Thursday, July 21, 2011


Where to begin? So I got my appendix out. It was kind of all a fluke and went very smoothly.

Let's see... Monday night, I ate my dinner (grilled steak, mashed potatoes, peas) and I felt fine. Then I had some grilled turkey tenderloin and I hurt. I thought, well that serves me right for overeating. I had stuff to do and I kept on doing it, the pain wasn't THAT bad. Cleaned the sofas and the bathrooms, etc.

It was hard to fall asleep that night, I was uncomfortable. But it wasn't until 2:30am that I really started to hurt. I took some Advil and waited for that to kick in. Then I took one old Tylenol 3. Waited for THAT to work. Then I took another T3 and that finally worked, phew.

I've had a few gastrointestinal issues before so I was pretty sure it wasn't gastritis or gas pains. Those are sharp, stabbing pains that come and go. This was a chronic constant barrage of pain. I thought it might be my gallbladder since the pain was in the middle of my abdomen.


So we have an appointment with an OT for Madi who immediately tells me how awful I look. I know, I know.

I make an noon appointment with my doc. We talk a little and he starts pushing on my belly. The pushing was painful but it was the sudden release that made me want to scream. He steps back and looks really thoughtful and says "You need to go straight to the hospital". Now I've known Dr Peter for a few years and he's not the melodramatic type. So that shook me.

So we do go straight there. Not knowing I had a hospital visit in my future I was wearing a short skirt and hoochie mama heels. What? I couldn't get a hold of Pedro so I had to call a coworker and she was kind enough to find him for me.

We met at the hospital and Lily was crying and complaining about her appendix. Good grief.

I go in the emergency department and everyone's very nice but kind of not really believing my appendix story. Hey, I didn't want it to be my appendix either. But I drink that juice thing that makes your belly light up for the CAT scan as fast as I could and that was pretty fast because I'd only had a teeny fiber brownie for breakfast. I pretended it was a smoothie.

My blood work looked good, my white blood cells were only slightly above normal. They offered me morphine, which I declined. You know, I just wasn't looking like someone who was going to need surgery.

Then I get my CAT scan and that goes well. I think someone told me that it could take an hour to get results. Well, I barely had my butt in bed (ha, no pun intended) and the emergency doc comes over and says the radiology department had just called and I was going to be having surgery. I definitely had appendicitis.


The surgeon showed up soon afterwards (amazing, I know) and she told me what she was going to do and that an OR had opened up and because I was an emergency, she bumped me into the slot. So everything was like, bam bam bam. Just all going so quickly and smoothly. I think it was 30 minutes after that conversation that I was out and undergoing surgery.

I mean, really. It was amazing.

I think the worst part was the antithetic. My throat still hurts today from the breathing tube even though my cuts look better. I had laproscopic? surgery. And the cuts were exactly where Dr Trahan said they'd be. I really liked her.

I also feel lucky because I liked just about everyone that looked after me.

Anyway, because I had that small breakfast, I was able to go into surgery immediately, you know? It was all such a fluke.

I also bitched and moaned about being hungry. I didn't beg for food or anything, it was just a constant complaint. I knew I couldn't eat until after surgery and man, did I feel like a hoagie. I never crave them but I did on Tuesday.

So I'm in hell. I mean the recovery room and I'm getting hungry again. It took forever to get my head together but I think I started asking when I was getting food. LOL! I was going to make a trip down to the cafeteria on my own if dinner was over. Really.

Waiting for me in my room was a cup of hot chicken soup. OMG Nothing had every looked or smelled so good. My nurse observed, slightly intimidated, the way I annihilated my soup and came back with....

A HOAGIE!!!!!!!

omg I must've had some seriously good karma saved up! Pedro and the girls showed up at this point and I warned them that I was not sharing. I was still slightly nauseous and it took me an hour to eat the whole sandwhich but my belly felt SO good for it. :)

And that's it, I guess. G-ma was able to come up yesterday to watch the girls so I could get some sleep and sleep I did. whew At the hospital, I had compression thingies on my legs and they checked my vitals every so often and if I bent my left elbow then the IV stopped and an alarm went off. So I didn't get to sleep all that much...

But I feel better today and wow, for an emergency, things went better than could be expected. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I just need to have a goodbye party for my appendix and I can wrap it up. :)


The surgeon told me that one end of my appendix was fine and the other was funky.

The cuts she made were just below the bikini line where she said she was going to make them.


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