Friday, February 25, 2011


Holy smokes. I'm feeling very run down today. I can just hear Pedro's voice "But you had two night's of sleep!" True, but I feel like I'm coming down with something else. I was just out on the sofa cuddled up under a blanket and falling asleep. Normally I can't sleep unless I'm wearing ear plugs and the room is as black as the dark side of the moon. :P

I'm feeling a little barfy too. We were at the doc's office this morning. Madi's had stinky pee, for lack of a better word, and I wanted to get that checked out. No fever or pulling on her diapers. But it never hurts to check. The test was sort of inconclusive but they're running a culture and we're going to put her on antibiotics for a couple of days as a precaution. This happened to Lily and I a few years ago so.... I don't take chances on this anymore. :/

And Madi started walking with her red bus thing. She's walked with it before but usually because the OT was making her walk. This was all on her own, so that's great. :) The OT said that Madi's feet are still rolling in a lot and that's a huge impediment to her being able to keep her balance. So I guess we still have to see the specialist on the 20th of March. :P I've been hearing stories about that place....

Anyhoo, let me go and check on my girls. I really could just lay down and sleep all afternoon. I never knew that parenting could be so hard. :P

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Boy

I am sick today. I mean, I was sick yesterday but today it's really settling into my chest. Gross alert: I had to get up and use the bathroom at 5am which was good because I had to cough too and I would've thrown up in bed had I had to have kept all of that green mucus in my mouth for more than 2 seconds. BLECH!

I had something similar in October and that kept me out of the gym for 2 weeks so here's hoping I heal up faster. I don't have a wedding/trip hanging over my head. I do however have taxes. :P

Wow, I could've sworn I took some pics yesterday. Oh okay, that didn't take too long to figure out. I have to give Apple props for making user-friendly products. I do NOT keep up with technology and it only takes me a few seconds to figure out new things on my iTouch.

We had a nice visit yesterday with g-ma and g-pa. Pedro got to snooze for a few hours and barely woke up in time for the pizza. :P The good part about me not cooking for the last few days is that the amount of frozen leftovers in the freezer has significantly decreased. :)

Well, I guess I'm off to have a shower and get ready for going into town. :P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here's what happened. I went outside to put Lily's bike away while she was on the back deck playing in her sand box. I heard something from the grill and smelled a lot of gas. So I checked the propane tank thingie and I could hear the gas coming out. So I tried turning it off, but it was already off. It was unconnected to the grill (I thought maybe the grill was on but it wasn't) so I tried connecting it to the grill and it still wouldn't stop hissing.

I tried calling Pedro twice and of course, he didn't answer. This reminds me of why I had a coworkers cell phone number - so there was some way he could be reached if I went into labor. :P

So, I called the main gate, which is security, and asked them what I should do and they said call 911. I called 911 and I think there was a miscommunication because I KNOW I said a tank for a grill and instead I had SUVs flying up the road into the grass and men jumping out and hitting the ground running. I had everyone out of the house and we were like, what is going on. Anyway, the fire marshal got there first and called to send four of the fire trucks back. GOOD GRIEF

They thought I meant one of those huge tanks that attach to a house. gah

Anyway, I didn't feel comfortable letting the tank bleed away especially since the guys are here and using power tools that might cause sparks. So I'm glad I called but I felt kind of sheepish. It wasn't a super emergency but it wasn't something that I could just leave and feel comfortable with. The guys/gals were here for almost 2 hours. It wouldn't stop hissing. They what happened was that they filled it really full when it was cold. Then, of course, it was hot yesterday and the propane expanded.

Everything worked the way it was supposed to. I was just having a heck of a day yesterday.

Okay, that's just not fair. I met with a trainer this morning and she came up with a workout for me. It's one of those, doing things that hit a lot of muscle groups at one time, push ups, chin ups, dips, lunges, etc. So my legs H.U.R.T. If I have to bend down, I need to do it by a chair so I can get back up again. But I just reached out to pet BG (who pooped in my bathroom yesterday) and my bicep just screamed.

It's going to be a long day. Crap, it's not even NOON!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Okay, so Madilyn hasn't been sleeping well, again. Sometimes we reach points where she'll only wake up once or twice and that's a really good night. :) But lately she's been waking me up every hour or two and yelling or screaming and that is, well, a normal night.

