Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 45

So Madi did NOT sleep through the night. We saw the pediatrician today and her blood pressure is great so we're going to up her dosage. I guess that was the game plan all along. We'll have to go back in another week and make sure her blood pressure is still okay.

So I'm surviving this week. It's been Lily's birthday, new doctor's, new medication, gearing up for Halloween and field trips. It's been... something. :) Friday, as far as I know, I have nothing planned so. wheeee! I might get groceries. :P

This weekend I want to take Lily for a pony ride. And I think that's about it. Although, we might have to think about getting birthday presents for all the birthday parties coming up. Oi vey.

Oh and Madilyn took matters in her own hands today. And by matters, I mean poo. Pedro said she took her diaper off. Flung some poo in one direction and used the rest to play with in the toy corner. I was at an appointment. I asked him why he didn't stop her and he blamed Lily for not telling him.... *eyes*

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