Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I am hungry today. Good thing, I have those flex points. :) I know, I'm WW obsessed. I gasped when I stepped on the scale this morning. Pedro heard me and asked in a mean voice if I had gained weight. No, I had lost another pound and I was shocked. It's hard because I have to figure out how many points are in something before I eat it. Which means, I have to shop differently. But I'm absolutely flabbergasted that I'm losing weight so quickly. Granted, I eat humongous salads everyday and ingest more carrots than a barn full of bunnies....

These are some pictures from this time last year. It amazes me to see the changes that have taken place over the year. When Lily looks in her toy oven she says "Let's see". She doesn't always make sense when she talks (I think a few of us might be guilty of that), but she's really working on it.

Alright, blogger is having a wee fit so I'll try to add some pictures later. :) Oh and guess who went to Taco Bell today and ate 10 tacos? **Hint, not me**

50 things

First Name: Sonia
Nickname: At class: Big Red
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 11, 1971
Job: Student and mommy
Siblings: 0
Pets: 3 cats
Eye Color: grayish blue (but pretty awesome)
Hair Color: Reddish
Glasses: when i drive and the sunglasses are always on outside
Piercings: not yet
Tattoos: two
Braces: when i was a kid
Collections: some tea cups, some lunch boxes
Bilingual: English/ french (but forgetting it fast), some german and trying to learn spanish
Obsessions: Weight Watchers points, and getting enough sleep
Dream Job: rich bum
Best and Worst
Favorite Color/Least Favorite Color: periwinkle/puce
Most Lucky Number/Least Lucky Number: 13/4
Favorite/Least Ice Cream Flavor: banana on the rum/cake
Favorite/Least Candy: sugar-free peach candy from Switzerland/sugar daddies
Favorite/Least Music Genre: industrial/country
Favorite/Least Movie Genre: indie/romance
Favorite/Least TV Shows: Arthur/reality tv
Favorite/Least Day of the Week: Tuesday/Thursday
This or That
Pepsi or Coke? diet pepsi!
McDonald’s or Burger King? BK
Pancakes or Waffles? Biscuits with sausage gravy, sucka
Hamburger or Cheeseburger? Cheeseburger
Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate
Summer or Winter? Fall
Snow or Rain? Snow
Thunder or Lightning? Thunder
Shower or Bath? Shower
Dogs or Cats? Cats
Pen or Pencil? Pen
Salt or Pepper? Salt
Music or Movies? Music
Sunny or Cloudy? Sunny
White or Dark Chocolate? Dark
Day or Night? Night
TV or Computer? Computer
White or Wheat Bread? Wheat
Pop Tart or Toaster Strudel? Pop tart
Apple Juice or Grape Juice? Grape Juice
Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Oreo’s
M&M’s or Skittles? Skittles
Sausage or Bacon? Sausage
Mexican or Italian Food? Italian
Salsa or Cheese on Chips? Salsa

Thanks to TheMuter for the list.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We went shopping today and spent some new shoe money. Lily loves these kitchen thingies. She plays with them all the time. I held out getting one, because you know how kids love a toy, then you get it home and the play with it for 5 minutes and that's it. You know?

Anyway, I got her that and a doodle pad. You know, they don't use crayons? She loves those too. Unfortunately, I think she's going to have to wrestle it from daddy.

Let's see... in other news, I lost 4.5 pounds! What, what! I know, in 5 days. I've been pretty strict about the points and some nights I don't use them all and go to bed hungry. (whilst cursing at Weight Watchers). It does work though. We went to a buffet and I had a big plate of salad, a little bit of chicken and the smallest slice of sweet potato pie you have ever seen. Which Lily ate half of. So I'm doing pretty well. This is the lowest I've weighed since I gave birth to Lily. I'm pretty proud of myself and I want to keep on going. :) I'm just a royal you-know-what.

And yes, in the picture, Lily is practicing to make margaritas. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is actually from a week ago, or so. Hey, we've been busy! It's actually nice on days like today, when I don't have to go anywhere. Tomorrow, it's physio and Friday, there's playgroup. bah! Miss Lily does love to climb (as most kids do) but I need to find her space that is safer. She was climbing in a fort at playgroup last week and fell on her head. Of course, she was up again in a minute. :) She didn't fall again though. I'm getting used to the constant bumps and scrapes. I don't like them but I know she needs to experiment and climb on things. Even when it gives mommy a heart attack. :P

She almost looks contrite here, no? And yes, there was some goop on my camera lens. I've since cleaned it off. Sigh. Let's see, today's going okay on WW. I had a big salad for lunch but I'm kind of jonesing for more. It's weird because I was counting calories and PB isn't so bad. You don't need a lot of it. But on WW peanut butter is like, the Armageddon of condiments. It seems like it has less to do with calories and more to do with fat and fiber content. gah!

