Monday, November 26, 2012


Well, let's start with the good news, shall we?  Pedro's blood sugar was 104 yesterday before dinner.  woohooo!  Of course, we don't know what it would be without the long lasting insulin but oh well.

And I finally got my computer back.  I mean, it was here but I couldn't use it because of Pedro.  *eyes*

So I pulled two nits off of Lily this morning and took her to school.  Then the nurse pulled 3 more nits/eggs off of her head.  Jeez Louise.  I do need to spend more time doing her hair.  Too bad I have another kid to look after.

Speaking of the other one, the school called me and asked me to bring her home.  She's been congested but seemed better today.  Well, she started coughing so hard that she was turning white.  So they said.  So everyone was home early today. 

Oh and Brewster chewed through the vacuum cleaner cord.  I'm like, of course he did.  Pedro's wanted a new one for a while so Merry Christmas to him.


I try to roll with life and do the best I can but it feels like life is doing its best to grind me down.  It sucked that we missed Thanksgiving dinner at G-ma's house.  When we went grocery shopping on Saturday, I saw hot turkey with gravy at the hot bar and got us some.  As well as a little stuffing and corn pudding.  We ate it in the car and that was our treat.  Like I said, trying to salvage things.

I have been really proud of Pedro.  He's taken this lifestyle change seriously.  I try to follow his diet too.  Somethings are ridiculously full of carbs!  Like juice boxes.  Shit fire.  24gm?  That's almost two carb servings and you only get 2 to 4 each meal.  (Depends on your gender and size and activity)  But still.  That could be all or half of your carbs!  Versus 3 cups of raw broccoli.

Anyhoo.  Tonight, if it's not burnt all to hell, we're having slow cooker cabbage rolls.  I had it on high, because it took forever to get ready this morning, so I put it on high versus low.  I smelled tomato sauce burning so I put in some water and lowered the setting.

If it's not edible, I'm getting pizza.

What?  Life has been really hard.  I know I'm not the only one dealing with this but I'm the one doing laundry everyday to try and interrupt the lice cycle.  In addition to all the regular stuff.  I'm the one cooking all the extra meals (well most of them) and doing the extra dishes.  I'm the one spending an hour or more a day on Lily's hair.   I'm freaking tired. 

The other morning I primed but didn't set the units on Pedro's insulin pen.  So I jabbed him in the butt and there was nothing going in.  Boy that sounded wrong.  So I had to set it and re-jab.  Now he primes and sets the units for injection.  lol  Man, one mistake.

And I get that Pedro's life sucks.  Well, not sucks.  But he's had to let go of a lot of his expectations.  And man does his stomach growl.  I do feel badly for him.  But he has a disease that he needs to manage.  I'm helping, but it's not like I can let him eat with abandon.

Alright, well I'm rambling.  I am damn tired.  And we still have a dentist appointment to get to.  Whee doggies!

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