Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, we survived the holidays.  It was a really interesting mix of viruses, not to mention two bouts of lice, that kept us in bed for weeks.  Ah well.  We survived. 

It was just really quiet in the house so I called Brewster.  He came in the study, put his head on my arm, looked up sweetly at me and then burped in my face. 

Yeah.  Par for the course.

Brewster is looking better.  He has/had scabies/mange.  He just smelled weird, even after a bath.  The vet took some skin scrapings and didn't see anything but he said the skin was infected and full of pustules where B had been scratching and biting.  I did just change his food because he wasn't eating it and it was about as cheap as you could get.  Hey, he grew like a beast and I couldn't afford to give him the good stuff.  Anyhoo, he's on good stuff now and poops like a boss.  Three or four times a day.  I guess the good side is that his coat is gorgeous.  Shiny and soft.  And the cats go for his food which is freaking hysterical.  I've caught both of them eating his wet food.  Poor Brewster.  I have to give him canned food so I can hide his pills.  The cats hear the can pop and show up and this food smells good even to me (Taste of the Wild?) so Brewster is trying to eat his food and keep the cats away.  It was making me laugh this morning.  :)  Hey life has been a steaming bowl of crap for a while now so any laugh is a good laugh.

Shoot.  What else.  Brewster has the run of the house right now.  The crate has come in really handy.  Of course, he'd rather hang out with us but until he's a grown up and better behaved we need a safe place to keep him.

So he's distracting me.

I need to get to the gym and I think he knows that so he keeps on semi-huffing barking at me to let me know he's not pleased.  Snort.

So Pedro is still keeping on with his diabetes.  I think he's been a little bit lax lately but it's got to be hard.  Ah crap.  My brain is just not working.

Alright, well let me talk about my favorite subject again.  The vet said Brewster will probably top out at 75lbs.  And I'm glad.  I can handle a dog of that size.  I didn't want a 100lb dog.  I can also tell that he's maturing because he will sometimes just follow me around the house and settle down somewhere to nap while I bake cookies, etc.  Not always, mind you.  But sometimes.

Alright, let me run and have a shower.  The water was off when we got home from the gym last night.  Yay.  Not.  There was a water main break.  And yes, I shower before the gym and you should too.  No one wants to try and breathe in BO while they are working out.  That's my tip for the day.


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