Do not mess with Miss Lily's barbeque potato chips.

Also, do not put your Tilex next to your Toddler stain remover. Oops! I wondered why it smelled so bleachy. If those ripped/bleached jeans ever come back in style, I'll know what to use.... :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


That's what Pedro just called me. Cuz you know, taking care of an exuberant 20 month old, and going to school at night makes me a lazy person. Not to mention that I'm the only one who knows how to load the dishwasher and the washing machine.... Take that.

What? Who's the cute kid? That would be me. Actually, I have to admit that I look a little funny in some pictures. I was definitely not the beauty that Lily is. She is SO funny. I went to the beauty supply store today, which was closed for a little bit. So Lily wanted to go for a walk. We walked quite a ways and she wanted to go into Kroger (a grocery store). Anyway, on the way there, she kept on stopping and being funny with people. There was this one guy standing outside a store smoking a cigarette. He didn't look threatening or anything but he did have a wonky eye. She walked right up to him, shrugged really dramatically and walked on. He looked at me and just laughed.

I did have a good night in class. I'm getting better. yay!!! There are a lot of people with drama though and I get tired of hearing about it. If your boyfriend hits you and you let him back in your home, and this keeps going on and on and on.... I think some people just like the drama. I'm at a pretty settled stage in my life so I just don't even want to HEAR about it. You know? I might start bringing my MP3 player. :P Wouldn't that be a kicker if beauty schools had to start initiating personality tests???

Did I mention that I've started Weight Watchers? Just on my own. Sarah hooked me up with the basic stuff I need. I do get irritated counting points all day. I get so frustrated that I don't eat cuz I don't want to have to figure out the points. Which I guess, is one way to lose weight. :P

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Facts

It's been a while, right? Since I've done Friday Facts. I don't have any pictures of Lily and I'm not inclined to take any so.....

1. I am a mega cookie junkie. Sometimes I will go off of cookies for a month and actually lose two pounds. Kind of scary.

2. When I was 12, I asked my mom if I could take a modeling course. She said "ask me next year" so when I was 13, I asked my mom if I could take a modeling course. I think she said something like, ah crap she remembered. So I took the course and actually modeled for a few years. Not being a great beauty, I mostly did fashion shows. The rejection was hard but I think fasting for a week before a show was even harder. :P That might explain my cookie addiction....

3. Lily went to her regular playgroup today. I know that sounds weird, but there are always things going on within the bigger mom's club group, and this is her dedicated Friday's group. She'll get to know the other kids and I'll get to know the moms. Hopefully. :) It's mostly little girls and they were all running around and squealing. Cute but deafening.

4. I gave a pretty good facial massage last night. I just need to slow it down....

5. Did I mention I got my eyelashes tinted black? My eyes actually stand out now. When I get up in the morning and stagger to the bathroom it doesn't take me a few seconds to find my eyes in my face anymore. Next time I want to try the blue black...

6. Lily did pretty well at playgroup today. She did fall on her head but got up and continued playing. She has a mark on her neck and I checked a few times for tenderness.

7. I worry about the future of things a lot. I'm not sure if I should build a bunker behind the house and fill it with MREs and cookies (obviously). I try to have faith for the future and I'm working towards a better life for me and my family. But parts of me picture armageddon and societies breaking down....

8. ummm Did I mention my cookie addiction already? :) Lily has started saying more things together. She says "bye daddy" instead of "bye" or "daddy". When she honks the horn on her car she says "beep,beep" Tell me if I'm going too fast and I can slow it down. ha!

I think that's it. I have some things to do before Lily wakes up. That's the nice thing about playgroup, she crashes afterwards. Mommytime!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Seriously, y'all. I feel like I could eat a horse. The other night I ate a HUGE bowl of pasta before jetting off to school. Two hours later, I ate two granola bars, a pack of cheese crackers and a small bag of Famous Amos cookies. That held me. I was hungry when I got home but I didn't want to eat anything so my stomach hurt all night and I couldn't sleep. Then I fried up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Gah! I'm trying to lose weight over here. I feel like I'm battling with my body.

No, I am not pregnant.

