Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Puppy Love

I'm so happy for Lily.  She loves her third grade teacher.  And how did THAT happen?  She's in 3rd grade?  Preschool was like, yesterday.  Anyhoo, Ms Davis is fun but a little strict and I think Lily does well in that environment.  Pushes her a little. 

AND Isaac is in her class.  During a tornado drill, he's the one that said "Lily if you die in a tornado, I die in a tornado." 

Good grief, he was 7 at time. 

Anyway, he's carried a torch for Lily since first grade so this should be interesting.  She's told me that he's actually gotten in trouble defending her in the playground.  She doesn't really know how to act.  She likes him and when I've seen them together they do nothing but just pick on each other.  It's like they're already married.  ha!  Anyway, I told her just to enjoy having someone who cares for her.  I guess I should add that if he starts to annoy her to tell him to stop and/or to tell the teacher but I've never got the impression from her that he is bothersome.

But how many people out there would like to have someone who is genuinely concerned with our well-being?  Shoo.

She was drawing a cat yesterday and someone made fun of the tail she drew.  Well, you know Isaac wasn't having ANY of that. 

So cute.  And yes, we finally got the bus this morning.  :)