Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day... 42? 43?

Oops. Had a sick day and then skipped one so I'm not sure. I'll go with 43 and if anyone else is better at counting then you can correct me.

So Madi kept me up from 3:15 til almost 6. Pedro said she'd already kept him up for an hour before I got in there. Thank heavens for ear plugs, huh? This was with her medication. Poor thing. I was holding her and she'd fall asleep and then her body would spasm and she'd wake up again. We see the doc on Thursday and I'll let her know. I guess it could be seizures. She's done this since she was an infant. Her pediatrician figured that her nervous system was immature and it seemed like a decent explanation at the time. But now she's well over 2 years old...

However, in the good news department, she was playing with her toys and brought me a toy cup. This is huge because it's the start of independent play. They said that the PT was amazed at what Madi was doing today. She said Madi was doing stuff she wasn't doing 2 weeks ago. I don't know what those things are because I didn't get to talk to her.

And yes, today was Lily's birthday. It mostly came off without a hitch. I brought her cupcakes, juice, candles, plates, etc. Another mom brought pizza! How nice was that? I don't know why. Anyway, in true Sonia fashion, I showed up early and it was lucky. There are two teachers but they bounce around and help other rooms. So I was helping hand out the juice and pizza and just trying to keep up with everyone. Some of the kids have allergy issues so the other teacher was on the phone checking with parents and the other one had to help in another classroom.

It was just a good thing that I was there. :) ( Not that they can't do it without me, I'm sure)

I'll put pics up tomorrow. I have a busy morning in town. I'll be dropping the girls off and then racing around. wheeee! Thursday is also busy, so I'm holding out for Friday. :) I don't want to go anywhere this weekend. Oh and Lily has two birthday party invitations on the fridge so I guess things are just going to keep on being busy. :)

I'm trying to think.... I had a pretty set up in the dining room for when Lily got home. Fancy balloons held down by a little pile of presents. Hey, I tried. I didn't give her a big fancy party but she got a little party at school - WHICH SHE LOVED and then got the loot once she got home. And we took her out for Chinese food. whew I think she had a good day. :)

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