Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, yes, Lily still goes to skating lessons but since she wears the same thing every time, it seems useless to take pictures. She's doing better. She doesn't fall down but she doesn't move very fast either. I'll need to bite the bullet and skate with her. Am I the only one who sees this as a huge mistake? It's been decades since I last skated and there are no cute analogies about never forgetting how to skate. I'm pretty sure I have no idea and I'm also sure I might crack the ice with my big butt. There I said it.

Lily and I did a lot of shopping today too. Oh and I had my car fixed. There was a recall thing and I noticed that my gas mileage improved dramatically today. *eyes* Then we went to Target and I spent way too much money. But I needed another winter comforter. It gets very tense at my house in the winter time. :[

Then we got groceries and poor Lily was crying the whole time. Not sobbing but just so tired and sore. Poor thing. I got her some gum for being a good sport. Hey that's a big deal to a 4 year old! Daddy and Madi were already home by then so we kind of dragged ourselves back.

I guess that's it. Lily is hovering over me waiting for me to play with her. Pedro is asleep. Madi is watching tv. Yeah, I'm a great mom. :)

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