Friday, January 13, 2012


Can suck it hard. Every time I log in it asks me to add my mobile phone. No, jackals! You have enough information on me already. Dang!


Anyway. Today is an interesting one. Lily is all over her stomach bug. However, she threw up probably 8 or 9 times. It was quite vicious. And I tried to give her medicine but she just threw it up so she had to cry herself to sleep. I did call the doc's office and the nurse gave me the low down. It's a brutal 8 to 12 hour vomiting spree. And most of the other family members are getting it. *eyes* I've washed my hands all day, bleached all the common surfaces. In addition to catching up with the laundry. Sort of. The dryer is working, yay!, but Lily barfed on a lot of blankets and pillows. I swear. I'm pretty sure that I've never barfed in my sleep (passed out is different) like she has.

So let's see, I registered for the last session of skating. I really didn't want to. I'm pooped. But we have to go into town to get our groceries anyway so we may as well contribute to her something or other. Betterment? And we eat noodles and dumplings so... It's a win/win.

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