Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old dogs and new tricks, etc.

So Madi's teacher told me that Madi was making sounds at snack time again. It almost sounds like psh, psh, psh. Then it dawned on her that Madi was asking for goldfish. So she gave her some and voila! Happy baby.

I swear. That's not a dig at anyone. Madi just operates on a different wavelength than the rest of us, or most of us, and it's hard to connect with her.

I have rigged up a step stool for her so she can get on and off the bed and she's not supposed to, but on and off of my dresser as well. She LOVES the autonomy she has now and especially loves sitting in front of the dresser mirror "talking" to herself. Janice, her teacher, said that Madi didn't eat much today because she was too busy looking at herself in her teacher's glasses. LOL! She's gaining more awareness and interest in the outside world and that is awesome.

What else? I've lost 37 pounds and I'm damn proud of myself. Twenty-three to go. Sigh.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh well

This will probably be ugly but whatever. Madi is on my lap. Let's see, she swore at another teacher today who came in and caught her on top of a table. She walked away smiling, then turned around, put her hands on her hips and called the other teacher a b-word.

See, I know she's having fun even though she acts like she's upset or mad. It's why I call her Honey Badger. Cuz she don't give ____.

You can google it, it's just not safe for work.

What else? ummm We're kind of all over our stomach bug. Except for Pedro. But he needs to lose the weight. *cough*

Shoot, I felt like we had a lot of stuff going on. Oh well. I"ll remember when I'm lying in bed tonight trying to sleep...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh yeah

And Madi is fine. It was a weird day where Lily was so dependent on me and Madi was fine as long as I kept up with her food/drink demands.

We are all soooooo tired. I didn't sleep well because Lily and Pedro were in and out of the hall bathroom. Pedro was yelling at Lily (because that makes sense, right? Yelling at a sick kid *eyes*) Then he kicked me out of bed at 4 so I'd have to take care of Lily. I think I got to sleep an hour when she barfed again. I think around 7 we finally finished everything and the the cats found out that I was in there and not Pedro so I had two cats walking on me. Then, the cherry on the cake, was Riley barfing in Lily's room. Proudly too. Like he thought it was the place to do it or something. That's when I said f*ck it and slept for 2 hours.

Oh yeah, it's been a fun week! That being said, I need to go to the gym and run because I have that mud warrior race in three months. All I can say is, damn peer pressure!


Can suck it hard. Every time I log in it asks me to add my mobile phone. No, jackals! You have enough information on me already. Dang!


Anyway. Today is an interesting one. Lily is all over her stomach bug. However, she threw up probably 8 or 9 times. It was quite vicious. And I tried to give her medicine but she just threw it up so she had to cry herself to sleep. I did call the doc's office and the nurse gave me the low down. It's a brutal 8 to 12 hour vomiting spree. And most of the other family members are getting it. *eyes* I've washed my hands all day, bleached all the common surfaces. In addition to catching up with the laundry. Sort of. The dryer is working, yay!, but Lily barfed on a lot of blankets and pillows. I swear. I'm pretty sure that I've never barfed in my sleep (passed out is different) like she has.

So let's see, I registered for the last session of skating. I really didn't want to. I'm pooped. But we have to go into town to get our groceries anyway so we may as well contribute to her something or other. Betterment? And we eat noodles and dumplings so... It's a win/win.

Monday, January 9, 2012


So Madi had a 10 minute nap in the car and woke up as soon as I took her shoes off. *eyes*

Last night, Madi saw her sippy cup beside me and said "sippy". I feel like I wrote about that already. Anyway, I told her teacher who put the new word in the iPad app and was using it to get Madi to communicate. Apparently, Madi is doing really well touching the picture of the thing she wants. She likes it when the drink picture says "sippy". :) She's trying SO hard to talk. Hopefully, something big will happen soon. :)

... et maintenant, au lit!


When it rains it pours! So the dryer isn't drying our clothes. I have a lot of bad words that I want to say about that. I did buy a cheap wooden dryer thing to hang up our clothes. That will help a bit, at least with my stuff. I've used them before....

I totally twisted my ankle, not once but three times today. I threw my shoes out as soon as I got home. I loved my funky wooden shoes but that solid sole doesn't allow for using your foot to make adjustments on things. So yay for having to run on a bad ankle. *eyes* Well I can't run today anyway because I'm not sure I have any clean clothes. See above.

In other news, I'm so stoked that my cousin is expecting! I'll bet the baby will be adorable and I know it will be well-loved. :)

Madi said "sippy" last night when she found her sippy cup. I think she's just messing with us.

Lily is ready to go back to school and I am so ready for her to go back. lol I told her that tomorrow morning, I'm dropping them off and then coming home and sleeping. Oh yeah.

I guess that's it. Je suis très fatigué et je dois manger quelque chose.