv to get here on Wednesday. I hope it's not delayed. Lily doesn't watch much tv but I've really noticed how much more Lily hangs around me when she doesn't have Clifford to watch. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dying without Cable

Slightly dramatic as we only get 20 channels (or less). But I'm used to getting a slight reprieve while Lily watches Arthur or Curious George. Since there's on PBS, there's no rest for mommy. I was getting really frustrated with her. It's a good thing she was wearing her helmet cuz I'd tap her head. Only to see the lights flash, I swear. Daphne was enjoying the sun today. She had been rolling around in it and showing off her big beautiful hairy belly. She decided not to let me take photographic evidence though. :P

While Lily was watching videos with me I did manage to get her hair up in a twist. I had to battle with her to leave it alone though. I think it lasted 5 minutes. Oh well. I don't think I have anything new to report. I am thinking of getting a smaller tv for the bedroom. I just can't take it. Isn't that sad? It seems like I'm incapable of entertaining myself. The toy store that we went to earlier this week didn't have any battery operated toys that I could see. There were puppets, music boxes, books. All things to fuel the imagination and not stunt it. Pedro and I can't wait to go back. There was a large gorgeous dragon hand puppet. I held it up to Lily who tolerated it until I started to make it talk. heeeee! Oh cool, they have a website.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Ham

Lily has been in a very weird mood this evening so I thought I'd share it with all of you. The banging that you hear in the background is Pedro destroying the rest of the entertainment center. Yeah, somehow he took that over too. :P I guess since I got to pick the tv, I shouldn't complain.

And what cracks me up about me, is that I got the tv that I thought had the best picture. Pedro examined the specs more when we got home and he's telling me all the HD hook ups it has, blah blah blah. I really couldn't care less.

No tv

We gave away our old tv today. I think it went to a nice home. They were kind of excited with how big it is. Their old tv died and they didn't have the money for a new one. I kind of like being able to help out. :) Anyway, we went and bought a new tv but it won't get here for a week. SIGH. And we're about to take the Christmas tree to recycling so I'll have nothing to look at in the livingroom. I hope the cats can act out Kabuki.

Lily cried. C-R-I-E-D after the tv was gone. She went to the front door and pounded on it. I did my best not to laugh. She doesn't even watch that much tv and what she does see is PBS so.... It's a good thing that she doesn't know who Sponge Bob is.

We went to Toys-r-us to cheer her up. Heads up grandpa - she really wants a battery powered car. I'll have to invest in shin pads. We already had to get her a helmet. She was mastering the tricycle when she ran over my foot, tipped over and crashed on the floor. She's okay. As adventurous as she is, she mastered catching herself very early. The helmet has lights that flash whenever it's bumped. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Will it encourage Lily to smash her head into things to get the lights to go off???

I'm kind of excited about the new tv. It will take up WAY less space. Our entertainment center will be half the size of the old one. wheee! AND Pedro put out a sledge hammer for me to take to the old center. *wicked grin* I love busting things apart.

And in the category of tempting fate, I did buy a new baby outfit today. It's very sweet and summery. Pedro looked at it and said "that looks a little small for Lily". hmmm How clever of him to catch on to the fact that the 3 - 6 month sized little dress was a tad small. I have loads of old girl clothes from Lily so I wanted to get at least one new thing for the baby. It's a very sweet lavender print summer dress, with a white cardigan and white pants (in case we're in someplace cool).

Editor's Note:

Pedro wanted me to say that grandma and grandpa need not show up with a battery powered car for Lily.