Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh dear

While I was out today, Pedro was naughty and put Madilyn in the bouncy seat. Now there's the bouncy seat that holds infants and jiggles when they move. He put her in the one that has leg holes and hangs from a door frame. She held her own and even seemed to be able to manage which way the thing turned. Lily was 4 months when we used it with her. M is 2. You can see that she's a little bit wee for it.

I was up a lot last night. M would kick off her blankets and it was cooler last night so she got cold. I'll need to start putting pants on her at night. I did it the night before and she slept really well. I think it's time to go shopping for some rompers. :) Anyway, for the most part M sleeps through the night. That is awesome.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Talkie Talkie

I'm sure, like the doctor, no one believes me about Madilyn talking so I took a little video of her this morning fussing at the bouncy seat toys. She's been sleeping longer and longer stretches through the night. Unfortunately, all of the cats have been taking turns pounding on my door in the middle of the night. I can usually roll over and ignore them but I don't want them to wake up Madi. So I grab the sprayer and get ready to shoot water at them when I crack the door open. (hey, it's 2:30 in the morning) I had the sprayer backwards one time and Daphne shot in. Knowing her propensity for pooping on the floor I had to chase her around and under the bed to get her out of the room. THAT was GREAT fun.

M does kind of freak me out because she is so advanced. I hope I'm not sounding boastful. It's a little scary. She rolled onto her side when we were in the hospital, 24 hours after being born. It might mean nothing, and maybe it's just a fluke and she'll even out and be a normal kid. Or she might be hell on wheels challenging me to educate her and keep her out of things. You never know.

Lily? Has left the sofa intact for a day. She refused to eat her banana bread out of her hands and made me give her a plate and a fork. Sigh. She still has chocolate chips all over herself. Yes, I put chocolate chips in the banana bread, it's damn good. :) Also, I let Lily help me make it, which means that slightly fewer choco chips made it into the batter. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26th - Worst Day Ever

Well, okay, no one close to me died. (Sorry Ted Kennedy) Lily dumped chocolate milk on the sofa yesterday. Then, once I had it cleaned up, she sprayed the sofa with bug spray. It stank so badly that I had to take the cushion covers off and wash them, something I'm not sure they were meant for. Well, they survived the washer and dryer and looked pretty darn good. So Lily spills carpet cleaner on them. Thankfully, that cleaned up easily.

Then, she found the water sprayer hanging on my doorknob (the cats have been pounding on my door at night) and she spritzed all over my dresser and all the contents sitting on top of it. Then she found a bleach cleanser in the bathroom and sprayed her monkey bath mat which now has white eyes. THEN she found the WD40 in the toolbox and sprayed floor tiles sitting on a living room end table. GOOD GRIEF. I swear that these things were put away and that she was told not to touch them. It was like spending a day with that gremlin from the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

And yes, this is the same almost 3 year old that refuses naps...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 4 month old 2 month old *

Pedro was hassling me again to update the blog. Hello, I did it yesterday. Jeesh. But I want to brag on about Miss Madilyn so he lucked out. She's now 10 lbs 11oz. When she was born, she was about the 25th percentile and now she's beefed up to the 50th percentile. Go Madi!

The doctor was examining her on the table and was shocked when M rolled over. This was about 30 seconds after I told her that M rolls over. It's nice when people listen, right? :P Madilyn rolls over and moves about a foot across her crib. It's not uncommon for me to find her with her head against the side of the crib with an arm or leg hanging out. Who wants to place bets for when she'll be climbing out?

Oh and M slept through the night last night. I mean, really slept. From 10 until 4:30, when I had to change her leaky diaper, then she went back to sleep until 8 when I woke up and had to wake her up. So it was for real. Let's see, she's 22.5 inches long (50th %) and her head is 14.5 inches around (5th %). So she's an interestingly shaped kid. :) Lily had a huge melon at birth and it stayed that way.

Anyway, I hear a hungry baby calling for me so I'd better go. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

* Madilyn is 2 months old and doing things that are normal for a 4 month old

Monday, August 24, 2009

Way Down South in the Land of Sleep Deprivation and Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

Well, I guess Madilyn officially slept through the night last night. Officially, 5 or 6 hours straight is through the night and she slept from 11:15 til 5am. I changed her diaper and she slept on until 6:30. Someone might think - hey that's not too bad. Pedro had to get up at 5am to go to work so I had Lily with me. She poked me in the back in the middle of the night. It startled me which made her giggle, so she did it more. SIGH.

Of course, I did tell her to jump in the puddle and she fell so maybe it was payback...

We went to see Ponyo yesterday. It was okay. It was Lily's first foray into a movie theater. She did really well. She only talked a little bit. She spent most of the time standing, since her weigh wasn't enough to keep the seat down. :) Also, she squatted and peered between the seats when it was too scary. And Stacy's lap made a good place to ride out another scary scene. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So tired

I know, I know. It's always the same thing. waaaah I'm tired. Well, I am. Also, Pedro has been a complete pain in the butt about how much I don't update the blog. See above, Pedro.

Oh dear. Madilyn is sitting in her bouncy seat yawning but kicking away. This doesn't bode well for me. I can't delete this blog because hopefully in a month or two I can read over these entries and think, man was it THAT bad? It can't have been that bad, I should have another baby.

Kidding. This womb is closed for business.

