Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For cranky-pants

Pedro is always complaining about how I don't update the blog. Well, as I"m sitting here with Madi's nose an inch from the keyboard, maybe he'd understnad thar i'5'w no qall that easy

Okay, Madi's on the floor; banished after pulling a pile of bills over. I swear. Today is a day where I'm really battling the urge to move to Timbuktu. By myself.

I was going to put cute captions by the pictures but I'm too cranky now. And no, I did not get a lot of sleep last night. Tooth #4 is making it's move and Madi is extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I give her painkillers, etc. I think she also just needs to learn how to crawl or walk because her flopping around the bed all night is making me worry about her giving herself shaken baby syndrome.


I need a drink.

And you want to know why it's annoying, PEdro? Besides Madi's nose, I have to wait 30 secons or more wevedry time I want tup load a pic. On facebokk OI fchoosdes all my pics at one time. So :P

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