Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm going to have to get HBO

One of my favorite book series, a Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin, is being made into a tv series on HBO. Some of the actors I was Meh about but now it seems that the big guy from Hot Fuzz ("yarp") is going to be one of the actors and Derek Jacobi who played Cadfael, may be the old knight. NOW I'm interested.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Is this day over yet?

I'm updating the blog (yet again) to try and distract myself from my tiredness, headache and exceptional gastric distress. And throw in a little grief too. I was feeling down and thought, I don't really have a good reason.... oh wait, yes I do. It was shockingly sad to walk past the three cat bowls and remember there's only two cats now. Sigh.

I took pictures of Lily as a princess today. She was extremely into it. I'm not really sure what her future holds but I'll be as supportive as I can be. Well, I just spent the last few hours watching Glee on hulu. So much for blog stories! I needed a little distraction though. Pedro was trying to talk to me about Daphne and made me cry. It's just a little too soon. *sniffle*


I actually took this picture last week. Daphne managed to jump up on the bed. I'll miss her big fluffy butt. I hope wherever she is that she gets all the tuna and frappucinos that she wants.

The Weekend

We had a good visit at g-ma and g-pa's house. We met lots of members of the family that we hadn't met before. :) Madilyn, my usually happy baby, is a little cranky at the lack of warm arms today. She had a pretty cozy weekend being snuggled by everyone. :) Lily enjoyed being the popular princess. No, she didn't wear her crown then - she wore it this morning and showed me her princess pose. I'm so scared. I suspect that she's going to be a terror when she's a pre-teen. She's just much more of a girly-girl than I ever was. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for that. :)

I'm still down about Daphne, it's going to take a while to process, I think. Anyway, here's some cute pics of Lily and Pepita, Aunt Manuela & Uncle Delio's puppy. She was a very sweet dog. Except for tempting Lily into chasing her into a big mud puddle. :)


I know this goes against the blog charter but I do have some sad news. I took my old cat Daphne into the vet's this morning. I think you all know what I'm going to say so I'm not going to say it. It was pretty emotional. I think it was for the better that they had an appointment that I had to rush for otherwise I think I'd be more morose. If that makes sense. She went peacefully and I was petting her and smooching her at the time.

Well, I can't stop crying so....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chicken Enchilada rolls

That's what I'm having for breakfast. It's just been that kind of day. I've been trying to clean up and I needed something that could cook without me. My cold is finally starting to leave and now I can smell my house. It's not good. Ignorance is definitely bliss.

I'm looking forward to meeting new family members this weekend. That's all I can think of. I have a few errands to run today and I need to get them done before I forget again!

I never knew my kitchen curtain was hanging so crookedly....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pumpkin #2

Okay, I'm really tired so I'll pretty much just tell a quick story and put up some cute pics. Lily helped me clean the kitchen today. She spent at least 5 minutes scrubbing the stove. SCORE. Also, when Lily was sick last week, I told her to throw up in a towel instead of on the sofa. Which she did. AWESOME. So things are looking up. :)

Also, Madilyn is still the most adorable. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm having a very small glass of red wine and it's putting me to sleep. Lily and I had a better sleep last night, although we're in for fun tonight. The both of us can't stop coughing. :P And she refuses to take cough syrup. I tried honey too but she spat that out also. Sigh.

Madilyn is still healthy just very peeved at having to sit by herself in her babysit. I'm trying to minimize her exposure to me so that she doesn't get sick. Of course, she doesn't understand that. At least we didn't have fevers today. I feel like we'll get healthy, then Lily will go to her next gymnastics class and we'll get sick again. My plan is to soak all of us in antibacterial hand gel as soon as we leave the gym.

Madilyn is trying so hard to sit up. I'm like, dude, you're not even 3 months old. You can roll over, grab your toes and "talk". Rest a bit. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I knew I'd win in the end

Lily came up to me today and asked for a pony tail. ha! I win. She's asleep right now. Poor thing, I just gave her a dose of motrin. My throat hurts. I'm sure she picked up something from gymnastics class yesterday. She usually gets sick after playgroup too. Sigh. Hey, she gets sick and makes the antibodies now or later. Unfortunately, she's taking my boat down too! I'm not too worried about M. I wash my hands every time I go to make her food. So far the only symptoms are a bad sore throat. No congestion or anything. I know, I thought "swine flu!" first thing too. :)

I was trying out new positions for M in the baby slings today. It wasn't working so well.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I knew September would be busy. Mondays are gymnastics, or Naz as Lily calls it. Tuesdays are the playgroup at the gym. Fridays are also playgroup days. It will be interesting. :) Lily refused to take a nap today and therefore fell asleep before 8pm. SWEET. She wanted me to take a picture of her so I told her to play with her hair and look pretty. She didn't do too badly. :)

And who knew that daddies make such good sofas?

Breaking News...

Lily has been calling her new friend Nastics (gymnastics class) on the pink feathered phone and telling her/it that she misses her/it. Too funny!

Also, I finally got M to sleep. I think she was a little overstimulated after the class. I, just fell asleep with my head in my hands while sitting on the toilet. I'm TIRED y'all.


