Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Deed

I think. There was a small white poodle looking thing running down the road that I came across while I was driving home. We were going in the same direction but he was in the opposite lane and I was worried he'd get smushed. So I put on my hazards and drove behind/side him. I tried calling him but that just made him run faster. I think he got out during the "storm". I didn't notice a storm, but I'm not a wee doggie either.

I collected a small group of cars behind me, but the pup cut across the road in front of me and ran into the grass. THEN everyone got off of my bumper. Cuz there's no reason a woman is driving slow with her hazard lights on, huh Virginia? *grumble* I hope the poor thing gets home. I was just scaring him the more I tried to call him so I figured getting him off the road was the best that I could do.

I have seen footage of Va Beach and I hope everyone there and in the surrounding areas are doing okay. Looks like fun! We have some light rain here. I think we'll be fine. :)

Oh and I'm slowly getting over my cold. Lily keeps on begging to share my food but I don't dare. It's hard to put up with her badgering me but I know that pales in comparison to taking care of a sick kid. :/

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