Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Normal

whee doggies!  What a week.  I'm proud of myself for keeping things together and getting the girls to school, etc.  I guess that's the weird thing about stress, I get everything done that I need to do and as soon as I lay down and close my eyes my brain goes to work.  If that made sense.  I haven't had a lot of sleep, is what I'm trying to say.  And I can tell the girls are stressed.  Lily, because she tells me that she's worried about daddy and asks me if he's going to die.  Madi, has been having more tantrums and I think missed her daddy. 

It was nice that Pedro came with me to pick up the girls yesterday.  Lily was happy to see me but deliriously excited to see her daddy.  She made all the teachers in the hall say "awwwww" when she threw down her bags and ran and jumped on him.  :)

So Pedro got his blood sugar down to 190 yesterday.  But then he had to eat.  It's getting there.  Sometimes the readings don't seem to make a lot of sense but we're working on slowly bringing it down.  He's so afraid to eat any carbs and I had to check his bowl last night to make sure he ate all of his rice.  Carbs give you energy.  You need to eat them to get through your day.  He was happy to learn that he can almost eat all the raw veggies he wants.  I sent him to work with a bag of raw broccoli.  And other stuff.  I made three lunches last night, and that's fine.  I know what it's like to be stressed out and just have tunnel vision.

Right now, in his mind, all carbs are bad and are to be avoided.  He has trouble choosing enough to make up a meal.  So I'll offer him a cup of milk, which is one serving.  It's already a big change.  I think we're all in shock from this week so it will take some time to discover what else he can or cannot do.  I know that sounds vague but right now he just wants to get off of the insulin shots.  Luckily, he's just getting one a day. 

It's hard because he is feeling like he has no food options.  I try to talk to him and tell him what he can have but he just wants me to put what he can have on a plate and he'll eat it.  It's like he'll do the diet but doesn't want to make his own decisions yet.  I can totally relate.  I was that way when I was on the GD diet.  But I got to eat fried chicken and burgers.  He can't have the fat.  :/

I am about to go to the gym and burn off some stress.  We've talked about adding him onto my gym membership.  Diabetes is going to be danged expensive.  Insulin is not cheap, good veggies from Whole Foods ain't cheap, and adding on another membership is going to cost us too.  But we get to keep Pedro so it's worth it.  :) 

Now I'm thinking how good it would feel to have a nice long nap....

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