Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alright, hookers

I haven't watched True Blood in a long time but that phrase will always stay with me.  When Lafayette said "Damn, hooker. Shit!" I was in love.  I said damn, hooker so much that all I had to say was damn and hooker would echo from the other side of the house. 

Thanks, Lily.

So what is my damage today?  Well Madi kept me up from 2 til around 10.  I didn't take her to school and put Lily on the bus.  The little poop would NOT fall asleep.  I fell asleep playing a video game!  And then when she did fall asleep she only slept an hour.  I just chugged down a double serving of hot cocoa so hopefully I'll be able to pick up Lily.  I'll drive slow and careful.  Snort. 

I know I've been a big whiner lately but I feel like I've earned some of it.  Yes Brewster chewed through the vacuum cleaner cord, so we're now vacuum-less.  But he's also been chasing the cats so BG has taking to peeing in the kitchen again.  I knew I smelled something but I chocked it up to the cabbage rolls.  Which were delicious, by the way.

It's not like the stuff I'm dealing with is huge (except for Pedro's diabetes) but there's so much of it.  I caught Brewster chewing on another molding and the only reason he didn't get his ass kicked was because he outran my foot.  My gut instinct says he will be an awesome dog.  But right now he is an infuriating puppy.  He stole Lily's fish off of her plate (it was unguarded in her room) and Pedro hit Brewster in the head.  Brewster pulled his lips back and snarled at P.  It's like can't we all just get along?


And Brewster has been pretty good.  Trying to live with less and less attention.  Lily fell asleep while I was combing her hair for nits.  I still pull them off.  Whether the eggs are empty or not, I have no idea.

So here's my beef.  Every day I have to deal with:

- lack of sleep
- Lily's lice
- Brewster barking for attention or chewing on the house or appliances
- cats peeing or barfing
- Madi having tantrums, but not telling me what she wants
- remembering to clean the litter boxes (but that rarely happens)
- cleaning and feeding Godzilla (the beta fish)
- doing laundry to kill the lice/eggs
- trying to keep up with the dishes
- driving the girls to and from school (not a big deal but that's an hour or more out of my day that gets ever shorter)
- and now trying to get ready for Christmas.

I feel like I'm missing something. I give Pedro his shot every day but that only takes a minute.  I always make dinner now whereas before we probably ordered in once or twice a week.  Can't do that now!

I feel like I'm forgetting something major.

Oh yeah, the gym but that rarely happens when I'm so tired.


Anyway, I'm worn out and tired.  And the crutches that I used to use (ie ordering in) I can't use anymore.

I am grateful for a few things.  I'm glad that Pedro's diabetes was discovered before something really bad happened.  I'm glad we live where we live.  I'm glad that both of my girls are healthy.  I'm glad that Lily always has good checkups at the dentist (I never did).  I'm glad that Pedro never gets in the way of my getting coffee in the morning.  I only had to body check him a few times before he learned.  :)

I don't know, maybe I'm raving because I'm so freaking tired.  I have never fallen asleep playing a video game before.  EVER.  That, my friends, is tired.

That being said, time to go and get Lily.  And I AM ordering some pasta for myself tonight.  I'll share it with frick n frack (yes, we call the girls that) and crap, I just remembered that I put a chuck roast out. 

*stink face*

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