Unfortunately, Lily hasn't been all that hungry. It's hard to tell if she really doesn't want to eat or if she just loves saying NO! Although, she never turns down chocolate. :P

It's hard because I don't really get to go to the gym all that much and it's hot so I don't really go out. I guess I'll just have to go out and sweat. blech

Pedro's been taking Lily to the park after dinner. Aren't you proud of him? This morning Lily actually ran to him instead of me. Remember how clingy she was? So I think things are improving. :)

Gosh, I can't think of anything else. I did schedule a toe surgery for the week of the 30th. It's an old callous, which turned into a growth, which I now want removed before it grows a mouth and starts talking to me. It should be easy peasy.

Anyway, I'm basically just typing while I wait for the video to load. This is an old one - Lily was just learning to sit up on her own. Oh and Newport News people - we're coming down this weekend and I need to practice my face massage - any takers???

Monday, June 16, 2008


I managed to get Lily to the gym today. The regular lady had contracted pink eye, or so I was informed by her young male stand in. He seemed like a nice enough guy so I left Lily to go and workout. But in the back of my mind I was thinking:

That dude looks a lot like Pedro, I'll bet he won't have any problems with her.

When I left, she was screaming. When I got back, it was extremely quiet. I opened up the door and saw her cuddled in his arms watching tv. He said that she went to the door and cried and then came back to him and held out her arms to be picked up. I'm sure she did. He looked like a 19 year old version of her daddy. :) Possibly, a little bit cuter.

Let's see, I know she's done some other things recently. Her newest thing is sleeping on the floor. I know that I used to do weird things too so it doesn't really bother me. I've seen so many bugs though, that I really don't want her sleeping in corners. Oh well.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Well, I was going to try to be all clever but I'm too tired for that. Pedro asked me to meet him in town for dinner. An Italian restaurant opened up in the same building where he works. I asked him if it was nice and got a non-committal answer. So I go in a camouflage green skirt with green flip flops with a black t-shirt to a place with linen tablecloths and antique silverware. AWESOME!

It was kind of hot, but we decided to eat outside. Mostly, so if Lily got ants in her pants she could run around. So NO liquor license. WHAT? I had a rough day and I was looking forward to a nice cold glass of white wine. boo! So then we look at the menus, and I ask what the special is. No specials! So now I'm thinking, there goes my day. So a lot of stuff looked good and I asked the waiter which of the entrees was better. He directed me to a very, very tasty dish. It was arugula gnocciatta (spelling?) with gorgonzola sauce. Holy 3000 calories, batman. Oh, it was so good.

Pedro had rabbit with risotta in a baked tomato. I'm not really up on tomatoes so good for Pedro. :P By the way, Lily was really good and sat still for most of our dinner. She also yummed up almost all the food we gave her.

Brie - check.
Breadstick - check.
Dipping fresh bread in olive oil - check.
Arugula - no check. (spit out and thrown off of plate angrily)
Carrot - check.
Carrot split in pieces after watching daddy break his breadstick - check.
Flirting with waiters and saying hi to everyone walking by - check.
Mommy's pasta - check.
Mommy's pasta sauce scraped repeatedly off of plate - check.
Rabbit - check.
Risotto - check.

Do you get the feeling she might be spoiled? :)

I ordered profiteroles for dessert but I got ice cream. I was pretty sure P-roles are pastry balls, filled with a custard thing and covered in chocolate. The ice cream was good - chocolate surrounding pistachio. yummmm But I told the waiter (nicely) what I thought P-roles were supposed to be and so he went to check. We'd already paid by then and the service was also awesome so I tipped him big. Good thing cuz he came back with the P-roles! He said he screwed up and I got some free dessert! Go me!

It was an awesome meal. Lily behaved, the service was awesome, that Italian waiter was HOT, the food was beyond excellent. Did I have another point? I guess it will be nice when they get their liquor license.

The pics? We made daddy a crown at craft day today. Lily showed quite a creative streak. I showed her the sticky pieces and she put them where she wanted them. I would never have thought to stack them on each other!

