Monday, September 16, 2013


I just had a peanut butter/nutella sandwich.  I think I managed to find the one combination that doesn't go together.  My stomach is making warning sounds.  I guess no gym for me!  Just kidding.  If I have to put up with old people smells, they can handle my rough morning.


Crazy week ahead.  I tried vacuuming Saturday morning and the roller brush wouldn't move.  Every single damn vacuum I have ever had was easy enough to get apart so you could see if the band that turns the brush was broken or what.  Not this vacuum.  We loved it because it was a leaner build and easier to operate with great suction.  The screws were recessed and even when they were all out the damn thing wouldn't open.  I went all Hulk on it and uh, kind of broke it.  I guess it was the kind that you have to send out for servicing.  Well, screw that.

So vacuum shopping.  Fun or what?  Ugh.  PB Nutella burp.  oof

I also need to get something for Lily's class's basket that they auction off at the fall festival.  I have donated chocolate for Madi's class but keep on getting notes that they need more.  Tough crap if they ate it all.

I mean.  Whatever.

So I want to get some fuzzy dice for Lily's class but I just keep on forgetting.  Argh.  I also volunteered to man a both.  Was I high?  Good grief.  Crap.  And I have to help a friend print out some flyers and stuff for her booth since her printer isn't working.  Not that hard just need to remember.

Tomorrow, we see the behavioralist.  Wednesday, I get my next tattoo and it's going to take three hours.  However, it's going to be awesome and I'm very excited.  Thursday, I think I have free, but I'll probably be baking for Saturday's festival.  Friday, I want to go up to Orange with my friend Mandy to talk to a lady that owns her own coffee drive thru.  I think that with all of the demands on my time, having my own business isn't such a bad idea.  But I'm just getting ideas.  I could be open 6 til noon. Come home, grab a nap and be ready for the girls.  Just an idea.  :)

So yeah, I'm trying to chill on my future planning because I am in a tizzy.  I've done some soul searching and decided that I really need and sort of want, to place my family first in my life.  We're going to know each other for a long time, hopefully, so let's make it as good as we can.  :)

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