Monday, February 13, 2012

It was a great day...

No, really. Saturday was awesome. We barely made it to skating on time. Lily had a lot of fun as she had the prettiest teacher. LOL She's a Libra, you have to bear with her. She likes it when people have their hair and makeup done.

Then we went and got cupcakes. And the cashier liked my nail polish. What?

Then we toodled over to Whole Foods and went way over our grocery budget but had so much fun buying yummy food. I bought French Pure Butter cookies. Actually made in France. I wanted Pedro to ask me if I was pretentious so that I could say "oui". ha!

They had free samples of Gearharts' chocolates. He's a local dude and the chocolates are hand made. It's not a really easy place for me to get to so I was excited to try one. The mint julep tasted mostly like bourbon. *cough* But Madi snatched it out of my hands all the same. Lily grabbed a tequila lime white chocolate. When I suggested that she share it with her daddy, the last half was shoved in her mouth.

So yes, we spent an exorbitant amount on a small box of chocolates....

.... which I left out and Madilyn got into. The baby that eats cat food and hot dogs crammed about $12 worth of chocolate into her mouth. Which was only about half the box. *eyes* The surprise (after the initial shock and horror) was that she ate a dark chocolate ganache made with chili and bitter orange. She couldn't eat it fast enough. She has a pretty mature palate.

Anyway, Lily behaved herself. It snowed in brief bursts. I don't think Pedro yelled at anyone. It was just a really nice day. :)

What else? Well, I've been singing the song If You're Happy and You Know It, and now Madi claps her hands when it's time for it. Without me clapping. I was putting more wood on the fire and it was almost out so I blew on it one time and walked away (I'm good like that). So I saw Madi step over in front of the fire and blow on it too.

Too. Cute.

So we're seeing more awareness - especially of chocolate. She tried to steal some at the register. *eyes* It was just a fun silly day. Lily did a snow dance in the parking lot and managed not to get run over. Sigh.

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