2 Funny

A week later, this still cracks me up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uh oh

Well, I missed it but daddy was kind enough to film a video of Lily playing on the computer. He got her a program that responds to any key pressed. I'm not sure I'm explaining myself properly so just look at the video. :)

I only got 94% on my test. I argued over one of the questions. The book clearly states that keratosis is a build up of dry cells, not necessarily from sun damage. HMPF I got my eyebrows tinted and waxed tonight so that kind of makes up for it. :)

I only took one picture of Lily at Pedro's company picnic on Tuesday and that is it. We did have a lot of fun. Yes, I forgot her bathing suit. She actually dove into the water at one point. Like not, diving board kind of thing but had her arms out in front of her and plopped in. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At least

Blogger is cooperating today. hmpf! I've got a busy busy week ahead of me. Somehow Lily has three play groups to go to this week. What the? Pedro's company picnic is today. And oh, it's only 99F out, with a heat index of 102F. :P Also, I've decided to make Lily go to the gym everyday. I only workout like stink for 10 minutes and then we leave. I'm trying to get her used to the gym by short repeated exposures that we can hopefully lengthen as time goes by. Cuz y'all? I already paid for my gym membership. I'm lucky if I get there once a week. And with my new found appreciation for peanut butter cups, it's not a good thing.

Pedro has complained that I don't write as much about Lily anymore. Well, she's hit a lot of milestones already. What's there to discuss? We know that she climbs like a goat and does finger painting with yogurt. The bigger stories will come when she starts to really talk. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Blogger has been slow all dern day. achem ummmm Now I forgot what was so important! Gah! Let's see - we had sort of a busy weekend. G-ma and g-pa came up with a pool for Lily so there was that. Lily hated the pool. She didn't even step in it once. Just kidding. She didn't even wait for help getting in it. :) We put shelves in the closet I painted. So we cleared up a lot of the house filling the closet up but there are still so many things that we don't have room for. It's really aggravating. And I know there are some things we don't use all the time, but I don't want to throw out cans of paint that we can use for touch up, you know? I think we really need a shed....

I got my haircut again on Saturday. Again, as if that's only happened twice in my life. :) Also, I called a super photo lab kind of place today to see about getting prints from the not 35mm slides. I need to bring them by, but they might be able to help me. They're an in-house photography production thing so I think my best chance is with them. Otherwise, I'll need to wing it on my own...

In other news, 105F today. It's been like this for days. The weather is 95, with a heat index of 105 so why not just say 105F? For my Canadian peeps, 104F is equal to 40C. My poor heat pump has been working overtime. (it does the AC too) Gah! I just looked at the syllabus and I have a test on Thursday.

Ahh yes, the yogurt pictures. I guess Lily didn't feel like eating her snack. I'm not sure that dumping it all over the table and floor was her only other option. I didn't get mad. I should have been paying closer attention. I knew it was bad news when she was quiet....

And here is my new haircut. I don't normally looking like Droopy Dog. What was his name? Anyway, I think the baked ziti is cool enough to eat. Outies!

Friday, June 6, 2008

For really reals **

I now have video evidence of Miss Lily climbing on the bed. Which you already know cuz you see the video below. SIGH. Lily is now ready for a nap but after 3 cups of coffee, I am NOT. I should drink more coffee more often, huh? I seem to be blogging more. Anyhoo, if my heart doesn't give out, here are some pictures of Lily "helping" me make the bed. Yeah, she's not so big on clothes anymore. I think most kids are that way, right?

I didn't get a picture of her fully spread out, but she was laying, as best she could, on the short ledge in front of the tv. I already pulled out one drawer this morning. I'm terrified that she's going to pull the whole thing over on herself. The tv weighs around 200 pounds. She'd be one flat child. The drawers are easy enough to pull out and there's nothing in them since she pulled everything out ages ago.... I remember when g-ma asked us if we got a new entertainment center. I was like, no, it just got cleaned up!

** Just for Pedro, he loves that phrase

Hold. The. Phone

Lily just climbed up on our bed by herself. She figured out that if she got as much as her upper body on the mattress as possible she could hoist herself the rest of the way by pushing off of the dresser. I'm in shock.

THEN she leaned off of the bed and grabbed pillows (I'm in the process of making the bed) and put them where she wanted them. I'm clearly superfluous. Oh my gosh, I spelled superfluous right.

Anyhoo. Maybe I can teach her how to make me coffee....?


Oh my gosh, I am in such a mood today. I didn't leave school until 10 after 10 (second night in a row) and I had to swing by the bank on the way home (ATM) so I didn't get home until almost 11. Pedro and Lily were already asleep. Lily I expected to be asleep, Pedro not so much. :) Anyway, I didn't get to bed until midnight and I heard a small herd of elephants go by at 4 something in the morning. Then Pedro dropped Lily off with me at 5:30. Then we had an argument about me going to physio this morning.

