Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Times (mostly)

We went down to Busch Gardens over the weekend. I won't advertise that stuff until after the fact. I know it might be... I can't think of the word but just in case someone sees something on here or on Facebook. I don't need to let everyone know that we're not going to be here. You know? I did tell one neighbour but she's a good egg.

Anyway, so I dumped all the photos off of my phone and this included pics from my old phone. The one of Madi in the pink hat just cracks me up. She reminds me of that sidekick guy in the old western movies. Can't think of his name...

So I think we did pretty well at Busch Gardens. Pedro had issues with waiting for everyone and it looked like he was about to pass out from heat stroke but we made it. We didn't go on a lot of rides on Saturday. I got to go on more rides on Sunday. Also, this was pretty much Madilyn's level of happiness all weekend. I tried to get her out of the stroller a little bit to cool off.

This was Lily's first ride ever. :) And she chose the super sparkly hat. Which you might not be able to tell is sparkly from the picture. Sigh. So anyway, I have a year's pass so we'll likely be going back a few more times this year.

This was the best pic of Lily and Pedro. I'd get to one end of the ride just as they went to the other end. argh But it looks like they had fun. Madi was obviously too small for most of the rides. I think next time, I'll make sure that I have their bathing suits and Madi can crawl and play around the water park. I'll need to bring something for me to wear as well. :/

I think you can tell by all the water around the pool that they weren't just sitting there nicely. :p It was nice to sit there with g-ma and Aunt Maria just watching the girls. (while all the guys napped) Oh and just one more thing....


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