Sunday, February 26, 2012


So today we made it to the horse farm without getting locked in the garage. Thank you, Lily.

The paso fino horses are small and you can see they're easily provoked. Not quite the right word. The horse that Stacy hates is called Lothario. She showed him to me and he was pleasant but as soon as Stacy's back was turned he followed her with his ears back. And there was a door between them! Snort.

Lily had a good time. We got to see the little colt. Well, he's 6 months so not totally a baby. One of the horses made a noise as Lily walked past him, as if to say, keep on going. She thought it was hilarious. :)

It was a beautiful day - no clouds in the sky. I made it to the gym but almost died. Twenty pushups? Twenty? Really? And holy smokes there were some hot guys there today. And poor me, I had to ask them to work in on the equipment. Mercy. Whoops my pulse is picking up again. hahahahahaha

What else? Well, hopefully I can pull together the energy to make cupcakes. I am just ragged now. wheeeee!

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