See what I did there? I'm so witty. Lily attended her first gymnastics class today. I was right - she was all over it. I had to take her outside though because she blew a fuse when she had to wait to be allowed on the floor. She was better by the end of class. She started to understand that she had to wait her turn for things like the long trampoline. It was definitely challenging trying to watch her and hold M at the same time. But other ladies were doing it too.

Lily frequently took off for the forbidden areas. There's a pit of foam chunks (not sure what for) and another mom grabbed her right before she threw herself in there. *rolling eyes* The teaching assistant said it takes a few classes before the kids learn the routine. Lily was hysterical to watch. She had a GREAT time. There was music blasting and Lily was standing in front of the mirrors and shaking her butt. Which entertained another little girl who chased Lily around for a bit.

I got some exercise this morning too. When Lily was on the move, I was on the move and she was ALWAYS on the move. whew Madilyn was a champ. I held her most of the time. She kind of missed out on breakfast because I had to drive Pedro to work (long story) so we had to hurry back out to Fluvanna for gym class. I recognized some other moms there but this is not a class for chit chat. I'm hoping to make friends with a mom with the baby so we can take turns watching the kids and watching the babies. If that makes sense. Like for the first half of class, I'd watch the babes and she'd chase after Lily and her kid. Then we'd switch. Although it's in a very remote location (at the back of a golf course) I don't like leaving M by herself for 45 minutes in the stroller. I guess we'll figure something out. I think daddy can go to work late on Mondays and take Lily to class.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Apple Worm


It is a beautiful day here in central VA. Went to Carter's mountain to pick some apples (and eat some apple donuts). So beautiful out. We didn't stay too long. Madilyn was with us and decided 15 minutes into apple picking that now, NOW, she was hungry. Oh well. I went back to the car and left Lily to pick apples with Stacy. Lucky Stacy. :)

Hopefully, we can go back again with daddy and g-pa. Oh and after we picked apples, we headed on over to Michie Tavern for fried chicken. Lily was pretty well behaved the whole time. I was impressed. She crashed on the way home so I'll have to tell her when she wakes up. :) The only drawback to the day was our lazy server. She never checked on us once and I had to go to the buffet area and ask for an extra biscuit please. You get your first plate yourself, but they're supposed to get you everything else once you've sat down. She did not get a big tip.

Yesterday, was my mom's birthday. I thought about her and what the world was like for her as a baby and what life was like for my grandmother to have her first child. I miss them both. I know my mom would've adored both girls. When we were leaving Michie Tavern today, a man seated at a table with a loud toddler asked me, how do you keep them so quiet? I didn't answer because I didn't have an answer. They are the way they are, and mine are pretty fabulous. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too Funny

I was just showing Lily the picture of her slipping into the puddle (see way below) and she said "I swim!". LOL

I love her.

Granted, I also asked her if she got a boo boo on her ankle at g-ma and g-pa's house (she slipped on some bricks). She said "No, Riley bite me". I promise that no one has made an effort to teach her to lie. Do kids just come out that way?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And I found one!

But it's currently not in stock. Sigh.

Oh holla! There's a fur phone but only one left in stock...

She lives

I canceled that Daphne appointment. She did pretty well over the weekend, with respect to litter using. I'm going to talk to one of the vets today and hopefully pick up some feliway stuff. As well as go to the bank and the post office. whew This stay at home stuff is pretty busy sometimes.

Was that English?

Anyway, we're all doing alright today. At least, for right now. :) Madilyn slept from 9:45 last night until 7:30 when I got her up. Well, she woke up a few times and I had to settle her back down. I wasn't really prepared to do a feeding at 5:30am. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm mean. You know, with Lily I was all about attachment parenting and following her cues. Well, that's pretty tiring. With poor Madilyn, it's all about how much my tired body can take. But hey, she's sleeping through the night. :)

We went toy shopping with Lily over the weekend and bought her some more appropriate toddler toys. She now has a tea set. :) She loves it and has it set up all nice in the living room. We also got her a fabulous feather and sequin phone, which she adores. AND a tool set. She's always stealing her daddy's tools so now she has her own. The trade off is that when she took his tools, she was pretty quiet about it. When she plays with hers, the whole block knows. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


I hate it when the blogs I visit aren't updated. So, for the two or three people who come here - sorry. :) I've had quite the day today. M had a volcanic diarrhea and I had to clean her from her armpits to her knees. She giggled the whole time. Then, Daphne pooped in the hallway and three times in the kitchen. Lily doesn't have a pull up on and I'm afraid that she will complete the poop trifecta.

She is so funny. Lily, I mean. Pedro was late getting home yesterday and she was dressed and waiting for him to take her to the park. See above. She said "Daddy no like me". She says that about everyone. Except for me, as far as I know. :)

I am stressed about the Daphne poop situation. She's been pooping outside of the litter box for a while now. I've been keeping it really clean so she doesn't have an excuse. I actually made an appointment for her to go in on Tuesday. And, well, not come out again. Not in her original packaging, anyway. Oh, I almost started to cry on the phone so I'm not a heartless beast. But I have an active toddler and a baby who will be crawling soon. I'd like them not to have to crawl through cat poop.

And who knows, she may not be enjoying herself either.