Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 8

I have a head cold so this will likely be brief. Luckily I survived Pedro's illness last night. How did I survive it? I find men notoriously sissy-like when they are sick. Or at least Pedro can be. There I diplomaticked it a bit.

So today Madi refused to let Miss Nae carry her back from the cafeteria and walked all the way back on her own two feet. Yay! Later Miss Nae told her no and Madi spun around, flipped her hands up and gave her a LOOK.

She cracks her teachers up. She is a pistol but she's also even tempered, if that makes sense. She'll do what you ask but she'll let you know how she feels about it. *snort*

I do have some cute pics from this morning to put up. I hope I remember. Hopefully today I can get a nap without an earthquake interrupting me. *eyes*

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