Can you believe that they're sisters? And they ARE sisters. I'm feeling kind of evil. I think I'll post the same picture of Madilyn every day...

No sleep til kindergarten!

Poor Madilyn. She's an awesome calm baby who just cannot seem to sleep at night. She's discovered her hands and desperately wants to get them into her mouth so she can suck on them. So from 1am until 7:30ish, I got to listen to her either sucking manically on her hands or shrieking in frustration if they got away from her. We're both exhausted today. Pedro stayed home a little longer today so I could get some rest. I finally dragged my carcass out of bed at 9. I mean, I am EXHAUSTED. I don't mind getting up at night to feed her. She's eating faster, etc. But this all night partying. I just can't take it. I'll pick up some gripe water today and see if that helps.

She's sleeping now. Why doesn't she try to suck her hands during the day????

In other news, Lily was trying to feed Madilyn the other day. She decided she didn't like getting kicked so I finished the feed. While I was doing that, Lily started to rub M's legs and feet. :) She's a good big sister. Sometimes.

And the grunting sounds in the video? Madilyn eating.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just because


I'm getting to the point where it's almost impossible to get up in the morning. I remember this from Lily's infancy too. If they need me, I can get up. But if it's just rolling around in the crib playing, mommy's butt stays in bed. I didn't get up until 8:30 today. Lily was pounding on my back saying "no sleep bed".

I do feel a little more refreshed today. I guess listening to my body (not that I had any choice) kind of helped. I was reading a book last night on baby development and realized that things are going to happen so fast. I think M could've slept through the night last night, and her routine is changing to reflect that. Then she's going to start sitting up and eating solids. Then crawling. ack!

And BG is doing okay. His paw is still sore but his attitude is upbeat so... I have a bunch of meds for him, which cracks me up because they're in syringes. I think one of them is an opioid, which makes me jealous.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


BG will be coming home today. They couldn't find a break, so they suspect a sprain. Poor little guy.

I'm having another busy day. I kind of wonder when I'll ever have enough hours in the day ever again. I also got the birth announcements ordered and I'll hopefully get those next Friday so then I can spend the weekend addressing envelopes! woohoo!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am so tired. I hope Madilyn starts sleeping through the night soon because I'm dying over here. On the days that I do get a nap, it might only be for 15 or 20 minutes. :P We've also had kind of a busy week. Don't ask me what we've done because I don't remember.

I don't think we have anywhere that we have to go tomorrow. phew It's hard because M still keeps herself up at night with the moving and grooving. Then tries to sleep all day to make up for it. I bravely try to keep her awake during the day but it's hard after she's kept me up all night. If I didn't have Lily, I could sleep too but I have a toddler that wants me to chase her around the house. Sigh.

I had to take BG to the vet's today. He was limping really badly. I told them to keep him overnight since the x-rays didn't show anything. I mean, he couldn't even put weight on his paw and I have no idea what happened. He was also sedated so in the morning when the drugs have worn off, the vet might be able to figure things out. There was no swelling or visible injury so it's a bit of a mystery. :(

Alright, I'm exhausted and can hardly see my screen so....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wow. None of us got a lot of sleep last night. Lily had growing pains and M was awake from around 9pm to 3am. Ugh. I hope this stops soon. I mean, I think she and I had an okay night the night before. I think she went from 2am to 7am for feedings. So we're getting there. I hate that 2am feed. I don't know why. Probably because it's 2am

I just got done playing kitchen with Lily. I'm glad that I pull together a little bit of energy to play with her. I feel badly because I am so tired and the baby takes up a lot of my time. I don't have a lot left over for her. We'll have to try to get to playgroup this week.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I really do put a lot more pics up on Facebook. It's easier and I can put fun captions on. just in case anyone's looking for more pics. :)

Life goes on in the Thompson household. Madilyn is still having problems kicking at night and not sleeping. Last night, the swing couldn't even get her to sleep. But hopefully, we're over the hump and things will improve from here. I might try to get some more gripe water today. I was giving it to her and it didn't seem to make a big difference, but maybe a little difference is a good thing? It has chamomile in it, which helps promote relaxation so....

I've been trying to clean up the house too. I don't mean, cleaning exactly, but going through the clutter and getting rid of the things we're not using. It's hard because I was raised by parents who were of the generation that you didn't throw out anything you could use, even if it might be 30 years before you used it.

Anyway, in part of my effort to be healthier, I try to prep meals earlier in the day so it's not so hard to get dinner together. On that note, I have some corn to shuck, or whatever you call it. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vocab Queen

Last night we head a firetruck's siren. Lily turned to me and said "Firetruck". Now, I know that's not exciting for some of y'all but I never taught her the word so I was impressed.

Thanks, PBS.

You haven't seen anything

Until you've seen this website.

Monday, August 3, 2009

String bean

I've noticed that Madilyn's onesies are starting to gape open over her diaper. She's growing like a weed. Albeit, a cute weed. And yes, everyone now hangs out on my new bed. I should charge a fee.....

We went to another mom's house for a play date today. It went well until Lily hugged the other little girl goodbye. They both fell over and the other little girl bumped her head. And had Lily land on her. Sigh. Pedro had L vacuuming out his trunk. Then he had her help him wash the car...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Not great, but better. We're slowly getting into a routine. I still get anxious and wonder how on earth people have more than two children.

Anyway, here some fresh pics of Madilyn and Lily.