Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I know!

A very long time ago when I worked at the bookstore, I was hanging out with my friend Elle and this two college girls came in.  One was telling the other a story and before she finished the second one belted out "I know!"  This sort of became our thing for a while.  "I need to go to the bathr..." "I KNOW!"  It made for minutes of fun.  So for some reason that just popped in my head.  If you're ever around me and I yell "I KNOW!" before you've finished talking, now you know.  It kind of loses it's fun when I don't just seem like a crazy person.

Or maybe I still have that locked down.

So anyway, I am on my new to me laptop.  Pedro has become Mr eBay.  He's sold tons of stuff and is quite the whatever you call someone who's really good at something.  I'm still tired.

I'm watching Madi and you cannot turn your back on that girl and I'll be damned if I'm going to try and update a blog on my phone.  So short story long, Pedro got the laptop for me. 

I've been taking Madi to a behaviorist again.  You know, she WAS sleeping through the night for almost four weeks.  We started giving her a new med.  She hasn't slept through the night since June 12th.  I know that because that was when we dropped Lily off at her grandma's house for two weeks.  It's been GRUELING.

Our sleep schedule is so screwed up.  Because Madi isn't sleeping, I tend to fall back asleep later in the morning with her so sometimes I sleep in until ten.  Gee Sonia, you need sleep and you're getting it.  But I feel like I'm wasting my day.  I have a ton of things I wanted to get done this summer.  Oh well.

So anyway her behavior guy is helping unlock what motivates her.  She doesn't learn like other kids and it's frustrating at times.  You know?  I have found it very beneficial.  I want her to get the most out of school so I'm trying to fix some of her problem behaviors and try to get her potty trained.  But it means that I have to get up before ten......

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