Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh myyyyy

Sorry, George Takei, you don't own that shit. 

Yeah, it's a rough morning.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I was glad to wake up on a Saturday!  Initially I thought we were all going to be late but then I remembered that it was the weekend.... :)

So we have a bit of a food shortage in the house.  Lily will sometimes eat three or four servings of dinner, which means I have nothing left to turn into lunches for the next day.  When I told Pedro about this, he suggested that we get another Sam's Club membership.  Like a Costco.  I can usually get the same or better prices on some items (think diapers) at other stores but Sam's has the huge peanut butter containers and bags of rice, which it looks like we'll be needing.  Hells bells, I thought she'd eat us out of house and home in another five to ten years.  She's early.  O.o

So what's up with me?  Not a lot.  Oh, I can't remember if I posted about this.  I have been feeling really run down so I went to my doc for a screening.  I was negative for everything but I showed early inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis.  Well, ptooey.  Better to catch it now than later, right?  So I'm taking some Voltarin?  Or something.  It helps.  My joints were getting ow-y.  Yes, I'm pretty sure that's a medical term.

So, I'm dealing with that.  Thankfully, Lily is over her school thing.  Madi has started crying now when I leave her.  Do they have secret meetings to plan this crap?

Today I am armed with my grocery store deals and my coupons.  I need to go to the gym first and then we'll roll into town.  Oh yeah, Sam's usually has cheaper gas too.  hmmmmmmmmm

Hope y'all enjoy your last weekend of September.  Peace!

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