Friday, September 14, 2012


Lily cried all the way to school.  Then while she was walking to class.  When I was leaving, I peaked in her classroom and she had her head down on the table still crying.  Argh.

I'm not mad at her.  I am starting to get frustrated.  I've talked to her about why she's upset.  I also took her to the doc last night.  Madi's cough is just upper respiratory and clearing up.  He checked Lily's stomach and initially she really winced when he pushed.  Then, he asked her about her friends and she started listing off like 20 people.  He told me he pushed as hard as he could on her stomach and no reaction when she was talking.

So it's 99% anxiety causing this stomach upset. The nurse told me to set up an appointment with the guidance counselor but when I asked about her, she just showed up at the office.  She seems really nice and still in high school herself.  Snort.  The best/worst part was that she already knew about Lily.  When we walked into school the librarian and art teachers were there and told me Lily enjoyed her classes and usually stopped crying.  Sigh.  So I guess word gets around. 

Ms Ashton (I think) the counselor, said that she would call me after she talks to Lily. 

And I know that a lot of kids have a rough time adjusting.  Initially, Lily was excited because of the school bus and the whole big kid aspect of kindergarten.  But then those two girls on the bus were trying to get her in trouble.  Then she jumped in the mud puddle, couldn't get her shoes back on and had a fit so her teacher got mad at her. 

There have been a few bumps in the road. 

I should mention that Lily's report card was excellent.  I showed it to her this morning.  She's a smart little girl but going through some anxiety right now.

And her daddy yelling at her probably isn't helping.  Oh yes, I did.  Lily has to go to school.  There's no getting around that.  However, I'm sure that her crying disrupts the whole class.  And she can't hang out at the nurse's office all day.  Do we need to change teachers?  (I think Miss Hinkle is awesome but the lady has a full class to teach)  Do we need to change schools? 

I've tried talking to Lily about rewards she can get if she can stop crying.  I've tried to think of other things to calm her stomach, like chamomile tea.  But it's in her head.  I don't want to put her on anti-anxiety medication!  Good grief. 

So yeah.  Sigh.

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