Monday, October 22, 2012


I have an appointment in town so I have to make this a quick one.  Lily's birthday party was a lot of fun.  I got sunburned.  That wasn't the fun part.  The kids had fun and ran around.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Serena the pony was more inclined to sleep if she stood still for too long.  lol

It was just a nice fun day.

Lily scored some nice loot too.  :)  Now I have to go in town and pay bills.  Isn't that always fun? 

What else.  Brewster ate some more of another sofa.  Sigh.  I took him for a 3.5 mile walk yesterday and he was better behaved.  I'm sure it's hard as a nine month old puppy to stay inside.  I let him out on the back deck and he entertains himself but if he poops, then I can't let him out again until I get a chance to clean it up. 

Or he eats it.

And ew.  You know?

So, there are only so many places I can keep him.  He looks so cute right now, all curled up into a big ball.  :) 

Okay, time to go.  Sigh.

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