Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Madi at a birthday party.
Holy flaming bag of poop, that multigrain roll was delicious!  Okay, I'm kind of starving but still.  mmmmm

Okay, so, where was I?  Sorry about the gap in posts, I had 200 cds on my chair and didn't feel like alphabetizing them.  I know, I was just as surprised as you!

So I had a mostly fun weekend.  Mostly, because, I had to come home again.  ha!  Stacy and I lucked out at the Mountain Lodge.  We checked in and walked up to the room and I booked the cheapest room so I knew it was going to be small.  The lodge was built in 1939, for 1939 folks.  I don't think they had the obesity epidemic they do now.

Anyhoodles, our room door was open so Stacy, after a brief exchange of looking in each other's eyes "you do it" "no, you're closer", went up and knocked on the door and there was someone in there and I could see a bed unmade.  No biggie.  We went back downstairs and the front desk clerk was very apologetic.  We were like, no big deal (we've got lots of bourbon) so we went out for a bit.

When we came back, she was still very sorry and said there was a mix up.  So we got new rooms.  We went from a very small two twin bed room, right at the stairs (hello, noise) to, what seemed to be, the best room in the lodge.  Rooms 15 and 16, if you care.  A couple of people asked us if we were in those rooms, and how much we liked them.  One weird guy kept pressing me to see how much I paid.  *eyes*  Anyway, Stacy had a double sized bed and my room had two twin beds and it's own deck!  Okay, so it was a fire escape but still.  AWESOME!  Stacy likes to point out that she had the coffee machine.

My room. The kid/s room.
So, we didn't go for a hike.  We were going to because we knew the room would be small and we'd want to be out and about but after our new rooms, we spent most of our time on the "deck".  Drinking bourbon.  What?

The heating system was radiators and I didn't get the sleep I thought I would, hot cold hot cold.  I kept on waking up every hour.  Sigh.  But it was dang quiet!  No booming stereos on the mountain top!

View from my deck.
We went riding the next morning.  We've been doing this for a while now so we know some of the horses.  I wasn't very thrilled to get George.  I mean, George?  Come on.  Give me Sugarfoot or Sunshine.  Anyway, George and I had fun, I think.  I was the laasssst rider and so I'd wait til the guide was out of sight and then I'd rein in George and trot for a bit.  He figured it out and he started slowing down and trotting of his own accord.  Glad I always had a hand on the bridle because he surprised me a few times.  *eyes*  I'm sure he appreciated an experienced rider - he got to have some fun too.  :)

Look at us! We got the awesome room!
Anyhoo, I need to dash off and meet the stable owner.  I haven't given Lily a "big" party so I'm going all out for this one.  Pony ride party at the stables.  I'm still going to keep it simple.  But maybe I'll have a pinata.  What?

Oh crap I have to write about Lily.  And Madi.  Madi has been talking.  They tried to make her eat apple butter and she said "Don't do it, bitch."  Sigh.

Hobbit door between the bathrooms.  

Lily refused to go to school for a week but she seems to be over that now.  I just had to tell her sternly to get on the bus and she did.  This morning.  Last week, Pedro and I took turns throwing her on the bus.  No, really.  Well, I shoved but he just picked her up by her scruff and the seat of her pants.  Hey she seems to be doing MUCH better.

Good ole George.
So lots to look forward to.  Many birthdays at school, Lily's birthday (I'm inviting 32 kids, am I insane????), Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving.  It's the final stretch of the year.  :)

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