Monday, February 20, 2012

I guess

This isn't that exciting but the horse farm is on some very historic property in our county. The guest house was the first school house in Fluvanna and the main house was owned by one of the oldest of two families that settled in Palmyra. Judge Shepherd. I think. The other family was the Timberlakes. Anyway, I think it's cool. I love local history. :)

Trying to get motivated to go to the gym. My new routine (for the mudrace) scares the pants off of me. I do the same thing every time I go so my muscles won't get that much of a break. Well, no break. You know, one day you focus on legs and back, next day, chest and arms, or something. Well, not anymore! But my abs hurt for 3 days after just walking through the routine so I know this will kick my butt and get me in great shape. Inverted pull ups? Mercy. And I've started doing bunny hops up the steps into my house. Don't laugh. It's great for agility. :)

Alright, excuses are over time to get ready to go....

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