I did make it and I was in rare form. I'm usually tired but today it was a special type of tired. I was a belligerent cow. Mark asked me to rollover and I gave him an exasperated sigh. Don't worry, I had him laughing but I think I got some extra pokes in my shoulder for my sass.

Then my cellphone wouldn't send picture messages. "Cannot send messages in talk mode". Well, no kidding! My phone wasn't in a call. I mean REALLY. I had to repeatedly remind myself that throwing my new expensive cellphone against the wall wasn't going to be good for it.

I tried Samsung's website and I filled everything out except for the model # because in the drop down menu all it said was "model #". So the website wouldn't let me send the email and I just got sick and tired of useless technology!

But then I turned my phone off and on and, voila! it works. I took this picture last night before class. We were goofing. :)

I'm also ditching playgroup today. There's a heat advisory and the ladies want to go to a park. Have fun!!

I hope I can get to the gym tonight to burn off some stress. I'd better be getting my haircut tomorrow. It's been bugging me for weeks. There have been times I've thought about cutting it myself. hmpf

Anyway, this concludes the self-indulgent rant of the day. You may go on about your business.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been a little worried about how much (or little) Miss Lily has been eating lately. Well, I'm not so worried anymore. She ate a large portion (for her) of pizza and tonight Pedro said that she ate a whole hot dog. I'm happy but a little nervous. I was watching Dr Phil at the gym and the show was about overweight children. This little girl was 3 and weighed over 80 pounds. She wears size 10-12 for 10 year olds. It's awful to see her little body just choked up with fat. Her mom complained that her daughter is always asking for food. I had to bite my tongue not to scream out "give her a fricking carrot stick!" Food doesn't have to mean it has 1000 calories. Sigh. I still feel so badly for that child. It just really affected me.

Anyway, it's late and I need to get some sleep. Pedro had two (TWO!) naps today and I had zero.

For real

My love must have no bounds. I picked up a pizza for lunch today while Pedro napped. Dominoes delivers but I wasn't feeling them today. There's a NY pizza place down the road and the guys are really from NY. Seriously, just hang around the counter waiting for your pizza. Anyway, I felt like "fresh" pizza. I ordered a white pizza with sausage (real sausage with herbs in it) and pepperoni. Lily went to town on it as you can see.

So anyway, this is what I had to put up with when I tried to take another picture. She hit me with a stink face. What a ham. Sigh. I know, there's more fun ahead. So the pizza was really good and now I'm hoping to get Lily down for a nap so I can go to the gym. Pedro's home cuz he tried to stay up too many nights in a row while not feeling so hot. Great. now Lily is doing her new thing of falling asleep on the floor in the study. I think we need to get her a bed....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Pedro has been making an effort to get Lily up early in the morning so she's more likely to go to bed at a decent time. He comes in between 6:30 and 7 and tries to get the ragamuffin to wake up. This morning she kept telling him "no" in an increasingly aggravated voice. She finally snuggled in against me and once he left the room she turned to me and said something in a conspiratorial tone that sounded like she was telling me EXACTLY what she thought of him - in baby talk.

I thought she said no a lot before but I had no idea. ummm I just asked her if she wanted to brush her teeth and she nodded yes. Sigh. Contrary little monkey shine.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have kind of a busy day ahead so I just wanted to say that Lily is doing better since she's started the antibiotics. She's been sleeping through the night more often and she's coughing less. :) She's also a big faker. She cries when she sees the syringe full of antibiotics coming but will hunt down he syringe afterwards to suck the last bit of medicine out. Sigh.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Not today, anyway. I made sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast and dinner tonight will include pork chops and creamed potatoes and peas. :) I've made the recipe a few times and it always turns out well. How could it not? It's got bacon and whipped cream in it. :)

These are some pics that Stacy was kind of enough to send over. Yes, that's the infamous strawberry shortcake. My hair looks cute! It's been almost 2 months since I've had it cut so it's getting annoying, but it's nice to know it doesn't look as bad as it feels. :) Yes, my license plate says GPOOBAH. You get it, or you don't.

I was really tempted to get an old time ice cream maker at Sam's Club yesterday. The kind you have to crank by hand, etc. We're kind of lazy so you know we wouldn't eat that much ice cream. :) I like the idea of controlling the ingredients. It took me a few minutes this morning to find a margarine or whipped butter that didn't have partially hydrogenated stuff in it. Yeah, I know, I had sausage gravy for breakfast. But I made it. :)

Yes, another sleepy video of Lily.