Thursday, September 26, 2013

Well, hmpf

Okay, I have this recent obsession with furs.  I'm not really sure what sparked it although I think I can lay the blame on the show Mob Wives.  Anyhoo, I didn't want to spend a ton of money right off the bat when I don't know what I like or what I'm doing.  I didn't know a blush mink from a Norwegian fox.  I tell you what.  So, to start small, I ordered a coyote fling and a knit mink scarf.

Don't buy knit furs.  They kind of suck.  It's pretty but it's lower quality so the mesh that the fur is pulled through is scratchy.  Who wants that?  I could wear wool for that.  Jeesh.  So, here is my coyote. It's humongous and kind of silly but I love it.  It's not the greatest quality, the fur is kind of lumpy here and there but it's fuzzy and furry and I love it.  So does the dog but we won't go there.

Now, it's fall in Virginia which means quite cool mornings with temperate afternoons.  And I mean, COLD mornings.  So I've started wearing Mr Coyote out when I have errands.  Such as taking Madilyn back to school after an appointment.

I feel like some background is required.  My mom had an old silver fox stole that she let me play with, and I had a rabbit fur jacket.  My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Shields wore, upon occasion, a small mink stole to class.

They are not that out of place to me.  So cue me entering the school.

I swear.  No one knew where to look, it's like they couldn't meet my eyes.  I think I caused a few classes just to stop and gawk at me.  Shouts of "it's a bear!" echoed around the halls.  A few people were genuinely curious and asked what it was and if they could touch it.  Of course!  It's fur.  It's meant to be fun. * I won't go too much into detail about some conversations but apparently my $170 coyote stole means I'm super rich.  Um, no.

So, Wal-mart jeans aside (which I was wearing, incidentally) when I left the school I heard one of the coaches say "oooh la la" then I heard telling the kids it was a stole.  I think that's when I fled in the car.

Really?  This is Virginia.  Home to the NRA and lots of hunters.  It's THAT weird to wear, an admittedly cheap, fur?  I wasn't strolling down the hall in $20,000 worth of mink.  But I would if I could!  ha.  Just kidding.  No I'm not.  What?

Full disclosure: I am on my second glass of wine.

Am I going back and doing it again?  Hell. Yes.

* This is coyote.  A killer of cats and dogs and farm animals and I have no problem wearing it.

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