Thursday, September 18, 2014

That word there!

I don't even know if there's a word for what I'm going through.  Madi has been frustrating as of late.  Lots of peeing on the floor and my dresser (it's a 1930s low rider - I made that part up) poop on the sofa.  It's been very very soul crushing.  Is this going to be my life forever??  And so, of course, Madi seems to be making some headway in her development.  I swear she waits for black clouds to form around my head.  Anyway...

She's been peeing on the potty (obviously alternating with the carpet) and she has a new sense of individuality.  I tried to put her sippy in her mouth and I got some serious talk to the hand action. She even likes drinking from a straw now.

**** Lily just interrupted me to ask if she could accept a friend request from someone on Littlest Pet Shop Pets or whatever they are, and I was thinking it was a kid.  Middle aged women play this game???  WTH?****

So anyway, I couldn't even feed Madi yogurt last night.  She backhanded me so many times I still have yogurt in my hair.  I had to crush her meds and sneak them in some liquid tylenol.  The hell.  Last night she very carefully carried her drinks and dinner and set them up the way she wanted them.  I was like, who are you?  Oh and she loves the word princess.  Whenever she sees someone that looks even remotely like a princess she asks "princess?".  And if I put something cute on her and call her a princess she gets very excited.  I don't really know what to call this.  More self-awareness?  She wants to do things her way?  I'm not complaining much (except for the yogurt in hair part) it's a great sign of her progressing in her development.

Also, she kept me up from 4 til 6:30 so she's not my favorite kid right now.

And Pedro shocked me when he asked for more vegetarian meals.  Am I in another dimension?

I hope these videos load.  As per usual they are sideways.  I hope blogger is up to the challenge....

Our greatest treasure - the fart ray gun in action.