Friday, November 2, 2012

Tra la la

So, I've been shopping online lately.  Well, I don't do a lot of shopping anymore.  But I needed some things and figured that Pedro owed me.  You know it's true.  Anyway, I was looking at sleep wear and a lot of the pajama bottoms were Christmas themed.  I started singing Christmas carols.  Wow.  How easily are we trained? 

I have Madi home sick today.  Not to worry.  We had a three hour nap together.  whew  Man, I feel way better.  The past several weeks have sucked.  I know it's all relative.  We have a home and cars, etc.  I guess I've gotten used to having time to myself during the week.  Well that hasn't happened at all this week.  At. All. 

I guess the good part of having Madi home is that she may have the same symptoms as Lily, but she doesn't whine about it.  I can see Madi shiver, (and put more clothes on her) but with Lily it's "I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COLD!"  It just makes you not want to help her. 

hahahahahahaa  Madi was "talking" to herself "ayayayayayayayayayayayayaya" and Brewster walked up to the door and whined loudly at her to make her stop.


I do try to enjoy my little life.  I haven't been to the gym in weeks though.  Last week, I was so run down.  Sleeping as much as I could and then getting sick.  This week I've felt better but I've had sick kids to deal with. 

Pedro was complaining about Lily last night and I said "well, no one said parenting was easy."  He looked a little surprised.  lol  But it's true.

I've always looked forward to the girls getting older and more independent.  But now I'm thinking, Lily is going to require MORE watching the older she gets.  And who knows if/when Madi will be independent. 

So I drink my moscato and forge onwards.  And nap a lot. :)

Oh yeah, and because of Lily's throat she couldn't go trick or treating.  :/  How much does that suck?  But a very sweet friend brought over a surprise halloween gift cauldron.  :)  So Lily did have one surprise and we let her stay up late watching movies in her costume.  So I think the night was salvaged.  :)

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