So... last night we gave her some Benedryl for the first time. It was okayed by the doctor. It did knock her out, which was AMAZING! It's always very physical when she tries to fall asleep, which is why it's so rough in the middle of the night. She slept from 10:30 to 2:30 (wheee!) and then woke me up at 4:30, 5:15. GAH! It's hard. And I do roll over and check the time because things can always seem earlier or later than they are.

I had a lot of reservations giving Madi something to make her sleep. I file that under "Behaviors of Lazy Parents" but she's almost 20 months old and we've tried everything else. I still just feel that time will give us the answers. When she can talk and tell us what she needs, we can fix things. Her favorite thing right now is to find my head with her head and then she starts knocking our heads together. Really. She has that need for deep pressure sensation. It's why she likes to walk on her toes.

Anyway, it's not fun to wake up to someone else's skull cracking into mine. I guess I could get us crash helmets.....?

So today is a lazy Friday, I hope. Just a few odds and ends and maybe we'll get started making Valentine's for the party on Monday. Wheeeee! And this is a Valentine's that Lily made for me although, she just got snippy and took it back. And told me that she doesn't love me. :P But I love it, it's her handprints in a heart. And not that I will cherish it forever but it's something that I want to keep so that she and I can look at it when she's grown up. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tired, Part 1,346

Wow, Madi was a handful last night. She's got canines coming in now so I know that feels good. I do give her painkiller before bed but it doesn't last all night. So I went in at 4:15am to help out Pedro because I could tell he'd had enough. Poor, wee Madi. She doesn't mean to keep us all up. I think.

It's so funny to me that Lily still wakes up with tumbleweed hair. I mean, it's way past bedhead. And apparently, when she says no pictures, she means it. I have a wee break today - she'll be at school until 1:15. I have proof on one of the handouts it says 1:30, which is why I didn't show up until 1:20. She was the last kid there. And not too pleased with me. Hopefully, I'll get there a little earlier today. She seems to like it although it's more older kids.

I think tomorrow they're having a Valentine's party with cupcakes, etc. Don't you miss preschool???

Holy smokes, we got new internet service (I have to send y'all my new email address) and it takes a second to upload pics instead of the old 5 or more seconds. wheeee!

Anyway, just so y'all remember how pretty Lily can be, this is her before the birthday party she went to on Saturday. I blow-dried her hair for her.

Okay, I think I hear snores coming from Madi's direction, I can finally take a shower. This morning it was ON. I usually prepare for the worst so Lily's lunch was ready and her clothes were laid out. All I had to do was get her to brush her hair and her teeth and help her dress, then throw some clothes on, grab the baby and go. whew

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's true!

Pedro can actually smile. I did get an iPod touch, or iTouch or however you say it. It's pretty awesome. I was going to just get a Nano, but even though this doesn't have a phone account, I can use the wifi in the house to download music, watch videos or read books. So it's pretty mega awesome. And the camera is SO fast. With my digital camera (or even my phone camera) it seems to take a picture 1 to 2 seconds after the event I wanted to capture. Not with my iTouch. And if I ever get organized, it can do video calling. AND it's easy to use.

So I'm pretty glad that I went ahead and got it. Eventually, I want to get a docking station so I can play music in other rooms of the house. I used to play music from the minute I got up in the mornings, until I went to bed and Pedro put a stop to that. He's not much of a music person. And well, :P to him, I need music.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The eye of Lily brings you...


Just so Pedro won't fuss at me, here are some more pics. Lily gets a hold of the camera so I never know what I'll find when I download the photos. :/

I am pretty tired - Lily and Madi are both sick. Lily wanted juice and medicine at 3:30 this morning, both of which I had primed and ready to go by the side of the bed. I do rock at SOME things. Then at 4, Pedro needed me to sleep with Madi. I think it took a good hour to get her to sleep. Anyway, I got up at 8:30 and called the school to let them know that Lily wouldn't be there today and they said she can make up the day tomorrow if she's feeling better. That's cool. :)

I've been putting in a lot of effort to try and get to the gym. I came to the realization that later is now, with respect to losing weight. With 40 breathing down my back, I feel like there's no more time to put things off. It's been going pretty well. I'm going to try and maybe go tonight to zumba and I'll go tomorrow morning while Lily's in school. That would make 5 trips to the gym this week! Who rocks??!

Anyway, it seems like things are hopefully changing for the better. No Madi isn't sleeping through the night but she's trying like mad to talk. She's still not walking. argh I guess it's baby steps. hahaha see what I did there?