Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh well

This will probably be ugly but whatever. Madi is on my lap. Let's see, she swore at another teacher today who came in and caught her on top of a table. She walked away smiling, then turned around, put her hands on her hips and called the other teacher a b-word.

See, I know she's having fun even though she acts like she's upset or mad. It's why I call her Honey Badger. Cuz she don't give ____.

You can google it, it's just not safe for work.

What else? ummm We're kind of all over our stomach bug. Except for Pedro. But he needs to lose the weight. *cough*

Shoot, I felt like we had a lot of stuff going on. Oh well. I"ll remember when I'm lying in bed tonight trying to sleep...

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